Obama Is Involving The U.S. With Turkey And NATO For The Upcoming Major Battle: An Islamic Armageddon

By Walid Shoebat

Megiddo, critics say is nothing much but a farmland in northern Israel. They also say that Dabiq, in Syria,  is nothing much but farmland as well. But it is these two farmlands that are the spark for Armageddon: Dabiq for the Muslims and Megiddo for the Christians.

And when it comes to Dabiq, things are cooking up real fast, so fast, that Turkey just had an extraordinary meeting this week at the NATO headquarters on Tuesday, which was the fifth in the organization’s 66-year history and it has to do with sparking a war at Dabiq while President Obama is involving the U.S. in a major way.


The deal is an agreement to cooperate to clear ISIS forces out of a 60-mile-long strip of northern Syria along the Turkish border. But what is interesting is that this 60-mile-long strip had to include Dabiq.


Well, the United States is being led like a mule into the milieu of Muslim planning and the U.S. is biting the hook, the line and the sinker, in agreement with Turkey, on the major step toward starting the fight in Dabiq. This becomes the key player for the apocalypse in the minds of Muslims, so they believe.

While we will discuss more on that later, but first, perhaps a brief explanation can help westerners understand what is at stake here. To the Muslim, it is foretold that the caliphate will sack Istanbul, Turkey, just before it is beaten back by an army led by who Muslims consider, the anti-Messiah, whose eventual death — when just a few thousand jihadists remain —will usher in the apocalypse where Islam is victorious. And by this, now, the giant mule, the United States, becomes this ‘anti-Messiah’ for the Muslims.

When it comes to Dabiq, ISIS’s magazine also called Dabiq, quotes it’s godfather, Abu Mus’ab Al-Zarqawi as saying, “The spark has been lit here in Iraq, and its heat will continue to intensify … until it burns the crusader armies in Dabiq.” The United States now qualifies as this “crusader army”. The New York Times confirmed yesterday the grand strategy:

That is an ambitious military goal, because it appears to include areas of great strategic and symbolic importance to the Islamic State, and it could encompass areas that Syrian helicopters regularly bomb. If the zone goes 25 miles deep into Syria, as Turkish news outlets have reported, it could encompass the town of Dabiq, a significant place in the group’s apocalyptic theology, and Manbij, another stronghold. It could also include the Islamic State-held town of Al Bab, where barrel bombs dropped by Syrian aircraft have killed scores, including civilians, in recent weeks.

American officials emphasized that the depth of the buffer zone to be established was one of the important operational details that had yet to be decided. But one senior official said, “You can be assured many of the principal population centers will be covered.”

The plan does not envision Turkish ground troops entering Syria, although long-range artillery could be used across the border. Turkish ground forces would work on their side of the border to stem the Islamic State’s ability to infiltrate foreign fighters and supplies into Syria.

So in essence, the mule, the United States, will do all the work, gain the curses of Allah and become Anti-Messiah, while Turkey does minimal work and reap all the benefits through a later invasion of Syria as a NATO peace keeping force.

As Donald Trump says regarding the way the U.S. deals, the American in the end is the one always who gets screwed while the enemy gains. If in doubt, look at Iran, the U.S. did all the work and Iran gained Iraq through proxy government.


ISIS now awaits the arrival of an enemy army (the U.S.) at Dabiq whose apparent defeat will initiate the apocalypse. And some American military strategists might think this is a genius plan, since Dabiq will attract all the cockroaches to one spot for an apocalyptic showdown, fact is, the United States is alone in this battle (with a token tribute from so-called allies) and the ISIS strategy might shock the West since in Islam, war is Karr-wa-Farr (attack and retreat) which does not constitute defeat in Muslim eyes. In Muslim eyes, there are no defeats, only annihilation is defeat.

First of all, let us understand what Dabiq is, from a Muslim mindset. Musa Cerantonio, an Australian and one of ISIS’s most influential recruiters, believes that the Prophetic narration that foretells the Dabiq battle refers to the enemy as “Rome”. Who “Rome” is, remains a matter of debate, but Cerantonio makes the case, from his Muslim perspective, that “Rome” meant the Eastern Roman empire, which had its capital in what is now Istanbul.


Musa Cerantonio

So in this view, Muslims should think of Rome as the Republic of Turkey—the same republic that ended the last self-identified caliphate, 90 years ago.

Other Islamic State sources suggest that this “Rome” might mean any infidel army, and the Americans will do nicely. (Jeffers/Fairfax Media)

What is perhaps strange is that this “Rome” being the anti-Messiah is agreed to by both, Muslims and many western Evangelicals. Although the Bible never once mentioned the name “Rome” in the apocalypse, Muhammad did, literally, as he learned it from the Christian heretics of his day. This alone should be problematic for many Evangelicals since even according to Jesus, how could the holy and the evil agree?

