RINO Clowns: McCain and Graham a Disaster in Egypt

According to reports from Cairo, not only was the trip paid to Egypt by Senators John McCain (RINO-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (RINO-SC) worthless but the word ‘counter-productive’ can be added to the list. These two clowns were like walking cans of gasoline and every time they opened their mouths, they spit up on another fire.

McCain and Graham: Human Gas Cans

McCain and Graham: Human Gas Cans

As a side note, when it comes to demanding answers on Benghazi, McCain and Graham have supposedly been the leading voices in the Senate – along with Kelly Ayotte (R-NH). Last year, one of the big issues with them had to do with Susan Rice’s talking points being changed to omit reference to Ansar al-Sharia, a Muslim Brotherhood group.

With evidence mounting that Mohammed Mursi’s government was involved in the Benghazi attacks, it’d be quite the conflict of interest for McCain and Graham to demand the release of such individuals.

The visit by McCain and Graham to Egypt to call for the release of the Muslim Brotherhood serves as the perfect example for why failing to identify America’s enemies is so dangerous.

News report from France 24 English (h/t GWP):

Here are some videos of the two ‘geniuses’ during their counter-productive visit.

Via CBS News:

In this clip, Graham was asked if his call for the release Muslim Brotherhood prisoners included Mohammed Mursi. To call his a response a dodge would make evasiveness blush.

Via CNN:

Here is Graham warning that Egypt is ‘looking into the Abyss’. Whether that’s right or wrong, releasing the Muslim Brotherhood leaders into the street will only give Egypt a closer look.

Anyone have a synonym for ‘doofus’?

Here is McCain calling Mursi’s ouster a ‘coup’ and asking for the release of Brotherhood leaders, via Al Jazeera:


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