Gay Friendly San Francisco Sheriff’s Department Releases An Illegal Mexican Repeat Felon Who Goes Out And Murders An Innocent American Girl

By Walid Shoebat

Imagine loosing your daughter or son by some worthless illegal person with an illegal gun. It’s bad enough that one beautiful young woman, Kate Steinle, had her life taken from her Wednesday night, just snubbed out in what is being called a random shooting. But what make this worse is that it was done by an illegal from Mexico who had been deported at least five times and had a lengthy criminal record, yet he was simply released back into the criminal circulation. Was Donald Trump wrong when he referred to what border police told him about criminal illegals coming across the border?

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Friday that the seemingly random killing of a Kate Steinle in San Francisco was even more proof why voters should consider his warning.

The shooting Wednesday evening of Kate Steinle on a city pier, police say, was committed by 45-year-old Francisco Sanchez, an undocumented immigrant and a repeat felon who had been deported five times to Mexico. But it even gets worse. Law enforcement officials said that Sanchez was released by the San Francisco sheriff’s department despite a request from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for an immigration detainer.

“This senseless and totally preventable act of violence committed by an illegal immigrant is yet another example of why we must secure our border immediately,” Trump said in a statement Friday. “This is an absolutely disgraceful situation and I am the only one that can fix it. Nobody else has the guts to even talk about it. That won’t happen if I become President.”


Yet Trump caught flack for saying that some Mexicans crossing the border are “rapists” and “killers” while all other politicians feared to be accused of being racist. Several of Trump’s shameless Republican rivals have criticized Trump’s rhetoric, saying it is inappropriate and hurts the Republican Party’s brand.

Truth is, we all belong to a race. We write it on applications. Race is in the records of both law abiding citizens and criminals as well. Is it a sin to mention what race are the criminals who enter our borders? One wonders how these critics would feel if it was one of their daughters who got shot?

“The American people deserve a wall to protect our jobs, economy and our safety. I am the only candidate who would build it,” Trump said in his statement before returning to his slogan, “I will make America great again!”

Indeed. I am married to a Mexican and she loves Trump too. Her father came legally and rarely missed a day of work.