We Ask Why Obama Has No Strategy For Defeating ISIS When It Was Obama After All Who Aided In The Creation Of ISIS

By Walid Shoebat

When it comes to ISIS, everyone is asking, what is Obama’s strategy to defeat ISIS? He has none. ISIS, while Obama was in office, has become as large a Great Britain and has 6 million citizens under its control.

The real question should be reversed: what strategy did Obama and even Bush have before him do, which helped  create ISIS? Reverse that and we will defeat ISIS.


Instead of reversing the policies, Obama says: “A strategy that involves invading every country that harbors terrorist networks is naïve and unsustainable.”

As Obama defended his decision not to intervene militarily in Syria, ISIS was planning its takeover of the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. Less than two weeks later, the group’s fighters did just that.


Obama descried ISIS as the “J.V. team puts on Lakers uniforms, that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant,” he told David Remnick of The New Yorker. That same month, ISIS seized Falluja, a city in Anbar Province, Iraq, and parts of Ramadi, the province’s capital.

It was Obama after all who aided in the creation of ISIS. This was exactly the case in Iraq, Syria and Libya where the militia in Libya who ousted Mu’ammar Al-Gaddafi could have never done this without the support from the Obama Administration. These too, were confirmed terrorists, who attacked the American Embassy at Benghazi to simply become Al-Qaeda and ISIS. Is there any fool who could debunk this issue?

The solution is simple. In Iraq, as it was in Libya, the most powerful tribes ruled. Then to reverse this catastrophe, the most powerful tribes needs to be re-installed to rule again. This was the situation when Saddam Hussein ruled Iraq before Republican, not Democrat, George W. Bush led an invasion in 2003.

This is why I am neither for Republican or Democrat, both Obama and Bush have been proven to be utterly at fault. When it comes to Democrats, I can’t stand them, but when I watch today’s Republican candidates and some are like a amateurs, they are already frothing against dictators like Putin and Bashar Al-Assad, as if Putin is the source of all evil, not the major Mahdi and Caliphate agenda of not only ISIS, but Turkey and Iran.

Currently, Donald Trump is the only man who was against the ousting of Saddam and Putin and seems to be keen on the issues, that touching these is folly. Crimea should not be a U.S. concern. Here is one who is not considered an ‘expert’ on foreign policy, and is an expert at making money and creating jobs, yet he seems to be keen in understanding on what needs to be done.


They key to victory is in supporting two elements. The first are the regimes who fear the big players, Iran and Turkey. These are Syria (whom we falsely accuse) and Egypt, which the U.S. is aiding the ending of both regimes. The second is the tribal makeup of Arab nationalism who do not get any support from the U.S.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi recently appealed to the United States to play a greater role in helping his country fight terrorism, telling Fox News that while the U.S. has helped Egypt for decades, Egypt needs that help “more than ever,” and wants to see a “big response from capable countries.”

Al-Sisi’s government is threatened from ISIS in Libya and the Sinai.

So what does Obama do? The Obama administration as it was just revealed, has sent Congress a report that harshly criticizes the Egyptian government asking for air conditioning and health care for terrorists in prison.

Had the U.S. played the chips correctly, it would rely on smaller powers like Egypt and Syria to take on ISIS instead of deteriorating the relationships with the two nations. In order to fight ISIS it is best to work with Arab states struggling to survive ISIS rather than work with Iran and Turkey who will only fight ISIS in order to consume Syria and Egypt.

Today the U.S. is like a Johnny Come Lately. But instead of trying to somewhat figure it all out, they still focus on the bullies as far as Russia. Today it is the Anbar tribal leaders who would be willing to work with the Iraqi and U.S. government and is adamantly opposed to more of these Islamist militias in Anbar, and want tribal forces to be armed and trained in their place.

Saddam whom Bush ousted, was from the Albu Nasr tribe. The name itself stems from ancient pronounciations like Nabu-chad-Nasr (Nebuchadnezzar) who was even the pride of Saddam who unlike ISIS would never lay a finger to harm the Christians as we see ISIS do from Iraq to Syria all the way to Libya. Had Saddam been in charge in Iraq and Al-Gaddafi in Libya, there will be no ISIS and no dead Christians whose blood is on our hands.

