New Research Reveals That The US Military Is Killing Off Major ISIS Agents, But Obama And Hillary Clinton Do Not Want To Release Their Names, Because They Are Muslim Terrorists Who They Were Helping And Who They Released

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

The story begins when president Obama supposedly ordered the capture of Caliph Al-Baghdadi’s oil-minister. The man  nicknamed by analysts as Al-Capone’s Accountant was supposedly Obama’s prized trophy. The top-ranking ISIS oil finance minister was portrayed as the ISIS accountant as was the accountant to Al-Capone’s crime syndicate. To put a dent on ISIS’s operations, the U.S. decided to arrest the brain behind ISIS’s illicit oil and financial operations (earning up to $1 million per day) who smuggled oil between Syria directly selling it to U.S. ally, the government of Turkey. The U.S. claims they killed the accountant. The story, as it turned out, is mired with falsities, deceptions and coverups. The terrorists which the U.S. official records show, which provides, has names of terrorists who were supposedly killed in the operation. Yet they turned out alive and well. They were either roaming free or are still shown to be alive from U.S. government sources which never pronounced them dead on their most wanted list. We provided all the photos, sources and the government links in this research article. Once examined by the readers, they will conclude that Obama’s official narrative, includes flat-out lies, fake photos, fake names … the whole story is a mess to hide Hillary Clinton’s blunders which has to do with her false testimony on Benghazi. The United States Senate on July 1st, 2015, had inquired about Hillary Clinton’s involvement which our research can aid the Senate Foreign Relations Committee confirming what they stated: “[this] raises important questions about the Obama administration’s policies and procedures related to the apprehension, interrogation, and detention of terrorists and the roles of the Justice Department and the FBI.” 


So the story begins when the U.S. sent U.S. special-ops Delta Force on May 16th on a daring mission into the heart of ISIS territory to Al-Amr oil-field in eastern Syria, which was carried out at the direction of President Obama himself to capture the accountant who was killed in the fire-exchange. The “accountant” they initially reported, and as it turns out, is still alive and well. There is no conspiracy theory here, “Delta Force commandos” daring mission indeed killed an ISIS oil-minister as we reviewed testimony from locals on the ground and other reliable sources. But the same sources gave contradicting names to Obama’s narrative.

The mystery began when “Army Colonel Steven Warren, a Pentagon spokesman told reporters that U.S. officials would not release Abu Sayyaf’s proper name” providing only his nom de guerre: “Abu Sayyaf the Tunisian”. They later gave a name, even a photo, which investigated providing indisputable sources showing how the U.S. government lied. And while the U.S. reported Abu Sayyaf (ISIS’s oil minister) killed, he was found alive and roaming the streets of Ma’an, Jordan.

Some sources like CNN and Al-Arabiya revealed the ISIS-oil-minister as “Nabil Saddiq Abu Saleh Al-Jabouri” but clan “Al-Jabouri” is Iraqi, not Tunisian as claimed by U.S. Administration. Later, a U.S. official told CNN on condition of anonymity that the name is “Fathi Ben Awn Ben Jildi Murad al-Tunisi  (Arabic: فتحي بن عون بن الجليدي مراد التونسي‎), which turns out also false since a nom de guerre like “Al-Tunisi” (the Tunisian) cannot be a last name. A nom de guerre is used only by terrorists under cover and the U.S. was obviously doing the same.

The Arabic full name of Fathi Murad (فتحي بن عون بن الجليدي مراد التونسي‎) is found nowhere in any Arabic sources  except 18 hits only regarding U.S. claims. Remove “Al-Tunisi” and we find one relative “RABII BEN MESSAOUD B.JELIDI MOURAD ربيع بن مسعود بن الجليدي مراد, who was sentenced for 4 years in jail (see official list, also here #926)” but nothing on the man CNN referred to. He has no record of ever being a terrorist or wanted by the Tunisian government as the list shows.

This Al-Capone’s accountant, Obama’s trophy as it turns out is insignificant.

