Seventy Three Terrorists Are Now Being Allowed To Work For The TSA, And Now The TSA Is Saying: ‘Don’t Worry, They Are Not A Threat.’

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By Theodore Shoebat

Seventy three current TSA employees have been linked to terrorism, and the TSA is now telling us not to worry, since they have deemed them as not a threat. The reality is that airlines are truly not as safe as they want us to think. Now its not so much that we have to worry about terrorists from the outside, but terrorists from the inside of the system causing terrorist attacks. I did a whole video on this insanity:

According to the report:

One of the Transportation Security Administration’s top officials acknowledged that it had failed to identify 73 airport workers with alleged ties to terrorism, but added that an internal review found they did not pose a safety threat.

Stacey Fitzmaurice, the TSA’s deputy assistant administrator, faced skeptical lawmakers at a hearing of the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Transportation Security on Tuesday, saying that the agency’s lack of access to all of the government’s watch lists was partly to blame.

Earlier this month, an inspector general report found that 73 people with links to terrorism had been able to get jobs with airlines and airport vendors, and had also been granted the ability to access secure areas at airports. The report found the missing links after checking the records of more than 900,000 aviation workers against the TIDE database. The flagged individuals were found to have terrorism-related codes associated with their names that the TSA had not picked up on.

At the hearing, Fitzmaurice was asked if this lapse could have been caused by a lack of access to government watch lists such as Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment (TIDE) database. She replied that it was possible.

“That is correct. We did not have access to that information. We are seeking that access,” she said.

“We did review, though, all of the cases of those 73 individuals and have determined that they do not pose a threat to transportation security,” she said, though no details regarding this conclusion were revealed.

We already had the sodomite pilot on the Germanwings plane slaughter 149 innocent people. Expect more terrorism being through commercial airlines, and expect to be done by people from the inside.