God Bless Franklin Graham Who Has It Right For Calling On Christians To Boycott The So-called Gay-Friendly Corporations. The Simplest Way On How To Fight Evil And Live A Frugal Life

By Walid Shoebat

Franklin Graham has it right and he is calling on Christians to boycott the so-called gay-friendly corporations. And he says he’s doing his part by moving all the bank accounts for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association out of Wells Fargo because of its ad featuring a lesbian couple.

Christian evangelist Franklin Graham.

Christian evangelist Franklin Graham. | Greg Wohlford AP archives

As of Monday morning, more than 92,000 people had approved of Graham’s message by clicking “Like.” More than 41,000 people had shared his message with their Facebook friends.

But as usual, we too at Shoebat.com have stupid or plain evil critics. Some posted negative comments on his Facebook.

“In my opinion, moral decay is using the pulpit to spread bigotry and hate,” wrote one Facebook commenter, who then alluded to Jesus’ teachings in the New Testament. “Perhaps you should take some time and chip away at that block of wood sticking out of your own eye.”

One wonders at such typical comments, using Christ’s warning to first examine self, prior to judging issues,  that such verses are now used to halt all truth. If one is to believe that the verse “look at the log in your own eye” means that we must never judge, this would mean that the very comment made, falls under the same standard that is applied here. How one knows a hypocrite is that he will always tell others to cease doing what they do themselves.

Was Graham to be silent and not object to a Wells Fargo TV and online ad that features a lesbian couple learning sign language for their adopted daughter? “Hello beautiful,” the couple in the ad tell the little girl in sign language, “We’re going to be your new mommies”?


In his Facebook post, Graham singled out another company – Tiffany & Co., which sells jewelry — for advertising wedding rings for gay couples.

“There are plenty of other jewelry stores,” Graham wrote.

Graham also heads Boone-based Samaritan’s Purse. It and the BGEA raise millions of dollars to help suffering Christians. May the Lord bless him for that.

“Yes, I have moved mine to another bank,” wrote @garystreet1. “Not a lot but it will add up. It’s time to move in unison!”

Graham’s call should go viral. As Americans, we need to think. A company like AIG or Ford or Coca-Cola, at home, in the United States, they have to be good for the gays, because that’s good for business, yet in Russia, the opposite is true. Corporate America has increasingly come to the defense of gays and lesbians because American conservatives have been silent. And if corporate America is all about money, let us all do the same.

Boycott the most gay friendly companies when you shop. This should be very simple to do. Avoid Levi Strauss & Co, Macy’s, Nike, Kenneth Cole, Ralph Lauren, Barnes & Noble, GameStop, Office Depot, Mattel, Tiffany, CB2, Hallmark, Williams-Sonoma, L’Oreal, Sears, Aeropostale and Target. As far as online shopping avoid Groupon, eBay, Overstock and Amazon.

The first thing I noticed when I came to America is all the accumulated crap people hold on to. My grand mother’s life felt free when I convinced her to get rid of stuff that would fit in an eighteen wheeler which she was always attached to and concerned about. Who wants to carry all that junk with them that is worth nothing in garage sales knowing that when they go to the grave and after that to heaven, they do not even need luggage. Americans are more concerned about the little fat they have on their bodies while forgetting that the junk they hold on to and accumulate on daily basis is much worse.

When eating out, avoid Darden Restaurants (Olive Garden, Red Lobster etc). You don’t need Lobster to survive and its easy to whip up pasta and salad at home. Americans can live on a fraction of what they make if they simply follow simple rules on frugality. I follow simple rules, Here I will put it in a poem:

I buy a steer

once a year

I save half

for a pound of meat

I bless the Lord

And then I eat

I bake my own bread

A loaf for just a dime

Since being wasteful

is such a crime

Get used to legumes

And plant a garden

For God provides these freely

While sins He pardons

You can save a Christian

by saving your money

Why give it to evil doers

For persecution is coming

During my life I have ran into all sorts of survivalist freaks. They spend so much on special foods fearing the coming of Armageddon. I have lived through wars in Israel. In war forget electric generators, candle lights will do, the well is nearby and the garden and storehouse must always be ready for a war. Few realize that one can store wheat, legumes and rice, plant a little garden and for three thousand dollars, they can store enough food in vacuum packed containers that would last thirty years. I made my sons save since they were six years old and now they own their homes free and clear ready for Mrs right, by learning how to plant a garden and even post the dishes on Facebook. Theodore posts his dishes from the very little garden he plants.

Its rather strange, we even grind our own wheat from the wheat buckets we purchased five years ago. All this while we get accused of doing all we do to save thousands of Christians as “doing it for the money”. I weep for this nation.

I write this as I sit next to my freezer, loaded with a farm fed steer, for I love the all American beef.

Perhaps this too is a sin.

Even in such a crazy world, a man must allow himself a few perks.

We must be as candles that burn and melt in order to be a light to the world. In life always remember, Christians who are persecuted resemble Christ’s body “For I was hungry and you gave Me food …” So please consider the serious issue on Christian persecution, which will increase as we see the falling away unfolds before our very eyes. We are (Rescue Christians) who simply do what the label says “rescue Christians”. To see an example out of the thousands we rescue, click here, and listen to the amazing testimonies first hand on how you can help and make a difference, now in this life and for eternity.
“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal”. CONSIDER DONATING TO RESCUE CHRISTIANS