And if all this confusion is difficult to believe, perhaps a different example will clarify how inept or even deceptive the U.S. Administration is. Another ISIS most wanted is Al-Qaduli. And from the government’s official website it shows the man is still alive and wanted offering a $7 million reward:

qal2 copy

Yet Al-Qaduli was announced killed on May 13th with a totally different name “Abdul Rahman Mustafa Mohammed, also known as Abu Alaa al-Afari”. Yet the reward is still active for capturing a dead man whom the BBC announced his death on May 13th offering the same photo as the government:

qal copy

Call it a media blunder, until of course, “Abu Sayyaf,” the ISIS oil-minister, the U.S. announced killed, he too is still alive and well. obtained his name as “Mohammed al-Shalabi” and not “Fathi Murad”. He is known locally as Abu Sayyaf Al-Shalabi, a figure in the Jordanian Salafist movement who has no connection with ISIS in Syria. This is not Abu Sayyaf Al-Tunisi. Al-Shalabi as we tracked him turned up alive and was laughing at the news of his death saying “I am still alive”. And if in doubt, examine last week’s Royal News of Jordan which aired on him showing his photo. Al-Shalabi, while still alive, was broadcast as the killed ISIS-oil-minister by hundreds of publications including the most prominent of U.S. media, which spread the photo of the walking-zombie all the way to the Orient.

Jordanian blow-horn street preacher, Mohaamad Al-Shalabi, claimed by the U.S. as Fathi Murad and Abu Sayyaf the Tunisian.

Al-Shalabi is usually seen with a blow horn while donning a red keffiyeh headscarf while Tunisians are known to wear the šmāġ. This is no Al-Baghdadi’s ‘Al-Capone’s accountant‘ named Fathi Murad Al-Tunisi (the Tunisian). From Fox News to BBC, the U.S. government is  pulling a keffiyeh over western eyes. Anyone can access Arabic news sources to see he’s alive. Al-Shalabi is featured saying “what the hell? I am still alive, I never left the Kingdom of Jordan” (see Amman1 with the photo showing him pleading to ISIS not to kill the Jordanian pilot). Yet, to the U.S., he is the “Tunisian ISIS oil-minister”:

shal copy


Younger Al-Shalabi from Middle Eastern sources before he repented and donned the Jordanian traditional attire.

Mohammed al-Shalabi, abu sayyaf, syria, isis, isil, is

Mohammed al-Shalabi, abu sayyaf, syria, isis, isil, is

Even France24 aired on Al-Shalabi as the notorious Abu Sayyaf including an interview with Lieutenant General Mark Hertling confirming the story:

As an aside, here is Donald Trump in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper saying of Hertling: “I am a better general than the general [Mark Hertling] that you’re talking about.”  Trump is right, Hertling is either a dummy or a flat out liar. Trump who suggested the way to defeat ISIS was to bomb their oil-fields was mocked while here we have General Hertling, his critic, supporting the US-led air campaign which  destroyed or damaged many of the crude refineries that ISIS was using in the Syrian deserts, not far from the scene of the raid near the eastern city of Deir el-Zour.

To solve the ‘Abu Sayyaf’ mystery we tracked what was first reported on Twitter by Syrian radio Al-Sham FM, right around the same time it was first reported by American media CNN. Al-Sham reported the story as “Sources to Sham FM in Deir Zour: the killing of the oil-minister in ISIS Abu Taym Al-Saudi“. This would be a different man.

capt4cnn copy

cap3 copy

cap2 copyThe U.S. coverup, when revealed, shows that these wanted men were all released from U.S. custody in previous years or were let loose by the Iraqi system by pressure from the U.S. to appease the Sunni Muslims in Iraq. The puzzle is easily solved once we examine what the Jihadists released regarding the May 16th raid. The U.S. says that ISIS kept silent about releasing their casualties from the May 16th raid, yet Jihadi sources linked to ISIS and other sources revealed several names which we translated from Arabic:

oil-ministers copy

So according to the list above, we have different ISIS oil-ministers killed:

1-Abu Taym the Saudi aka Abu Sayyaf Al-Jazrawi was a Saudi national by the name of Omar Seif who was the accountant’s assistant.

2-Abu Sayyaf Al-Iraqi who happens to be the main accountant whose real name is Nabil Al-Jabouri. This is not a Tunisian as the U.S. claimed.

When it comes to these two, both their wives were captured and not one, as claimed by the U.S. There were  other women who were bit by K9 dogs and were killed.

3-Another killed was Abu Ali Al-Ansari (Mohammed Al-Tin) who sold stolen archeological relics.

4-Abu Abdullah the Tunisian. While we do not know his real name, other reports revealed that there was a Tariq Al-Harzi, a Tunisian who was reportedly killed by a U.S. drone on June 15th and his brother, Ali Al-Harzi was reported killed on June 16th (more on these later). Was one of these two the Tunisian? As aside  these two Al-Harzi brothers presented a serious problem for Hillary Clinton since she testified falsely about them during the Benghazi affair while refusing to release sensitive information to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

5-Abu Anas Al-Masri (the Egyptian) was another oil-prince at Al-Amr oil field.

