Learn The Truth: Martin Luther Did Not Love The Bible, He Hated The Bible

By Thomas King 

In a time of great chaos and anarchy within the Church, it is necessary to identify the source of chaos and disorder, and thus seek to bring back order as Christ intended. More than ever before the modern Church has become less like the Bride of Christ and more as the Whore of Babylon. People have often asked the question of ‘Why?’ but have never identified the root cause of this anarchy. Instead, there has been an ever-growing increase in godlessness and infidelity along with sin being promoted in the name of ‘grace’.

Whether it is the sins of heresy and unbelief, as manifested in modernism; New Age teaching or some denial of Christian doctrine or Higher/Lower Criticism along with any other mockery of the Holy Scriptures or the Christian Faith. Or whether it is the open flouting of sin in the churches: promotion of sodomites/homosexuals and pedophiles in leadership; adultery amongst church leaders; open support of blasphemous material and teaching in the pulpit and so on. Whatever the situation, few have bothered to go to the historical root source and ask the right questions. In an age of political correctness and false ecumenism, the Church has sunken deeper into apostasy as manifested in the above mentioned sins. It is expected to kowtow to the errors and false doctrines of Satan, the god of this world and prince of the powers of the air. (II Corinthians 4:4; Ephesians 2:2), rather than be the Bride of Christ, unspotted and unblemished (Ephesians 5:25-32).

What is grossly tragic is that few have taken the time to examine the Holy Scriptures and the history of the Church to see where the modern evils are coming from. Amongst Christians, few have bothered to examine their roots and seek to correct the evil inherited. Many have grown around a myth or fable regarding personalities in the history of the Church, without fulfilling the Scriptural command to prove all things (I Thessalonians 5:25). Amongst the greatest and most destructive of these myths or fables that Scripture has warned about, is the legend built around Martin Luther. A number of Christians have been deluded into thinking that Martin Luther, the father of the Protestant Reformation, was a great hero who defended the Holy Scriptures and brought Scriptural knowledge to the world. When one begins to even make one criticism of this idol that has been made after deluded hands, then automatically he/she is accused of being a “Papist” or “Catholic sympathizer”. Luther is dead but his evil legacy has still continued throughout the world and in all Christian denominations. It is time for genuine Christians to undo this evil legacy before it destroys their souls and the Church altogether.


I do not fear the accusations and I wish to urge all Christians, regardless of denomination, to prove all things and to renounce the root of rebellion and anarchy in the churches. Let God be true and every man a liar. (Romans 2:4). By facing the reality of Luther, a genuine Christian can place the Holy Trinity, the True God (I John 5:7, 20) in the rightful place of the soul and banish the antichrist spirit that has spoken through Luther and other deceivers (I John 4:1-3). I provide the quotes in full lest anyone accuse me of distortion or taking statements out of context. 5 And now, I dedicate my life and soul to the most Holy Trinity and bring the whole Church before the throne of God. May the Church experience genuine revival out of the spiritual slumber of death and gain back the first love due. Glory be to God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus. (Apocalypse/Revelation 22:20)

Martin Luther

Martin Luther


Amongst the first of these myths that a number of Christians have been deceived regarding Martin Luther is that he was the one who supposedly brought the West back to a return to the Holy Scriptures. This will shock many Christians who have held such a high opinion of Martin Luther as the supposed man who brought the West to a return to Scripture. However, all preconceptions aside, let us actually see what he actually said and taught which flies against both the Holy Scriptures and against the Holy Fathers. Ultimately, we find that only the traits of Lucifer are in this man, not our Lord Jesus Christ.

a)Denial of the authenticity of the Apocalypse/Revelation

This will surprise many of the dear Protestant Christians who hold to a firm belief in the Holy Scriptures. In fact, as a fellow Christian, I wish to extend my sympathies to such. However, facts are that the very founder of the Protestant Reformation did not have any reverence for the Holy Scripture, especially when it clashed with his subjective thinking. Before we consider this, let us consider the warning by the Blessed Apostle St. John in Revelation 22:18, 19: “For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecies of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.”

