Do Egyptians blame Obama for Anti-Muhammad video?

In the wake of the 9/11 attacks last year, it was noteworthy how Obama administration officials were so adamant when it came to insisting that they had nothing to do with the anti-Muhammad video that many tried to blame for the attacks. It almost smacked of ‘thou doth protest too much’.

Qasim: Egyptians blame U.S. Govt for anti-Muhammad movie

Qasim: Egyptians blame U.S. Govt for anti-Muhammad movie

We now know that blaming the video in the first place was a lie. In a court of law, one lie under oath torpedoes the credibility of any witness who does so. Blaming Benghazi on a video may not have been perjury but it should have been enough for the Obama administration to lose its credibility on anything related to Benghazi or the production of the video.

With that, take a look at this short video. It is an excerpt from a CNN news report produced by the Muslim Brotherhood-friendly Ben Wedeman, along with a montage of Hillary Clinton (9/13/12), Susan Rice (9/16/12), and Barack Obama (9/25/12) all adamantly insisting that the U.S. Government had absolutely nothing to do with the making of the anti-Muhammad video. The CNN video is dated 9/19/12.

In the portion of Wedeman’s report, a publisher and Civil Society activist named Hisham Qasim, while talking about Obama’s 2009 Cairo speech, says something interesting. He says the Egyptian people believe the U.S. Government was behind the video. If we now know Obama, Clinton, Rice (and Jay Carney for that matter) lied about the video being responsible, who should get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to identifying who was behind it?

The Obama administration or the Egyptian people who say the Obama administration was behind it?

The montage below contains an excerpt from this lengthier CNN clip:


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