Yet the U.S. insisted that Abu Sayyaf was Tunisian. The story also brings up some serious questions. The name the Syrians released (Abu Taym) is on the list, as well as what was leaked to CNN (Al-Jabouri), is also on the list, while the only Tunisian is Abu Abdallah Al-Tunisi who could be the Fathi Murad, the name the U.S. leaked to CNN.

According to the list, it was Al-Jabouri who was the oil-minister while his assistant was Abu Taym.

Al-Tunisi (the Tunisian) was simply a military commander.

The other problem is that the U.S. always claims that they do not coordinate anything with Syria, yet Syria, as it seems knew Abu Taym was in Al-Amr oil-fields who the Americans never disclosed was killed. He was killed all the while Syria announced it participated in the efforts. They even gave the name at the same time the U.S. released the story. Syria leaking this intelligence at the same time it was reported in the U.S. is something to consider.

Now the mystery can easily be solved as the list was made public, lets now delve into the coverup: who is this Tunisian Abu Sayyaf?

While the prominent Al-Arabiya even gave a background on who Abu Sayyaf was and how he was released from U.S. military prison at Camp Bucca just as was the number one ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the future caliph of ISIS. This Abu Sayyaf is Abu Sayyaf Al-Iraqi (the Iraqi) whose real name is “Nabil Al-Jabouri” released by the U.S. at Camp Bucca. The case of such releases is well documented. It was “from prison Bucca that al-Baghdadi formed bonds and apparently conceived the model that would eventually become ISIS.” This is the embarrassing reality.

The problem still persists. Even the interim top Pentagon spokesman, said that Umm Sayyaf, the wife of Abu Sayyaf, would not be sent to the Guantánamo Bay detention center that President Barack Obama has vowed to close. “No one’s going to Gitmo,” Warren told the Guardian. Instead she is staying in Iraq where she is likely, as in the past to be released back into the terror circulation.

Now if we accept the narrative given by the U.S., there is one man missing: Abu Sayyaf Al-Tunisi.

Following that lead, it leads us only to one man: the ISIS oil-minister, Tariq Al-Harzi who was reportedly  killed on June 15th, except that the U.S. records cannot be trusted as we have seen.

It is here when we access trusted Middle East sources, including even Tunisia itself, they state that this Abu Sayyaf is a completely different person altogether from whom the U.S. claims, and he is none other than Tariq bin Al-Taher Al-Harzi, as confirmed by the Tunisian media and the government.

shor copy

alchourouk Tunisian newspaper identifies the man on the photo as Abu Sayyaf as Tariq Al-Harzi who was involved with his brother Ali Al-Harzi in the Benghazi attacks

The evidence is overwhelming and much of what the Obama Administration publicizes is false. To prove the point, that the American people are fed falsities, we examined the official photo of Tariq Al-Harzi  whom the U.S. claims was killed during a minor drone attack on June 15th. And here we will find more falsities. His official photo and reward publication by the U.S. government still shows the man is alive just as we have seen previously. This is in complete conflict with what was released regarding Al-Harzi’s death on June 15th. First of all, the official photo looks nothing like the Al-Harzi from Middle Eastern sources. Here is the U.S. government’s provided photo of Tariq Al-Harzi that they themselves claim is still alive:


This is supposed to be the official picture of Al-Harzi, but even this is also false.

To show how this photo is false, we included the Tunisian intelligence caption for Tariq Al-Harzi’s brother, Ali Al-Harzi, who was key in the Benghazi assassination of U.S. diplomat Stevens. Keep in mind, he too was announced killed on June 16th, 2015:


Ali bin Al-Taher Al-Harzi, the brother of Abu Sayyaf, Tariq Al-Harzi, Tunisian. Born 09/03/1986. I.D# 08705181 code named Bin Burkana Bin Al-Haj Al-Tumi

Tariq Al-Harzi, as it turns out, looks completely different from what the U.S. shows on it’s official photo and even looks like his brother Ali Al-Harzi above:

Tariq Al-Harzi

The real Abu Sayyaf, Tariq Al-Harzi who looks nothing like the U.S. official photo. He even looks very much like his brother Ali above

The government’s provided photo of Tariq Al-Harzi (on the left below) looks nothing like the real Al-Hirzi:

diff copy
hir copy


ta1 copy


Tariq Al-Harzi

Therefore, Obama’s prized target, Abu Sayyaf, cannot be confirmed from U.S own provided data. Americans, and its amazing, can all of the sudden trust Middle East sources more than what comes out of the Obama sewage pipe. This of course with our experience on the people, the terrain, the names of clans and our sources.