Luther on his death bed

Luther on his death bed

However, we find that Martin Luther had the gall to attack even any belief in the very Apocalypse itself as inspired of God. Let us consider this quote by Martin Luther: “to my mind, it [the book of the Apocalypse/Revelation] bears upon it no marks of an apostolic or prophetic character…Everyone may form his own judgment of this book; as for myself, I feel an aversion to it, and to me this is sufficient reason for rejecting it.” (Sammtliche Werke, 63, pp169-170, ‘The Facts About Luther’, O’Hare, TAN Books, 1987, p203)

Is it no wonder then that a certain Lutheran priest many centuries later in the 20th century stated on a radio program that both James and Revelation should be removed from our Bible and instead it should have the Shepherd of Hermas instead? (See Gail Riplinger’s New Age Bible Versions (1997), 2nd Edition, A.V Publications Corporation)

In fact, it is known that the classical Reformed position on Revelation is one that allegorizes at best or negates at worse. Is it no wonder also that because of this, a number of the modern translations [or perversions] of the Holy Scripture have not only excised many verses and phrases in the New Testament but also have mostly Protestants as their source for translation in their committees? No serious minded Christian who has the new birth from above, will ever question the authenticity of any book of the Holy Scripture, most especially the New Testament. By the words of Holy Scripture, Luther has brought damnation upon himself and this should serve as a warning to others.

b) Denial and contempt for the Epistle of James and contempt for the Book of Esther and the Book of Jonah

If there was any book in the New Testament that was more subject to attack by Martin Luther it was none other than the Epistle of James. This was simply because Luther had become an antinomian and thus wanted an easy salvation that was devoid of repentance in accordance with faith. Sounds like most of Protestantism today, doesn’t it? Let us see what his actual words are regarding the Epistle of James: “We should throw the Epistle of James out of this school [Wittenberg], for it doesn’t amount to much. It contains not a syllable about Christ. Not once does it mention Christ, except at the beginning. I maintain that some Jew wrote it who probably heard about Christian people but never encountered any.” (Lecture at Wittenberg, 54, 424-425)

For Luther to blasphemously accredit the Blessed Apostle James as an unbelieving Jew who had no contact with Christianity is laughable to say the least and blasphemous at worst! No wonder we have in a number of Protestant churches and theological colleges, people who have no reverence for anything sacred and also who attack our Lord Jesus Christ and His Blessed Apostles! In other writings, he referred to the Epistle of James as “a straw epistle” and even entertained the notion of doing damage to the Epistle of James saying that he wanted to throw it into the oven. [See Luther’s Preface to the New Testament where he refers to James as “the epistle of straw” and also Althaus, P. (1966)

The Theology of Martin Luther , translated by Robert Schultz, Fortress Press, Philadelphia] His contempt for Holy Scripture does not end at just the book of James, but also extends to attacking even the book of Esther and Jonah in the Hebrew Bible, which he supposedly based his version of the Bible on for the Old Testament. Here are his words on the matter: “The book of Esther I toss into the Elbe. I am such an enemy to the book of Esther that I wish it did not exist, for it Judaizes too much and has in it a great deal of heathenish foolishness.” (‘The Facts About Luther’, O’Hare, TAN Books, 1987, p202) And also: “The history of Jonah is so monstrous that it is absolutely incredible.” (Ibid.)

Are we not surprised therefore that Lutheranism was the first to succumb to the blasphemous and ridiculous theories of Higher and Lower Criticism, and also to find her priests wanting to eliminate both James and Revelation? Let us not forget the earlier example of the Lutheran pastor/priest who stated on a radio program that both the Epistle of James and the Apocalypse/Revelation should be eliminated from our Bible. They are only following their wicked founder! Luther has in fact incurred God’s anathema on himself already. Many of these modern day Lutherans have become twice the sons of hell than Luther. Let us be warned.

