ISRAELI Police clash with Muslim savages who tried to disrupt Jerusalem Day celebration

By BI: Commemorating the re-capture of East Jerusalem from Jordan during the Six Day War* in 1967, more than 30,000 Israelis were confronted with rock-thowing Muslim occupiers.

*1967 Six Day War – Egypt, Jordan, and Syria attacked Israel. Israel destroyed Egypt’s air force, defeated Jordan on the West Bank and Syria in the Golan Heights. Note: The Arab forces LOST this territory after a PRE-EMPTIVE strike on Israel. Israel also regained control over Jerusalem, where they had been denied access for 19 years during Jordanian occupation.

Mahmoud Abbas, PA leader and so-called “peace” partner with Israel

Mahmoud Abbas, PA leader and so-called “peace” partner with Israel

ABC  Police, some wielding batons, dragged several Muslim men from the scene by their arms and legs during the clashes just outside the Damascus Gate leading into the crowded old city. Police estimated more than 30,000 Israelis marched through old Jerusalem to the Western Wall, the last remnant of the Temple destroyed by the ancient Romans.

Jerusalem is mentioned by name over 800 times in the Bible (659 times in the OT, 149 times in the NT), as belonging to God’s chosen people. On the other hand, the Quran never makes any claim on Jerusalem, or the land surrounding it.