The only way the U.S. can get around this, is to claim a glitch, that they never updated their official public records that the man is alive and need to explain the fabricated photo as well. Tunisian experts connected to the government confirms that this man was killed by the Delta Force operation on May 16th. Other experts reveal that “Abu Sayyaf the Tunisian man responsible for the ISIS oil” as “Tariq Al-Harzi who was born in Tunisia on March 3rd, 1982”.

abu1 copy

The reason for the coverup, we believe, is that Al-Harzi should be an embarrassment for U.S. officials when indeed he is a prized trophy. According to the sources, Al-Harzi was:

“captured by the U.S. in 2004 after a raid in which he lost his right foot and was detained in Abu Ghraib prison until 2005 when he was released. He was then captured, again, by the U.S. and detained in Camp Cropper facility in Iraq as he was sentenced to death in absentia by Tunisia and was delivered on August 13, 2009 in the Green Zone [Tikrit] to await his sentence but ran away with 83 other inmates during September, 2012 when Al-Qaeda staged an attack and he lived in Mosul until he later joined ISIS to become the financial advisor for ISIS’s Al-Baghdadi in Mosul until he was stationed in Syria to assist Abu Abd Al-Rahman Al-Bilawi, the godfather behind ISIS in Syria.”

All this is also confirmed by the Tunisian government and others. While this “Abu Sayyaf” is claimed to have been killed on June 15th, the U.S. hid the name since the grand-finale ISIS #2 oil-minister, Obama’s  trophy, damages Hillary Clinton. The raid needed a different “Abu Sayyaf” and is why CNN was fed crumbs  by a U.S. official who wanted to remain anonymous. To make Al-Harzi the trophy, an ace terrorist, would  not only damaging to U.S. Administration, since he was in the grip of the Americans three times, only allow him to escape, no thanks to Hillary Clinton, he would also damaging to Obama’s ally, Erdogan of Turkey, in which Al-Harzi, according to Middle Eastern sources was the main recruiter and facilitator for Europeans who came to join ISIS via Turkish/Syrian borders and was involved in the sale of Syrian oil directly to Turkey’s government. The Guardian reported this week that “direct dealings between Turkish officials and ranking Isis members was now ‘undeniable'” and that “the Tunisian fighter [Abu Sayyaf] had been responsible for smuggling oil from Syria’s eastern fields, which the group had by then commandeered. Black market oil quickly became the main driver of Isis revenues – and Turkish buyers were its main clients … One senior western official familiar with the intelligence gathered at the slain leader’s compound”. “There are hundreds of flash drives and documents that were seized there,” the official told the Observer. “They are being analysed at the moment, but the links are already so clear that they could end up having profound policy implications for the relationship between us and Ankara.”

The other bombshell is that Al-Harzi’s brother, Ali Al-Harzi, was released by direct influence of Hillary Clinton. Pentagon announced that one of the terrorists involved in the 2012 Benghazi attacks, Ali Awni al Harzi was killed during an airstrike in Mosul, Iraq. Al-Harzi should not have been in Iraq in the first place and should have been incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay, but he wasn’t, why?

Even Pentagon spokesman Colonel Steve Warren (the very man who refused to give Abu Sayyaf’s real name) said Ali Awni al-Harzi, the brother, was killed in Mosul on June 15. The Pentagon also confirmed that his brother Tariq bin Tahar-Al-Awni-al-Harzi (one Abu Sayyaf) was killed in an airstrike in Syria on June 16, the day after his brother Ali was killed in another drone strike in Mosul, Iraq.

And here is another bombshell, from U.S. government own rewards publication:

“Al-Harzi also worked to provide material support to ISIL by procuring and shipping weapons with his brother from Libya and Syria for ISIL.”

This besides Susan Rice scrubbed Ansar Al-Sharia (which later joined ISIL) from the minutes:

“White House emails reviewed by ABC News suggest the edits were made with extensive input from the State Department [Hillary Clinton].  The edits included requests from the State Department that references to the Al Qaeda-affiliated group Ansar al-Sharia be deleted as well references to CIA warnings about terrorist threats in Benghazi in the months preceding the attack.”