Deliberate adding of the word ‘free’ to Romans 3:28 along with deliberate, Satanic arrogance in elevating himself above even the Holy Fathers and Holy Apostles! The very thought of excising from the Word of God should already cause one to cringe in disgust and make one wary of the eternal consequences. It should cause one to cringe even more to add to the Word of God as well. Unfortunately, this cannot be said for Martin Luther. Martin Luther in a deliberate attempt to support lawlessness in the Christian life, deliberately added the word “free” to his German bible, despite the fact that there is no serious evidence for this in the Greek text of the New Testament. To this he stated as his reasons for his deliberate distortion: “If your Papist annoys you with the word [‘alone’-Romans 3:28], tell him straightaway, Dr. Martin Luther will have it so: Papist and ass are one and the same thing. Whoever will not have my translation, let him give it the go-by; the devil’s thanks to him who censures it without my will and knowledge. Luther will have it so, and he is doctor above all doctors in Popedom.” (Amicable Discussion, I, 127, ‘The Facts About Luther’, O’Hare, TAN Books (1987), p201)

Martin Luther

Martin Luther

To add insult onto injury, he goes so far as to elevate himself greater than the Fathers, St. Ambrose and St. Augustine by stating: “St. Augustine or St. Ambrosius cannot be compared with me.” (Enlangen, Vol. 61, p422) To show his utter egotistical attitude, which has carried on down through the rest of Protestantism, he states: “Not for a thousand years has God bestowed such great gifts on any bishop as He has on me” (Luther’s Works, Erlangen ed., 61:422)

If this really is the attitude of Luther towards God and His Truth, then God help today’s Protestants who have behaved in the same manner, if not worse. This is the very thing the Blessed Apostles Peter and Jude warned against. The Blessed Apostle Peter warned against private interpretation, and also warned that there are: “they that are unlearned and unstable wrest, as they do the other scriptures, unto their own destruction.” (II Peter 3:16).

The Blessed Apostle Jude also stated:

“For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ…Likewise also these filthy dreamers defile the flesh, despise dominion, and speak evil of dignities…But these speak evil of those things which they know not: but what they know naturally, as brute beasts they corrupt themselves. Woe unto them! For they have gone in the way of Cain, and ran greedily after the error of Balaam for reward, and perished in the gainsaying of Co-re.” (Jude 3, 4, 8, 10, 11)

c) Blasphemous references to both our Lord Jesus Christ, to God the Father, and also to the Holy Prophets and the Blessed Apostles.


This comes as a great shock to many Christians who have had high hopes in Martin Luther. However, if we were to actually look at what he said regarding our Lord Jesus Christ, God the Father and also the Holy Prophets and Blessed Apostles, it should cause even the most elementary of Christian believers to cringe with disgust. In regards to our Lord Jesus Christ, Luther had the gall to accuse Him of committing fornication with the Samaritan woman at the well (Photini in Holy Tradition) as well as with Mary Magdalene. [Maybe one should wonder where the founder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith, got some of his heresies from, seeing that he too taught the same thing in Doctrines and Covenants!]. He stated:

“Christ committed adultery first of all with the women at the well about whom St. John tell’s us. Was not everybody about Him saying: ‘Whatever has He been doing with her?’ Secondly, with Mary Magdalen, and thirdly with the women taken in adultery whom He dismissed so lightly. Thus even, Christ who was so righteous, must have been guilty of fornication before He died.” (Trishreden, Weimer Edition, Vol. 2, Pg. 107)

Obviously, Luther was distorting the meaning of the Scripture passages and in fact goes against our Lord Jesus Christ, Who stated:

“Which of you convinceth me of sin? And if I say the truth, why do ye not believe me? He that is of God heareth God’s words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God.” (John 8:46, 47)

Worse yet, is that Luther expressed that he had: “greater confidence in my wife and my pupils than I have in Christ.” (Table Talk, 2397b) and equally blasphemous, he dared to say regarding God: “I look upon God no better than a scoundrel” (Weimar, Vol. 1, Pg. 487. Cf. Table Talk, No. 963)

In addition to this, the blasphemous notion that the behaviour and conduct of Christ is not important compared to His teachings, is found in the mouth of none other than Luther himself and is today reiterated by so-called: “Christians” of a modernist/liberal persuasion. Here are his words on this:

“It does not matter how Christ behaved – what He taught is all that matters.” (Erlangen Vol. 29, Pg. 126).

