Nazi-Style Propaganda from the Obama Administration

By Keith Davies

Watching the US media today – along with the Chief of propaganda John “Goebbels” Kerry, we are watching a classic case of Nazi-style aggression against another country without any concrete proof of the use of weapons of mass destruction by the accused party. “Undeniable evidence” has not been shown to us just as the Nazis trumped up lies against Poland to justify its invasion to start World War 2.

We have shown that there is strong evidence to suggest the Rebels fired these Chemical weapons and not Assad. No national or international agency or media source has been able to show who fired the weapons. Walid Shoebat, based on meticulous research, is the only source that has provided significant evidence to suggest that it was the rebels. Video of a rebel saying that he is using Sarin gas and a video of Chemical warheads being fired using a special artillery gun seems pretty convincing.

Did Goebbels write Obama's propaganda playbook?

Did Goebbels write Obama’s propaganda playbook?

While Assad of Syria is no saint and is a purveyor of national and international terrorism, the opposition that is trying to overthrow him are religious fanatics backed by Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. The devil you know is better than one you also know to be worse.

Over the last ten years of occupation and wars in the Middle East by successive US governments, it seems we continue to make one blunder after another. We have contributed in a major way to setting the Middle East ablaze. Sadly, this potential blunder is more like a deliberate ego trip based on “red lines” or the actions of a fool who We the foolish People handed the keys to the White House and the command of the most powerful military in the world. I wonder, does Obama think he is about to play a video game on his X box?

Our intelligence services have proven to be very unreliable in the past, especially when it comes to proving ownership of chemical weapons. Remember the Second Gulf War? The Democrats when Bush was president never let us forget those facts until they themselves happen to be guilty of the behavior they accuse their opposition of in the past. As Rush Limbaugh said recently, “We have seen this movie before.”

Biden, another Nazi-style propagandist, threatened to impeach Bush if he used force before Congressional approval. Now, based on his own words, he should threaten to impeach his boss and resign as vice president:

Syria has offered to allow more UN inspections. Yet, the president says “it is too late.” I can just imagine if George Bush was in power. The once Senator Obama would be the first to condemn Bush for his haste. Do you remember the criticism on the surge in Iraq?

Based on our vast experience and knowledge – both of the Middle East and the exposition of the Obama administration – it is beyond obvious that Obama wishes to empower the Muslim Brotherhood. It is also obvious that major military pressure will be put on Israel if Obama uses military strikes against Syria. Iran and Syria have threatened to attack Israel if the USA attacks. We know this is a very valid threat as Hezbollah has thousands of high-grade rockets and missiles that can possibly reach Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. In 2006 – in the last major war with Israel – Hezbollah fired hundreds if not thousands of rockets against cities in Northern Israel.

Obama has used the tactics to go to war just like Hitler used to take over Europe; the same tactics were used to take over Libya. The media has been used to portray a picture of Assad and the facts do not support any military action.

The USA has ignored the plight of Sudanese Christians murdered in the millions. The USA continues to ignore the persecution of over a hundred thousand murdered Christians a year. The USA has ignored the holocaust in Rwanda. Now we must involve ourselves in a civil war where the winner – whoever wins – will remain an arch enemy of the United States. Ninety percent of the American people disagree with any military action against Syria but the political class from both sides seems to think it is a good move. It seems the politicians don’t care about We The People and that is the real problem.


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