Who’s the Bigger Cowboy now?

By Keith Davies

Dale Gavlak, an establishment journalist from the bullpen of the Associated Press, The BBC and NPR has confirmed our findings that it was the Rebels who perpetrated the Chemical Weapons attacks. She also confirms that the source of these weapons was Saudi Arabia as one of the videos we posted demonstrated. Here is her report, which corroborates our findings 100%.

Cowboy Obama

Cowboy Obama

Gavlak personally interviewed some of the Rebels on the ground in Syria. A full confession by the Rebels – who happen to blame the Saudis for supplying them with the weapons – includes claims that they were not told the weapons were chemical in nature.

This report directly contradicts the US intelligence report that blames Assad. The administration does not confirm the use of weapons by the Assad regime but uses the phrase “high confidence” which leaves wiggle room for doubt. Earlier this week, Secretary of State John Kerry said the Assad regime’s guilt was “undeniable”. The intelligence community is still not willing to use the word “confirmation.” In a court of law, you need to go “beyond a reasonable doubt” to convict. It is obvious we have gone from “undeniable” to “high confidence.

Obama, you are LYING, just as you have repeatedly for the last five years.

In the Iraq war, the intelligence community got it very wrong and were just as certain as Kerry was today about Syria. Yet, we have video evidence that Rebels used Saudi supplied Chemical weapons and audio that evidence stating exactly what we showed in our report, demonstrating that the Rebels conducted the Chemical attack, which has now been corroborated by the report of a very credible journalist in Gavlak.

Based on the previous scandals of Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS and the NSA we strongly believe that the administration is now engaging in a criminal enterprise to distract the American people and plunge the USA into a major war that will take all these scandals off the headlines.

The consequences of a “limited” attack will not be limited. It will plunge Israel into a major missile and air war with Hezbollah and possibly Hamas, which will be catastrophic for both sides with hundreds, if not thousands of innocent lives lost, leading to economic instability for the whole world.

Now that it has been reported Saudi Arabia provided the Chemical weapons to the rebels and is now implicated as an accessory to a “crime against humanity”, what is the Obama regime going to do when the media eventually catch up with the truth?

It is very interesting that the John Kerry Press Conference and Press Release were issued today – a Friday afternoon before Labor weekend. The usual tactics from this regime of corrupt liars. Be not surprised if Obama orders an attack before Labor Day; his only route to survival as president is to create a major war so that the public and media will ignore all the scandals he knows will do him in sooner rather than later. The trials of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt could implicate Obama for treason and the Syrian adventure may help distract us all.

The Democrats called Bush’s foreign policy “Cowboy diplomacy”. I would now submit that Obama’s foreign policy is about to become “Outlaw diplomacy”. We may be about to witness the first time the US military is used for a criminal enterprise, which will be catastrophic for Israel. Maybe Obama can kill two birds with one stone, help destroy Israel and extend his presidency for as long as possible before the rest of the public figures out what he is really all about.

We know he won’t succeed because G-d will protect Israel.


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