This is exactly what one would expect to hear from the mouth of Lucifer himself. Therefore, Luther is clearly of Satan not of God. To add insult onto injury, Luther also goes so far as to attack both the Holy Prophets and the Holy Apostles. This was slightly touched on earlier when we mentioned his attitude towards James. As an extension to his rebellion, he also attacks the Holy Blessed Prophet Moses as well.

In fact, due to his antinomianism, it was logical for him to attack the Blessed Prophet Moses, which clearly puts Luther under the rebuke of our Lord Jesus Christ, who stated:

“For had ye believed Moses, ye would have believed me: for he wrote of Me. But if ye believe not his writings, how shall ye believe my words?” (John 5:46, 47)

Let us see what evil Luther stated of Moses and the Law of Moses:

“If Moses should attempt to intimidate you with his stupid Ten Commandments, tell him right out – chase yourself to the Jews” (Letter to Melanchthon, August 1, 1521, American Edition, Luther’s Works, vol. 48, pp. 281-82) “I will not have Moses with his Law, for he is the enemy of the Lord Christ” (Tischreden (Table Talk), L.C.12.s.17) “Moses must ever be looked upon with suspicion, even as upon a heretic, excommunicated, damned, worse than the Pope and the devil” (Commentary on Galatians) “If we allow them – the Commandments – any influence in our conscience, they become the cloak of all evil, heresies and blasphemies” (Comm. ad Galat, p.310) “When the devil comes to tempt and harass you . . . indulge some sin in hatred of the evil spirit and to torment him . . . otherwise we are beaten if we are too nervously sensitive about guarding against sin . . . I tell you, we must put all the Ten Commandments, with which the devil tempts and plagues us so greatly, out of sight and out of mind.” (Table Talk in De Wette, 5.188; De Wette was a Protestant scholar who collected the most significant sayings of Luther in several volumes) “We must remove the Decalogue out of sight and heart” (De Wette, 4.188)


This reveals not only Luther’s filthy heart and spirit, but also shows that he hated what is holy and reveals himself to be a false accuser. To accuse the Ten Commandments and Moses as being the cause of blasphemy is something Satan would love to hear many times over and repeat in the ears of unbelievers to lead them away from the Holy Trinity. We thus can prove that since Luther rejected Moses, he could not possibly accept Christ who urged the unbelieving Jews in His day to look to Moses for the answers. Luther being a filthy minded individual, could not cease blaspheming at that point and also called God the author of evil as well as good, which clearly goes against the Scripture.

This is what he used to support his blasphemous antinomianism and thus stated that men were damned not on lack of faith and repentance towards our Lord Jesus Christ, but that God made it a necessity that some would be damned and some would be saved. This is a distortion of Scriptural predestination based on foreknowledge and response, rather than a blind ballot. Here are his words on this matter:

“Therefore, necessity, not free will, is the controlling principle of our conduct. God is the author of what is evil as well as what is good, and, as He bestows happiness on those who merit it not, so also does He damn others who deserve not their fate.” (‘De Servo Arbitrio’,7, 113, quoted by O’Hare, op.cit. pp266-267)

Therefore, since the likes of Luther and his followers who followed his blasphemous conclusions to their logical end to the point of attacking the Holy Trinity and the Word of God, we can only conclude that Luther damned himself to hell. (See Revelation 21:8). 11

To be continued…