The U.S. with its pride in being Evangelical Christian having created libraries and museums, have turned on the wrong thugs, and instead, revived an ancient mummy who will never sleep or slumber until it manifest itself to become the very Abaddon it so much studies in their Sunday schools.

The problem is so simple to decipher. The sleeping U.S. with its war on what they thought was dictatorships were in reality declaring war on the very archenemy of ISIS: Arab Nationalism.

This erasing of heritage, history and tribal affiliation in reality is the very goal of this Apollyon we call ISIS, and is why we see them destroying every historic artifact that stands in the way of their ideological view. The map that was divided by Sykes Picot which Obama is aiding to dismantle and is helping re-create a Caliphate map.



So what do we do? How do we re-install what Obama and Bush before him removed? How do we reverse what was established by the wisdom of Sykes-Picot who lived and endured the onslaught of the Islamist?

The answer is, we won’t, so long we have Obama or we elect another stupid Republican. The chips will fall where the chips will fall. It will fall in the hands of other bigger Islamists who rule the region: Iran and Turkey. These two Islamists will re-divide what has already been divided by western powers, who in times past were wise, but has now become nothing more than a den of fools.

The problem is compounding. Today in oil-rich Libya, the country has two governments at the moment, one in Tripoli, the other in Tobruk, far to the east. And there are numerous militias, many with an Islamist tinge, some tied with al Qaeda or the bloodthirsty followers of the so-called Islamic State based in Syria and Iraq. The chaos is not recent, nor should it be underestimated. That may have been the most fatal of several mistakes that led to the death of the U.S. ambassador in Benghazi in 2012.

And while the Libyans squabble and clash, the disputes are being exploited by ISIS’s affiliates in Libya, which now controls Gaddafi’s coastal hometown of Sirte, and seized another small town nearby last week. Earlier this year, ISIS beheaded 21 Egyptian Christians there, warning as they did so that Rome is in their sights. This should be good news to so many crazies who think that Rome is the Harlot of Babylon when in fact such views are inline with the devil and with ISIS.

Are they happy now?

In Libya, Rome-hating ISIS slaughtered at least 28 Ethiopians in February and captured another 86 Eritrean Christian migrants on Wednesday. Expect to see Eritrean Christians beheaded in short time from now. Many Americans are in need of repentance.

ISIS now has about 2,000 fighters in Sirte and an estimated 700 in Sabratha. Are these impossible to defeat when women in Kobani defeated ISIS? Therefore, it is not the mechanism, but the will.


70 percent of the ISIS fighters are Tunisians but there are fighters from Sudan and Iraqis and Syrians. With the highest percentage of ISIS recruits coming from Tunisia, what does that say about neighboring Tunisia?

It is not really that difficult to defeat ISIS. The Zintanis, who fielded key militias in the downfall of the Gaddafi regime, can also call on the support of the Tribal Army, a coalition dominated by the Wershefana tribe, which was loyal to the former Libyan strongman and fought against Zintan four years ago. Now the Tribal Army is fighting alongside Zintan’s militiamen trying to capture Al-Watiya airbase southwest of the capital, which is controlled by the Islamist Libya Dawn forces of the Tripoli government.

While all eyes are on ISIS, folks need to stop and think what is happening in Libya. Turkey is even sending weapons to Misrata the stronghold of the Fajr (The Dawn) the most powerful alliance of Islamist terrorist groups which is an Islamist coalition of several terrorist groups which controls Libya’s third city Misrata.
While much of the second city of Benghazi is also in the hands of Fajr. Fajr is Islamist and is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, and organization the U.S. refuses to call terrorist, and jihadist movements in the east and their allies in Misrata. Fajr bolsters political Islam in the region. Libya is the Islamists’ last haven for political and military activity, after Brotherhood rule collapsed in Egypt and the Ennahda party handed over power in Tunisia. Turkey is helping to arm Fajr Libya, or Libya Dawn, which seized control of the capital Tripoli last year.
Is Obama confronting Qatar and Turkey who had their way with the Islamist domination of the General National Congress that was elected in July 2012, after successfully turning their minority into a majority. Turkey installed “independent” MPs who were actually supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood which helped the Islamists dominate the country under the command of Abdelhakim Belhadj, who was a former LIFG leader who led militias consisted of Islamic terrorists who returned from Afghanistan, and are very close to Qatar and Turkey.
Saudi Arabia, the true harlot and mother of all Muslim terror groups, felt the heat by what it created through spreading its Wahhabist ideology, could not tolerate the Muslim Brotherhood, now its archenemy to control an oil-rich country like Libya, so it decided to supply the Zintan Brigades, which sporadically controlled Tripoli International Airport, with weapons and money. But the Islamists are the most numerous and best organized and the Zintan Brigades will not be able to withstand the Islamists for long unless the U.S. helps these tribal fighters.

