Belly Dancer rips Obama

It would appear that when it comes to Barack Obama’s overt coziness with the Muslim Brotherhood – especially in Egypt – he can’t even fool a certain belly dancer. One such example is the woman in this now viral video. At times, you may find yourself confused while reading subtitles because they don’t seem to make sense but watch it anyway.

Belly Dancer is on to Obama

Belly Dancer is on to Obama

For example, you might find yourself scratching your head at references to “mother” and “father” in the video. At the end, it’s made somewhat clear that Turkey and Israel represent Obama’s mother and father. That is a line of logic that’s beyond hard to follow because Obama loves Turkey and never can mask his disdain for Israel, but the sentiment in this video is crystal clear.

In short, the belly dancer doesn’t like Obama because of his blatant support for the Brotherhood. Sister, that’s not lost on us either. Even U.S. Ambassador Anne Patterson gets a derisive mention.

This is both a bizarre and catchy video from a belly dancer in Egypt. If you know Arabic, we’d like to give you a mild language warning as well.

If the ‘Arab Spring’ was the equivalent of Obama’s first campaign, we may be witnessing the Arab equivalent of the Tea Party in Egypt right now.

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