If Senator Ted Cruz is Serious about Release of Sudanese Christian Woman

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is rightfully calling out the Obama administration over the re-arrest of Meriam Ibrahim, a Sudanese Christian woman who was detained after a court ruled in her favor and ordered her release. What he is not doing – and hasn’t done for over a year – is call out the relationship between that country’s president and Barack Obama’s brother.

That Ibrahim was arrested at the Khartoum airport by National Intelligence and Security Service personnel should dispel any contention that Sudan’s president Omar al-Bashir is powerless when it comes to such court rulings.

Cruz: What he's NOT saying about Sudan.

Cruz: What he’s NOT saying about Sudan.

In fact, according to one report, a member of Ibrahim’s defense team said she was…

“…arrested for ‘national security concerns’ by members of the Sudanese military.”

Try as he might to defer to court rulings so as to feign a degree of powerlessness, al-Bashir is in command of Sudan’s military.

At the news of Ibrahim’s re-arrest, Cruz said:

“President Obama should speak out publicly and call upon the government of Sudan to free Meriam Ibrahim.”

What Cruz did not say but knows – and has known for several months – based on correspondence with Shoebat.com (and here) is that President Obama’s brother Malik is closely aligned with the government of Sudan and in particular President Omar al-Bashir himself.

Left: Malik Obama at 2010 IDO Conference in Khartoum. Center: Omar al-Bashir presiding over same conference. Right: Omar al-Bashir.

Left: Malik Obama at 2010 IDO Conference in Khartoum. Center: Omar al-Bashir presiding over same conference. Right: Omar al-Bashir.

In fact, as Shoebat.com has discovered, Malik is practically an informal ambassador of his brother, traveling the globe – to include multiple Islamic countries – appearing more as a diplomat who is using his family’s name – and brother’s status – to curry favor with such countries. In fact, in an interview in 2013, Malik said the following about money donated to his 501(c)(3) Barack H. Obama Foundation (BHOF) from places like Saudi Arabia, Libya, Yemen and… SUDAN:

“These people were happy that my brother is the President of the United States. So they invited me to conferences. I saw it as a chance to use my name in a good cause.”

Use his name in a good cause? If Malik were truly interested in such things, would he not use his influence with al-Bashir to free Ibrahim? If not on his own, how about at the behest of his brother?

Of course, safety concerns for Ibrahim must be considered by Cruz before coming forward with such information. That point is conceded but the fact is that Cruz’s office has known about these connections between Malik Obama and Sudan for over a year now, long before the world knew anything about Ibrahim. Once she is freed, he would lose that as an excuse as well.

There is no way of knowing if Cruz has approached the White House privately about what he knows regarding the President’s brother but one thing is for certain.

It’s one heck of a bargaining chip and he should use it.


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