Muslims Attack Thirty People, And Butcher All Of Them In Horrific Bomb Attack

By Theodore Shoebat

Muslims in Iraq attacked the area a Kurdish political party, and butchered 30 people with a horrific car bomb.

According to one report:

Security sources said a car bomb blew up at a checkpoint near the local headquarters of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan party, before a truck packed with explosives was detonated beside a wall, Reuters reports.

The attack is the latest in a show of strength by militants who have been regaining ground in Iraq and on Sunday killed 18 people in twin blasts targeting PUK offices in the town of Jalawla.
The Sunni militant Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant said it was behind that attack and also claimed responsibility for the bombing on Monday, crediting a suicide bomber whose name indicates he was Egyptian.

A further 185 people were wounded in the blasts, the force of which destroyed many buildings in the area. Sources said more bodies were likely to be found beneath the debris.

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