Syrian rebels McCain supports executes young boys

Syrian rebels have done it again. They’ve justified their cause by executing two young boys at point blank range. These are the forces supported by jailed Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Egypt who the Obama administration is wanting released.

When Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) went to Egypt recently, they pleaded for the release of Muslim Brotherhood leaders. In fact, Graham said that such a solution was necessary to keep Egypt from falling “into the abyss”. This video shows the barbarism of Syrian rebels who are in solidarity with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Via LiveLeak (Extremely Graphic):

As we wrote previously, McCain has a certain affinity for a Syrian rebel lobbyist who lives one block away from the White House. McCain so trusted Mouaz Moustafa that the Senator from Arizona went with Moustafa to Egypt and had his picture taken with a Syrian kidnapper.

McCain: friend to Syrian rebels

McCain: friend to Syrian rebels


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