From the Muslim wild interpretation, if this “Rome” is Turkey then ISIS must sack Istanbul. If it is the U.S., ISIS must defeat the U.S.

But of course, if ISIS looses, then ISIS were not the awaited caliphate that will spark this apocalypse in Dabiq and the Muslims must then wait for someone else. But even if ISIS looses, it matters little since according to these Muslims, Allah has preordained the near-destruction of his people in the battle anyway.

But choosing to clear Dabiq is a strategic move by military planners, no doubt. From a western strategical view, by assembling and defeating ISIS decisively at Dabiq, the U.S. would defeat them by destroying their moral and will erase their image as a viable caliphate to 1.3 billion Muslims, since if it has been preordained by Allah that they are to be victorious against the ‘armies of Rome’ in this location, but instead are defeated, it will be a blow from which they would never be able to recover.

The battle of Dabiq, from the western view, then becomes the magnet bringing in the ‘hornet’s nest’ to eventually become the ‘flight of the hornet’ with helicopters and planes picking ISIS fighters off with ease from the air as they eagerly made their pilgrimage to the Dabiq apocalypse. Spreading the word that the ‘armies of Rome’ were assembling there, nothing could keep them from the fight.

ISIS, how the strategists think, is then in check, they must march to Dabiq even if it were not in their strategic best interests since abstaining from fighting at Dabiq would be violating the very prophecies of Mohammed.

But such strategy is flawed when we look at this from an x-terrorist perspective. As I said, Jihad in Islam is Karr-wa-Farr (attack and retreat). ISIS could easily clear the area and attack with suicide missions till Mahdi’s kingdom comes and this will never be considered a loss.

What westerners are not considering is that the deception already began. Looking at absurd news today that says:

“Turkish jets bombed Kurdish rebels inside Turkey on Tuesday as NATO proclaimed its “strong solidarity” with the country’s fight against the Islamic State group …”

This has to be an absurdity. Turkey is bombing “Kurdish rebels”, not ISIS, while “NATO supports Turkey’s efforts” and give it “strong solidarity” to fight ISIS?


All what the United States has to do is a no show at Dabiq and not only the prophecy becomes false, the problem of ISIS is more of a problem for that region (Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Libya and Turkey) than it is for the United States, and the United States can defeat ISIS without even firing a bullet.

But perhaps it is time for some shock therapy. The Turks know very well that Dabiq to them is key from a different perspective than ISIS’s. Arabic sources tell us:

“The use of Dabiq by ISIS is symbolic of the major historical event at Dabiq, it is the name of the battle the Ottomans won which paved the way for their occupation of Iraq and the Levant for more than four centuries, as well as being the springboard for the Islamic armies to fight the Rum (Romans) in their quest for world domination.”

dabiq copy


Defeating ISIS at Dabiq, is victory for a much bigger player than ISIS: Turkey.

So the U.S. is entering an Armageddon while this apocalypse has two different conflicting goals, prophecies and plans. The Battle of Marj Dābiq was the most decisive military clash in Middle Eastern history (1516 AD) near the town of Dabiq, 44 km north of Aleppo, Syria between the Ottoman Empire and the Mamluk Sultanate. For Turkey to settle there, once the battle with ISIS is over, means that Turkey’s prophecy came through, which the Americans will accomplish, while other Muslims will dismiss ISIS’s version of the prophecy.

Yet there is even another scenario. The mention of Dabiq to both ISIS and Turkey reveals more than just history, but also eschatology of invading Egypt for a grand future victory for Erdogan’s ultimate dream to revive the sick man of Europe. ISIS can easily acquiesce once the milieu of jihadists oust Bashar Al-Assad.

What the United States is doing is very dumb. To Turks, Dabiq is reverting back the clock to when Sultan Selim I (Turkey is the King of the North) of the Ottomans had just pushed back and vanquished the Safavid Persians (Persia is the biblical Bear) at the Battle of Chaldiran in 1514—and turned their full might against the Mamluks, who ruled in Syria and Egypt (The biblical kingdom of the south) to complete the Ottoman conquest of the Middle East. So by this, the U.S. will set the stage for an even grand caliphate instead of that miniature ISIS.

Many fail to connect the dots; the rich and wealthy layers and multiple fulfillments to the wisest of all prophets whom even Christ complimented: Daniel. Christ even addresses Antichrist on the day of his doom when the most powerful nations on earth defeats him: “You think that you are wiser than Daniel and that no secret can be hidden from you.” (Ezekiel 28:3)

Daniel, in one of his layers of fulfillments, foretold it; the battle ended ultimately in the victory of the King of the North, the Ottoman Selim I over Egypt’s King of the South and the conquest of most of the Middle East by the Ottoman Empire was fulfilled which was the end of the Mamluk Sultanate and the grandeur victory and expansion of the Ottomans. The Ottoman Empire’s victory in this battle gave it control of the entire region of Syria and later into Egypt.


