In this epic interview, Donald Trump owns MSNBC who no matter what slander they threw at him Trump refutes it all like a true American champion:

If you can’t watch it here, click [here] or [here] and give it a few seconds to upload.

Now Trump leads in North Carolina and is beating Bush according to Newsmax, the Washington Examiner and the Charlotte Observer:

Trump’s momentum “just keeps on building,” according to the PPP website, though the poll found Trump drags the bottom of the GOP field among those who could likely beat Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

Still, Trump leads the GOP field in North Carolina with 16 percent followed by Jeb Bush and Scott Walker at 12 percent each; Mike Huckabee at 11 percent; Ben Carson and Marco Rubio at 9 percent, Rand Paul at 7 percent; Ted Cruz at 6 percent; Chris Christie at 5 percent; Carly Fiorina at 4 percent; Rick Perry at 2 percent, Lindsey Graham, Bobby Jindal, and Rick Santorum at 1 percent; and John Kasich and George Pataki at less that 1 percent.

On April 14th, before Trump even announced and while everyone was so skeptic he would run or even make it we stated:

“I suspect Trump will run, win and rid us from one wicked wretch: Hillary Clinton.”

So far we are correct, he did announce and he is gaining momentum by thinking big and kicking liberal ass.