The U.S. will lose to ISIS because the current U.S. Administration and the mess in Syria and Iraq is now proven to be a foresight of fools. Unless Americans elect a smart cookie, instead of these politicians, the situation is doomed to failure.

They key is to always focus on where Shiite-Sunni tensions simmered for centuries. While many were enamored thinking that ISIS has become invincible (an ISIS that was defeated by women at the Battle of Kobani) were trying to understand why thousands of Syrian and Iraqi soldiers flee from ISIS attacks. The answer is quite simple and needs no educated fools from the White House. Truth is these fighters felt no connection to Sunni cities since they were mainly composed of Syrian Shiite soldiers. Wisdom asks, why would one die in order to defend the cause of others?

In Syria, Obama is aiding the enemy the FSA. Turkey and the United States aim to finalize an agreement on equipping and training ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels to battle ISIS is a strategy of fools. The FSA are also Islamists, thought to be ‘moderate’, of course.

The problem is not only in Libya, Iraq or Syria, it is also in Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and everywhere in the Arab world. What used to be ruled by tribes is being threatened. Egypt is now surrounded by terror on every side. It is not only Libya, but Sinai with Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis that joined ISIS. This means that Egypt is no longer facing only the Muslim Brotherhood, but a coalition of forces which holds the banner of political Islam which seeks to destroy the Egyptian, Iraqi and Syrian states.

The problem even compounds since the response also requires that the Egyptian people to be united with the army and police, which it is not. Egypt is divided between secularist and Muslim Brotherhood that is willing to cooperate with the Islamists worldwide and has huge support from the most powerful Muslim nation in the world: Turkey.


How can Egyptians mobilize on all levels, politically and through the media in order to even protect its army and to sustain its regime, especially that since Obama does not stand with the current government.

The problem of tackling ISIS and for the U.S. to defeat it has nothing to do with American resolve, but has more to do with Obama’s past faulty policies insisting to see Bashar Al-Assad of Syria and the Al-Sisi government in Egypt removed which have caused the Muslim Brotherhood agenda to further advance in the Middle East. Had the U.S. aided Egypt and declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, it would have been the end of the problem once and for all. It was the U.S. that prevented this from happening by aiding the Muslim Spring against the Arab tribesman. It is not the Arab Spring they were aiding, but the Islamists.

To defeat ISIS is very simple and is much simpler than what the United States is doing with billions spent on air raids. To recruit the Bedouins or even women to defeat ISIS is a smart strategy, Kurdish women gave a beating to ISIS at Kobani and in Jordan during the seventies when the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) terrorists began a campaign for King Hussein’s overthrow, the King recruited Jordan’s Bedouin tribes and even many Palestinians who appreciated the order and prosperity the King had brought to their lives and they were able to completely prevail against the strongest terror infrastructure in the world at the time, the mighty PLO. Arafat was then forced to flee Jordan and was humiliated  disguised as an Arab woman.

The problem of tackling ISIS and for the U.S. to defeat ISIS has nothing to do with American resolve, but has more to do with Obama’s faulty policy to see Al-Aassad and Al-Sisi removed which only gives the Muslim Brotherhood the ability to regain power and with this it is like scorpions giving birth and is how terrorist organizations are made.

Therefore, the issue is not defeating this mini-Calphate but the plan to establish a Grand-Caliphate. Historically, what good will it do if the White Man backed Apaches (Islamist Shiites) or Comanches (Islamist Sunnis), especially when both want to scalp the White Man?

It is this reckless neglect of history, especially on why Sykes Picot dismantled the Muslim Ottoman Caliphate’s geography, has been a foresight of fools, made up of what we call The U.S. Administration.