Let No One Deceive You, Homosexuality Is Absolutely Demonic, And Its So Evil That God Abandons Those Who Partake In Homosexuality

Let no one deceive you, homosexuality is absolutely demonic. What none of these modernist theologians are saying, is that homosexuality is so evil and demonic, that God abandons those who partake in it to their evil ways. St. Paul says that “God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.” (Romans 1:26-27)

I would like to present to you an article by our colleague, Andrew Bieszad, a renown scholar and historian on Islam and Church history. In this article Bieszad quotes St. Peter Damien, who is a light to the absolute darkness that has so pervaded us. Here is the article….

The fact that one of Jesus’ own disciples betrayed him was a clear sign to future generations of Christians that deviants would infiltrate into and betray the Church from within. This is confirmed again in the New Testament with two examples. The first is that of Ananias, who professed to give generously to the early Church but, as God revealed to Peter, Ananias was lying about what he was doing and when he told him, he God struck him dead on the spot. The other was from the book of Revelation, when God reveals that he hates the sect called the Nicolaitans. The Nicolaitans was formed by Nicholas, one of the first priests appointed directly by the Apostles. Nicholas’ heresy that God hated so much was that he taught that once a person becomes a Christian, he is saved and no longer needs to account for his actions, or paraphrased today, “once saved, always saved.”

While Christ commands all to follow Him for salvation, men must continue to struggle with the consequence of Adam’s sin until death.

In the West, priestly celibacy has been the normal discipline since the council of Elvira in 306, which took place amidst the Diocletian persecutions and was five years before Constantine took power in 311. The reasons for priestly celibacy are because the priesthood is modeled after the life of early monks who renounced all worldly wealth, power, and relationships, and recused themselves to the wilderness in order to seek to obey God’s commandments perfectly. There were many great Christians of this period whose lives and heroic battles with the spiritual forces of darkness served as the base of Christian mysticism today, such as Anthony of the Desert.

The priesthood is truly a vocation to which only a certain few men are called by God. It is a life of sacrifice, hardship, and great responsibility, as he is a model and guide for Christians. The priest holds dual roles as both a person of good repute and one who spends time alone and seeking God. The priest is also a target for spiritual and temporal enemies of Christ, as he is a living, visible sign of the Church. If he is corrupted or destroyed people can be lead astray. Jesus mentioned this in the Gospel, and Abbot Dom Jean-Baptiste Chautard (1858-1935) beautifully expresses this challenge to priests in his book The Soul of the Apostolate where he writes that:

A holy priest coincides with a fervent populace; a fervent priest – a pious populace; a pius priest – an honest populace; an honest priest – an impious populace.

Now, consider for a minute a man who is sexually attracted to or especially, involved with other men. No matter how much these acts are “legitimized” by the culture, they are naturally opposed to the intrinsic nature of creation and are thus gravely disordered. This issue is compounded because many homosexuals were themselves sexually abused as children.

Make no mistake, the great majority of priests are not homosexuals, but are good men who genuinely believe God has called them to their ministry. There have been and are many holy priests whose works have forever changed the world for the better. However, as with Judas, there are often times bad person who hide among the good. For priests, this would be those attracted to the priesthood for personal reasons, such as for prestige or to hide from their personal problems. The monastic solitude and all-male nature of the priesthood makes it a target which can attract sexually deviant men.

This homosexual problem in the priesthood is a well-documented but seldom discussed issue today because it is politically and socially sensitive. However, no amount of doublespeak can cover what John Jay University found when it conducted an independent investigation into the recent sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church that from 1950 to 2000:

-Of all sexual abuse victims (alleged and proven), 64% are male
-Of the males (abused by homosexual priests), anywhere from 70% to 90% took place after the age of 11

The US Council of Catholic Bishops reiterated:

More than three-quarters of the acts of sexual abuse of youths by Catholic priests, as shown in the Nature and Scope study, were same-sex acts (priests abusing male victims).

There have been priests, former priests, and even the current Pope who have commented on this issue which make clear one (for many) unsettling point:

The Church does not have a “priestly abuse problem.” It has a homosexual problem.

