Is Obama about to create his own Vietnam?

By Keith Davies

World War Two was the last major war America has chosen to win. Every other war the United States has fought since then, we have decided to lose in the halls of Congress or to mass hysteria from the left that destroys the single purpose of winning any war. Winning elections at the expense of the country is always more important to Democrats.

Obama’s latest pro-Islamist adventure in “punishing” the Assad regime has no good outcomes for the U.S. or the world. It will only create more destabilization in the region and may prompt a much bigger conflict, perhaps even World War three with Israel taking the brunt of any push back from Iran, Hezbollah and Syria.

Obama's Vietnam? Syria-usly?

Obama’s Vietnam? Syria-usly?

The administration has deliberately leaked information to the world that essentially reveals ‘we just want to drop a few bombs as a punishment for using Chemical weapons and we will then just go away.’ More craziness! This proves what amateurs we have running the country and that they think they’re playing some kid’s war game. No serious government advertises to the enemy their tactical or strategic objectives before they play their hand. I would love to be in a poker game against Obama; I could make a fortune.

Furthermore, do we really think that the Syrian regime – along with the nut job Mullahs pulling the strings of Hezbollah – are going to accept that slap on the wrist with no push back or retaliation?

We have discussed the military implications but the political fallout for Obama if Tomahawk missiles are fired into Syria will be swift and ugly. Obama’s current approval rating is just over 40% and falling, with 91% of the American people who are dead set against this proposed military action. If a strike is launched, that approval figure will collapse further and fall below 30% in rapid order, especially if all out war against Israel materializes and other American interests are attacked at home or abroad.

The President is already very vulnerable courtesy of the many scandals that will further erode his political capital over the next several months. If his Syrian distraction fails and becomes his Vietnam then the anti-war left of his party could be totally alienated and the scandals may even get the liberal media approval to end his presidency in disgrace. There is certainly enough ammunition with Benghazi, the IRS and the NSA just to name a few. If covered and exposed to the low information voter, the end for Obama, with or without any Syrian debacle, would be near.

What might save the situation is public opinion in the UK and France. The European public is also very much against this war too and the British Foreign Secretary is already breaking ranks and has indicated that the UN should be allowed to complete its work in Syria before taking military action, which is a new contradictory position to the Obama administration. It is unlikely that Obama will act unless he has the firm support of Britain and France and at the moment it seems that support is slipping, based on the major media/public outcry. One good thing in Europe is that they still have a real media unlike the fawning Obama sycophants who run ours.

The only thing that can save us from yet another foolish misadventure into the Middle East is the public opinion in Europe. On the other hand the bombing of Syria could be the catalyst to finally be the beginning of the end of the Obama presidency but at the cost of maybe hundreds – if not thousands – of lives as well as economic misery for the people of Israel and the rest of the Middle East.

Media sycophant poster child Brian Williams bows to Obama:


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