Why does a public school in Long Island think it necessary to drag a group of young girls to visit a misogynistic Islamic indoctrination center?

By BI: The Jericho School District students in Elisa Waters’ SEEDlings class recently visited the Islamic Center of Long Island. They likely learned how to recite the shahada (a typical part of such visits), which means they are automatically converted to Islam.


Jericho Schools  Isma Chaudry, president of the Islamic Center of Long Island,  Mufti Farhan PhD., a religious scholar, and Sobhia Quadri, coordinator of youth and women’s programs at Masjid Al Baqi in Bethpage, greeted the students and shared that there are 6 million Muslims in the United States (LIE! There are 2.5 – 3 million), and that Islam is the second largest religion in the world (Did he tell them it achieved that status by killing and threatening to kill people if they didn’t convert to Islam?), in addition to many other (so-called) facts.

SEEDlings is a Middle School elective that fosters an understanding of cultural differences in gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, spirituality/religion, and other forms of diversity. (Gee, I wonder if  they got to hear about Islam’s guide to beating wives, cutting the limbs off thieves, ongoing enslavement of 27 million African blacks, ethnic cleansing of Christians all over the Middle East and historic hatred for Jews? I’m guessing NO)