Fanatic Jews In Israel, Who Hate Christ, Call Christians Idolaters, Then Attack Church Where Jesus Christ Fed The 5000, And Set The Whole Church On Fire

By Theodore Shoebat

Fanatic Jews in Israel, who hate Christ, went to the church where (according to Church tradition), Jesus fed the 5000 and spray painted graffiti in Hebrew that called Christians idolaters. The church is called the Church of Loaves and Fishes and it is located right on the Sea of Galilee where our Lord stood. The Hebrew graffiti referenced “false gods,” implying that Christians are pagans. According to Micky Rosenfeld, foreign press spokesman for the Israel Police:

Firefighters arrived at the scene … and (the fire) was put out, but extensive damage was caused to the church both inside and out

Desiree Bellars, a South African who volunteers at the church, said:

All the electricity went out, the fire raged and the flames shot up into the sky

A representative for the Israeli fire brigade affirmed that a preliminary investigation indicated that the fire erupted in several places within the church, signifying that it was started purposely.

Gilad Erdan, Internal Security Minister, righteously said in a statement:

The torching of the church is a cowardly and despicable act which contradicts Israel’s basic values

Although dozens of arrests have been made for such criminals, few of the indictments and convictions of the perpetrators have been carried out, “with police and prosecutors acknowledging the young age of many of the suspected perpetrators has led courts to show leniency.”

Graffiti in the church speaking of banishing "false gods"

Graffiti in the church speaking of banishing “false gods”

Leaflets in the church that were burned by the fire

Leaflets in the church that were burned by the fire

Nun inside of the burned church

Nun inside of the burned church

Christian icon in the church

Christian icon in the church

The only time when Christians in the West care the least about Christian persecution, is when its being done by Jews. Which is quite sad because the first martyr after the Resurrection, Stephen, was martyred by a mob of Jews. And lets not forget, that the Crucifixion was part of a conspiracy done by Jews.

I am not antisemitic in the least bit, many of the people I work with are Jews, and I am proud of the fact that Pope Pius XII rescued hundreds of thousands of Jews during the Holocaust. I am just trying to confront people with a reality that is never talked about in modern society.
There are many Jews (the majority in America are far-left) who harbor anti-Christian sentiments, and express vitriol when you try to talk about Christ with them.

I don’t say this because I hate Jews, I say this because I love them. Many of them are pro-abortion and anti-Christian. The Nazi regime was both pro-death and anti-Christian (both of these go and hand in hand) and I say these things because I don’t want them to become what once strived for their destruction.

Christ will return, and all of Israel will be saved. Amen!