Muslims Lynch Christian Man, Relative Says, “They cut his neck like a cow”

By Theodore Shoebat

A Christian man, named Pumandele, was attacked by a Muslim mob; they grabbed him pushed him around, stabbed him and then cut his throat. They then dumped his body into a ditch.

A Washington Post journalist actually witnessed the slaughter. When the Muslims saw him, they said to him, ““Allez, allez — go, go”.

It was body was then dumped outside the Red Cross office across from the Burundian base. One of his relatives said:

The Muslims did this …They cut his neck like a cow. They are going to kill all of us.

One Christian woman was angry she screamed and cried out these words:

All the Muslims will die in the country

Pumandele’s body was taken inside his small house. His father, Gilbert, seemed confused by his son’s unexpected demise. “He’s a civilian,” he said. “He doesn’t own a gun. He doesn’t carry a knife. Why? Why?”

Pumandele’s father, Gilbert, declared lamentations that rips through our hearts:

He’s a civilian …He doesn’t own a gun. He doesn’t carry a knife. Why? Why?

Raymond Laguerret, another Christian in South Africa, reacted to the murder by saying, in a very low toned voice:

I don’t know if our youth will calm down… There will be revenge attacks, and it will get worse. Any Muslim who comes into our area will be killed. Any kind of cooperation between Muslims and Christians is not possible anymore.

This is what Christians are going through every day. PLEASE DONATE TO SAVE CHRISTIAN LIVES.


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