The Arab Camel ‘Guilty’ for Sars-like Virus

By Walid Shoebat

Middle East respiratory syndrome corona virus, a Sars-like virus could have come from camels, prompting further investigation into camel meat. Tests on a group of 50 single-humped Arabian, retired racing camels in Oman proved 100% positive and Saudi Arabia was responsible for 63 of the 77 confirmed MERS cases.

MERS coronavirus doesn’t yet have pandemic potential yet, but Hajj and other factors could change disease

The problem for the Arab states is that the meat of the Camel its milk and its urine are considered a staple for health and is part of the Islamic heritage and is why Saudi Arabia does not like the findings.

Saudi responds:

“Scientific Doubt That Corona is Linked to Camels” argue that “previous cases had nothing to do with camels”.

The Saudi Okaz defended the camel in an article headlined entitled, “FAO exonerate the Camel from Corona .. and health institutions did not prove the charge”. Khalid Marghalani, the head of the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia said.

Okaz reported that:

Undersecretary of Preventive Medicine at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Ziad Memsh rejected the findings as he told Okaz: “I think that the talk contained in the study is incorrect and although it sampled 50 camels from the Netherlands and several other countries to examine the vulnerability, but those tests are not likely to be true”.

Arab News has more.

Via the Global Dispatch:

With the upcoming Muslim pilgrimages of Hajj and Umrah approaching fast and the infectious disease and injury risks that are associated with such mass gatherings, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers recommendations and advice to protect yourself during these religious events.

The larger of the two events, the annual Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, draws some 3 million pilgrims annually, including more than 11,000 Americans, will likely take place the third week of October (13-18).

Millions of animal sacrifices – to include camels – will take place during Eid al Adha in early to mid-October.

Via the National Post:

“Given that animal sacrifice is an essential and a mandatory component of the Hajj of the pilgrims … finding an answer as quickly as possible would be quite important,” said Dr. Kamran Khan, an infectious diseases physician at Toronto’s St. Michael’s Hospital who specializes in using airline traffic data to predict the global movement of diseases.

So important is the camel in Islam that last year we published an article on Camel urine referring to the Arabic version of CNN. In that article we wrote:

“You can take it straight up, fill up direct from the source (Preview) , use capsules just like you would with fish oil, pour it on your hair or rub it straight on your face, conferences are even held; camel urine is the miracle of our time and is a gift from Muhammad to mankind to solve all sorts of ailments like cancer, digestive tract, diarrhea, sexual dysfunction, liver disease, skin ulcers, cosmetics …”

Straight up…

Direct from the source…

Indoctrinating liberal westerners…

Even the King Fahd Medical Research concluded that camel urine could provide the solution for cancer. The medication produced is titled PM701, “PM” stands for “Prophet Medicine”. Here is the US application – covering “an absolutely novel use of camel urine” – it focuses on PM701 obtained from the adult single-humped Arabian camel (Camelus dromedarius) found roaming natural pastures near Jeddah. Even a CNN report in Arabic recommends “to take mouthfuls of Camel Urine daily for an entire year”. But for the best results, the Arabic version of CNN recommends that the camel be a female virgin. Surveys are even done to conclude from patients that the urine of a virgin camel has a “preferable distinct flavor and aroma”.

Camel Urine capsules and extracted oils from camel urine will be produced and advertisements are all over. For shiny hair (Preview) and solution for baldness, the ad promises that “we will deliver anywhere in the Saudi Arabia and the Arab Emirates”, the song in the commercial is giving thanks to Muhammad the Prophet of Islam for his provision for this medication “Prayers and peace be upon our master Muhammad”, for giving them this bountiful blessing—camel urine.

For shiny hair… and baldness…

Via the Saudi Gazette:

Dr. Khorshid claimed that she was inspired by Prophet Muhammad’s medical advice and that camel urine consists of natural substances that work to eradicate malignant cells and maintain the number of healthy cells in a cancer patient.

“This treatment is not an invention, but rather, taken from our Prophet’s legacy,” she remarked.

Perhaps the solution to MERS is simple—become Kosher.

Sars-like Virus from the Camel?

Sars-like Virus from the Camel?


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