Muslim Man Pours Petrol All Over His Wife’s Head, Lights Her Head On Fire, And Melts All Of The Flesh On Her Face Until She Dies

By Theodore Shoebat

A Muslim man, named Ahmad “Chico” Yazdanparast, poured petrol on her wife’s head, lit her head on fire, and melted her flesh. The flames gave her 95% burns, and she died in the hospital in front of her two mourning daughters.

The victim, Ahdieh Khayatzadeh, owned a hair salon and her husband, who she had recently divorced because of his abusive nature, entered the shop and burned her alive alongside the rest of the salon.

Here is a video of the husband lighting the salon on fire:

When her two daughters came to the hospital to see their mother make her final breath, a nurse told them, “Close your eyes. Don’t look”, because her mother’s face was 95% burnt. One of the daughters, Gloria, said:

I can only liken it to the worst nightmare you can’t wake up from. Every morning I still open my eyes and think: “Did that actually happen?” …How could he have done this to her? It’s just not human.

The other daughter, Glara, described the process the event:

We were both home studying when we got a call from a friend to say there was a fire at Dad’s takeaway. I don’t know why, but I sensed immediately that he’d done something awful. …My legs were like jelly and I couldn’t stop shaking. Mum and Dad had already been taken to the hospital by ambulance and all the police could tell me was that there had been a small fire. …At the police station, they refused to tell us anything – they were shielding us, I suppose. Even though we had been told it was a small fire, I had a horrible feeling something more sinister had happened. …In the end I insisted on calling the hospital and was put through to a doctor who told me he couldn’t tell me over the phone what had happened. …Nobody actually ever said Dad had done it. We just knew. The shock is indescribable. It was so hard to take in. It didn’t feel real. We didn’t go to see Dad in the burns unit. If I’m honest, I was hoping he would die. … He got out of the salon with six percent burns, but what he did to Mum was so appalling we were warned to not look at her. The nurse advised us not to go in – she said it was something we really shouldn’t see. But we really wanted to say a last goodbye, so they advised us to keep our eyes closed. That’s what we did. We went in separately with our eyes shut. …It was the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do. …I hate him all the more for that. I couldn’t even see my mother, one last time, when I was telling her I loved her. What kind of animal does that to somebody else?

Gloria continued on to describe the complete indifference and coldness her father had after burning his wife to death:

It was weird hearing him talk because I hadn’t heard his voice for months. He only once looked us in the eye – on the first day – and after that he never so much as glanced our way. …He has never once said sorry or admitted what he did. He just made up one ridiculous lie after another to try to save himself and even had the nerve to claim that our mother asked him to buy petrol. Mum hadn’t spoken a word to him in three years and he made out in court as if they were getting back together again.’

According to the story, the husband killed his wife because she had become “westernized.” The Muslims see Christian civilization and modern westernization as synonymous, and thus they see it as a product of Christianity, their main enemy.

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