Where in the World has the U.S. Gone? Muslim Mad!

By Bob Michael
LAPD Police Detective Capt. (Ret)

I have been working on a story after receiving many inquiries as to why there would be a marriage between Communist Bolsheviks (Obama), Islam (Obama) and the Muslim Brotherhood (Obama). I found Walid’s recent article very convincing as to the evidence overwhelmingly pointing to the Syrian rebels/Muslim Brotherhood as culpable in the use of gas.

Then I heard CBS News reporting on the U.S. preparation to attack Syria because of the Assad regime’s obvious use of gas against the Syrian people. Then the buffoon, and fake hero of the Swift boats, John Kerry appeared on-screen to tell America that Obama was preparing to attack Syria as Assad had gone too far in using gas and then trying to say they hadn’t (at least that is my encapsulation).

John "Jenjis Con" Kerry: Always against U.S.

John “Jenjis Con” Kerry: Always against U.S.

Then the reporter for CBS, Major Garrett, pontificated that there was no (need for?) debate on use of military resources to attack Syria, that the attack would be by missiles at Syrian command centers, it would be at night, and it would be sooner rather than later.

Obama, the Noble (intentional spelling) award winner for peace, and campaigner for peace and bringing troops out of Iran and Afghanistan, and opposer of wars, is now planning (according to his Secretary of State) to attack another country (not in defense of the U.S.), notwithstanding very convincing evidence that his justification is far worse than the WMD reasoning for attacking Iraq which the Democrats so loudly mocked.

I am ashamed to be an American led by Obama.


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