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shane ross

Irish Transportation Minister Declares He Wants To ‘Force People Out Of Their Cars’

Irish Transportation Minister Shane Ross has declared that he wants to ‘force people out of their cars’ in the name of stopping ‘climate change’ according to a report: Motorists are to be forced from their cars under a plan the Government says is necessary to avoid a “climate apocalypse”. A revolution in transport is planned […]

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Major Scandal As FBI Accidentally Outs Itself Provoking Violence On 8Chan Over Earnest Shooting

BI For many years, the counterpart to 4chan, 8chan, known as “8ch” or “infinity chan,” was regularly filled with all kinds of awful material, even worse than that which 4chan was known to have. This includes material portraying the abuse of minors as well as regular calls to violence. Some 4Chan users have pointed out […]

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Islamic Terrorists Murder Thirty People In Suicide Blast

Islamic terrorists murdered thirty people in a suicide bomb blast according to a report: At least 30 people have been killed in a triple suicide bombing outside a video hall in north-eastern Nigeria, emergency service officials say. Another 40 were injured in the attack in Konduga village in Borno State, the officials said. There are […]

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cover photo libya vs france over libya

Italy And France Are Rivaling For Control Over Libya, And This Is Only A Sign Of A Future Conflict Over Africa

By Theodore Shoebat There is currently taking place a rivalry between France and Italy over hegemony in North Africa. France is backing the Libyan National Army (LNA), ran by General Khalifa Haftar, which has been dominating the eastern half of Libya. Officials in Paris have either denied supporting the LNA or have been silent on […]

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