Obama gets Cold Feet

By Keith Davies

The president’s conspiracy to scapegoat Assad and use a “little” war to distract the media and American people away from the scandals that plague his administration has failed miserably, thank G-d!

Based on yesterday’s press conference and John Kerry’s blustering warpath speech, today’s events are stunning. Obama’s bluster and bluff is incredulous. His credibility as a leader has sunken to a new low.

Can Chicken S^!& warm up cold feet?

Can Chicken S^!& warm up cold feet?

We have proven beyond doubt – based on a second corroborated story from liberal journalist Dale Gavlak – that the Rebels, in a bumbling accident, used those Chemical weapons. The BBC used a photograph of dead bodies wrapped in sheets this past week to ‘illustrate Syrian massacre’ but there was a small problem. The photo was from Iraq in 2003.

Moreover, Doctors without Borders stated that 355 people died in the attack but Kerry stated 1429 were killed, while citing no reference to back up this figure. No one in Congress – according to Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who appeared on Fox News Channel on August 31st – has seen or reviewed the “classified” evidence that makes the case. In other words, the “intelligence” is phony and bogus; the president cannot fool the world anymore.

Based on the track record that includes continuous and perpetual lying from this administration on every issue our government is involved in, the President now uses Congress as a fig leaf, knowing that he does not have the votes. He can now blame the inaction on the Congress and save face.

He will not be able to convince the Congress, nor will he make a great case because there is no verifiable evidence to show Assad committed the crime. Obama is not even rushing the deal. Why? I thought this was an urgent matter! He is willing to wait until Congress reconvenes. Maybe ten days of media frenzy and hand-wringing over what to do about Syria will give Obama another two weeks to keep the other scandals out of the news.

The current Obama regime is now operating a criminal operation and his blunders and lies are not fooling the informed. When the low-information voters and members of Congress finally wake up and have the courage to stand against this tyrant, the country can get to the very important work of saving itself. This Syrian debacle has shown that Obama is not as good as he thinks he is and should be brought down.

What is tragic for the country is we – at this moment – are absent a leader with the courage to lead and bring our nation back to its once proud traditions of honor and freedom of the individual. We have tried our best to get some of the bigger media outlets to carry the proof that the Rebels used the Chemical weapons but with little success so far. Even the liberal journalist Dale Gavlak report has not got traction either. It begs the question about the ethics of the whole of the United Sates Media both on the left and the right.


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