Similarly, Turkey defeating the Shiite Alawite government in Syria, an Iranian ally, will be a duplicate of when Selim I, defeated the Shiites of Iran: the Safavid Persians. And if the Americans gave Iraq to Persia, Americans, like the mule, will do all the work, and ultimately acquiesce to giving Syria to Turkey through aid by Obama, whom Turkey’s Davutoğlu calls their “black man in the white house”.

Dabiq is key to unlocking Daniel when on May 18, 1516 when Al-Ashraf Qansuh al-Ghawri, started from Cairo, Egypt with 20,000 knights to later be killed. Egypt’s future will mimic this historic and eschatological event and will parallel the Turks’s invasion of Egypt. After the death of the Mamluk Sultan, the new Sultan, Tuman Bay (King of the South) who finally, at the doorstep of Cairo, faced Selim I who defeated Tuman Bay and hung him at the gate of Cairo.


The hanging of the last Mamluk sultan, al-Ashraf Tumanbay (al-Ghawri)

Dabiq, therefore, is an Ottoman victory. Even ISIS’s insignia on their flag is an Ottoman insignia (the insignia of Muhammad’s ring) which comes from the Turkish Topkapi museum; everything goes back to Turkey’s victory at Dabiq.

Dabiq is why Turkey hates Egypt and is why Erdogan hates Assisi of Egypt and would not mind it if he ends up like Tumanbay hung on the gallows.

Dabiq is why Turkey intended to invade Syria last year just as it did in its glory days during Selim I. Turkey’s interest in Syria is no secret, although it was, the top secret operation was uncovered when a secret recording leaked of the highest officials discussing the plan to launch a military aggression on Syria by using ISIS to blow up the tomb of Suleiman Shah who was the grandfather of Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire who was supposedly buried in Aleppo near Dabiq. The launched invasion resulted on aggression against the Armenian city of Kessab in which 80 Armenians were massacred as a result. All this while it is known that Suleiman’s tomb had no body in it. (1)

et1 copy

TRANSLATION: “While Suleiman Shah was passing with his clan the Euphrates River near Ja’bar castle in Syria, he drowned in the river with some of his entourage in 1231 and his body was not found. His tomb was set up as a memorial for him and one of his ministers, near the western slopes Ja’bar Castle. When Sultan Selim I conquered Syria, following the battle of Dabiq near Aleppo on August 8th, 1516, he set up graves fitting Ottoman dignity which became a hub for travelers and visitors”.

Dabiq is why Erdogan sees himself as Selim I and is why he publicly read an Islamic poem that includes the lines, “the mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets, and the faithful our soldiers” and is why Erdoğan has used public funds to build more than 17,000 mosques while announcing plans to create a super-mosque overlooking Istanbul to celebrate the 560th anniversary of Istanbul’s conquest by the Ottomans. Erdoğan broke ground on a third Bosphorus Bridge linking the Asian and European sides of the city, naming it after the controversial conquering Sultan Selim I the conqueror of Dabiq.

The western mind doesn’t get it, that in the Muslim mind, the needle is stuck on the record in which the Christian crusader (General Allenby) took Jerusalem and the Christians finally brought an end to the Muslim Ottoman Caliphate in 1924. The song continues from there and the record will continue to play as soon as the electric surge is back. The mediocre minds in the west are no match for centuries of Islamic deception. Islamic prophecies are finagled in such a way that even if the U.S. defeats ISIS, it is a moral booster for the Turks since Islam teaches that the West will be victorious anyway:

You should know that prior to this great battle between the Christian and the Muslim, the Christian will gain booty when they take all the lands of the Muslims.

In the interim, the Muslims will gain since the story of Dabiq ends in Syria as Isaiah 17 predicted. This means that it will not be western genius, but the Lord’s providence that wins in the end.



(1) Al-Jazeera reported the news on Turkey’s incursion into Syria stated the fact of history that there is no body in the Suleiman Shah tomb:

“Suleiman Shah son Qutalmish grandfather of the founder of the Ottoman Empire, Sultan bin Ertugrul Osman the first. Was head of a small clan of about five thousand people called (Kaya). The tribe headed west toward Syria to escape the Mongol invasions, more than eight hundred years ago. While Suleiman Shah was passing with his clan the Euphrates River near Ja’bar castle in Syria, he drowned in the river with some of his entourage in 1231 and his body was not found. His tomb was set up as a memorial for him and one of his ministers, near the western slopes Ja’bar Castle. When Sultan Selim I conquered Syria, following the battle of Dabiq near Aleppo on August 8th, 1516, he set up graves fitting Ottoman dignity which became a hub for  travelers and visitors calling it “the Turkish shrine”. During the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II, the late nineteenth century it emerged as the largest tomb for public attention, and was renovated and expanded fitting the surrounding area.”