Blame the Muslim Brotherhood for the Violence in Egypt

“If there are newsmen around with cameras, fight all busts,” Long stressed. “For the most part, news photos, especially on television, will favor us. Get the pigs (police) to strike back at you; we need the sympathy of the people. And nothing outrages the people as much as seeing the pigs slash at college kids who are just trying to hold a peaceful demonstration.” – Bringing Down America, p. 37 (Gerry Long was a leader in the radical left-wing 1960’s group known as the Weathermen, founded by Bill Ayers)

It’s an old, tired strategy. Yet, it’s amazingly still effective. As is the case with magicians, if the hand is quicker than the eye, the trick is successful; optics are everything.

Ayers and Dohrn: Know how to commit violence and play victim card

Ayers and Dohrn: Know how to commit violence and play victim card

The same techniques are being used in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood wants the world to believe that it is comprised of persecuted and repressed underdogs that it is not. On the contrary, the Brotherhood is a group that will lie, cheat, steal, and murder while fooling others into believing it is on the short end of that stick.

Here is a video montage that will show the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is not made up of victims; it is made up of miscreants whose playbook mirrors that of an American terrorist group:

Theodore’s YouTube account was terminated by Google a few hours after posting the video above. For that reason, we have re-posted the video here:

What Obama Doesn’t Want You To See — The Muslim Brotherhood Started The Violence In Egypt! from Theodore Shoebat on Vimeo.

Western media continues to play along with the Brotherhood’s Pallywood script. It’s simply not believable that these figures are dupes too, which makes them accomplices in a despicably deceptive narrative.

Here are some of the headlines in Arabic that will not be seen in the United States, via Vetogate:

“Security services arrested a brother, Dr. Essam el-Erian Brotherhood leader for possession of a firearm during his involvement with the Brotherhood militias in the attack on the Coptic Diocese on Murad Street in Giza.”

Here is a report of a car loaded with Molotov cocktails in Suhaj. Here is another report of Egyptian citizens blocking a bus loaded with Muslim Brotherhood terrorists armed with automatic rifles. And the terrorists are the victims?!

Yet, the shameless media in America couldn’t care less about showing the details of church plundering and then burning by the… you guessed it… the Muslim Brotherhood. They even record the burning on cell phones invented and manufactured by those they despise (non-Muslims).

Watch the “victims” burn a church:

Video of Prince Tadress Church in Minya (see if you can determine who the victims are):

Click here for more photos of the Brotherhood’s destruction.

A primary example of all this involved the Gaza flotilla in 2010. The intent on the part of the flotilla was to portray itself as a bunch of boats carrying humanitarian aid to the Muslim Brotherhood infested Gaza Strip. In reality, at least two of those boats were filled with miscreants looking for a fight with the Israelis so that said miscreants could play the victim card.

None other than Bill Ayers and his terrorist wife Bernandine Dohrn were behind the Free Gaza Movement (FGM).

Unfortunately for the pseudo-victims, their plans were exposed when the Israelis videotaped what happened:


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