Geert Wilders calls out Obama as one of ‘Gullible Souls’ and ‘False Guides’ on ISIS

It’s been some time since we hear from Dutch politician Geert Wilders but he’s back. In the video below, he was speaking to Dutch Parliament and referred to anyone who maintains that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam as ‘gullible souls’ in a clear reference to Barack Obama, whom he later named as a ‘false guide’.

Though Wilders rightly identifies Obama as one of the ‘false guides’ when it comes to the current war, it’s safe to say that he misdiagnoses the reason when he refers to Obama as ‘gullible’. This is not specific to Wilders, who has gone further than any other western leader so should be cut some slack.

That said, Obama is far from gullible when it comes to Islam. He grew up with it and has had Muslim friends for years (Rashid Khalidi comes to mind). No, there are simply too many non-Muslim Americans who can figure out that ISIS has everything to do with Islam for it to be believable that the President of the U.S., who once said the Muslim call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.” He said this after reciting that call with a “first rate accent” according to New York Times writer Nicolas Kristof.

This man is not gullible; he is deceitful:

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