This is not a new problem. The Church has faced this problem before and has the answer to this crisis.

A thousand years ago in medieval Italy, warring factions had taken control over the Papacy. By the middle of the ninth century, the Church was ruled by men who cared nothing for the Faith and solely sought political and social prestige. The Church fought an internal battle between pious, faithful priests and bishops who believed in and honored God versus the infiltrators over the next century and a half until it was finally reformed by St. Pope Gregory VII. One of those battles was against homosexual behavior among the priests.

One of the leaders in this battle was a Benedictine monk from Italy named Peter Damian. He eventually became a bishop and a great ecclesiastical reformer not only in his home diocese of Gubbio, but throughout France and Germany. Given his position, faith, and influence, he was aware of the problems with clerical sexual abuse in the Church when he wrote a book to Pope Leo IX, but also to clerics mired in sexual sins, particularly that of homosexuality. This was the Liber Gommorhensis, or Book of Gomorrah around the year 1050.

The lessons and warnings of the Book of Gomorrah are as relevant today as they were a millennium ago. St. Peter’s writings should be taken seriously, as the fact that he is listed in the Church’s formal canon of saints means that his life and works were not only very holy, but models for other Christians to imitate. It is even more important today as the sin of homosexuality is being promoted in the West and even by some deviant, evil bishops in the Church itself as normal.

On whether homosexual priests should be allowed to minister:

He says in the Epistle to the Ephesians, “Make no mistake about this: no fornicator, no unclean or covetous person has any inheritance in the Kingdom of Christ and of God.” Consequently, if an unclean man has no inheritance at all in Heaven, by what presumption, by what rash pride should he continue to possess a dignity in the Church which is no less the Kingdom of God?

Since it is clear that the Law was passed for male bed-companions so that they would not dare desecrate the sacred orders, by whom, I ask, will the law be kept if it is defied particularly by those for whom it was enacted?

On Punishment:

Those who are not troubled by the ardour of sodomite lust afterwards will also burn along with the author of all iniquity in the flames of perpetual burning.

Think how miserable it is that because of the present satisfaction of one organ’s pleasure, afterwards the whole body together with the soul will be tortured forever by the most atrocious, flaming fires.

Blasphemy makes a man to err; sodomy, to perish. The former divides the soul from God; the latter joins it to the devil.

On prayer while mired in homosexual practices:

He must be warned to consider that as long as he continues to be afflicted by the sickness of this vice, even if he is seen to do something good, he still does not merit a reward. Nor is any act of religion, any mortification, any perfection of life which is defiled by such stains of foul impurity worthwhile before the eyes of the Heavenly Judge.

On lessons learned:

Learn miserable ones, learn to restrain yourself from the plague of such detestable vice, to tame manfully the lascivious pimping of lust, to repress the petulant incentive of the flesh, to fear to the marrow the terrible judgment of the living God.

On bragging about gay pride:

Nor should those who are placed in sacred orders boast if they live in a detestable way, since the higher they stand in eminence, the deeper they are cast down when they fall.
Unmanned man, speak! Respond, effeminate man! What do you seek in a male which you cannot find in yourself What sexual difference? What different physical lineaments? What softness? What tender, carnal attraction? What pleasant, smooth face? Let the vigor of the male appearance terrify you, I beseech you; your mind should abhor virile strength. In fact, it is the rule of natural appetite that each seek beyond himself what he cannot find within the cloister of his own faculty.

Therefore, if contact with male flesh delights you, turn your hand to yourself. Know that whatever you do not find in yourself, you seek vainly in another male body. Woe to you, unfortunate soul, at whose ruin angels are saddened and whom the enemy insults with applause. You are the prey of demons, the rape of the cruel, the spoils of wicked men. (68)
In fact, a leper who is defiled with the stain of a grave sin is sprinkled: “to be unmanly” is to relinquish the strong deeds of a virile life and to exhibit the seductive weakness of feminine conversation.

The pride of the homosexual must be extinguished, just like a wild and hysterical fire must be put off.