Ansar Al-Sharia became ISIS on March 28, 2015.

According to U.N. records Tariq (spelled Tarak by U.N) was “active in the facilitation and the hosting of Ansar al-Shari’a in Tunisia” and was the main fundraiser for the movement ($2 million).

All this sweeping under the rug was all done while Rice worked for the current presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who helped Ali get released from U.S. custody in January of 2013. While the State Department’s own information said that Al-Harzis were wanted as global terrorists, Clinton stated the opposite:

“(T)here was not an ability for evidence to be presented yet that was capable of being presented in an open court,” Clinton testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on January 23, 2013, in regard to Harzi being released to the Tunisian government.


But the U.S. government had plenty of evidence, including social media postings, that could have been included in court, according to reports. Harzi also had a solid track record for planning terrorist attacks. There was plenty of information the government could have used to nail him.

Clinton lied “But the Tunisians have assured us that they are keeping an eye on him,” Clinton continued. “I have no reason to believe he is not still in Tunisia, but we are checking that all the time.”

To have the Benghazi planners, the two Al-Harzi brothers, then to have one of them doing all these ISIS oil deals be on the loose by Clinton, and to have the computer to prove all the wheeling and dealing going on with Turkey would destroy Hillary as well as the U.S. Obama argument that Turkey is an “ally” and “friend”  are on the same team fighting ISIS.

Furthermore, according to The Weekly Standard, Al Al-Harzi was “able to travel from North Africa to the heart of the Middle East on behalf of the terrorist organizations he served,” including the Islamic State group.

Clinton as it seems, essentially released one who participated in the Benghazi attacks — because of a supposed lack of evidence, which Hillary Clinton got in the way of arresting Ali Al-Harzi. Senior Obama administration officials, including then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and John Brennan, who was about to become the head of the CIA, were asked about this during Congressional testimony at the time. Both of them vouched for al Harzi’s release.

On January 23, 2013, Clinton lied again when she testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee telling senators that the Tunisians had “assured” the United States that Harzi was “under the monitoring of the court.” “Upon his release, I called the Tunisian prime minister. A few days later Director Mueller met with the Tunisian prime minister,” Clinton explained. She continued: “We have been assured that he is under the monitoring of the court. He was released, because at that time — and — and Director Mueller and I spoke about this at some length — there was not an ability for evidence to be presented yet that was capable of being presented in an open court. But the Tunisians have assured us that they are keeping an eye on him. I have no reason to believe he is not still in Tunisia, but we are checking that all the time.”

During a separate hearing before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, then Congressman Tom Cotton asked Clinton if she found “it distressing that the Tunisian government has released that gentleman [al Harzi] in light of the hundreds of millions of dollars of aid we’ve given them over the last two years?”

Clinton responded: “At this point, Congressman, I do not for two reasons. First, I had a long conversation with high-ranking Tunisian officials about this, as did Director Mueller of the FBI when he was there in person. We have been assured there was an effort to have rule of law, judicial process, sufficient evidence not yet available to be presented, but a very clear commitment made to us that they will be monitoring the whereabouts of the — Harzi and we’re going to hold them to that and watch carefully.”

Obviously, the Tunisians’ assurances didn’t pan out. In fact, the Tunisian government accused al Harzi of participating in the assassinations of two prominent politicians. The Middle East knew who Al-Harzis were, especially that one prominent  politician was killed on February 6, 2013 by Al-Harzi, just weeks after al Harzi was released. And al Harzi was, quite obviously, able to travel from North Africa to the heart of the Middle East on behalf of the terrorist organizations he served. The Pentagon says he was working for the Islamic State at the time of his death.

In February 2013, Brennan echoed Clinton’s claims regarding the evidence against al Harzi. Brennan told Congress that the US government “didn’t have anything on” al Harzi and, therefore, his release was not worrisome.

Yet indeed it was.

As to the brother, Tariq Al-Harzi, the ace ISIS terrorist (the Tunisian Abu Sayyaf), documents and flash drives seized during the Sayyaf raid reportedly revealed links “so clear” and “undeniable” between Turkey and ISIS “that they could end up having profound policy implications for the relationship between us and Ankara,” senior Western official familiar with the captured intelligence said.

And as it turns out, Joe Biden was right when he was ridiculed for saying that the NATO member,Turkey has long been enabling ISIS by turning a blind eye to the vast smuggling networks of weapons and fighters during the ongoing Syrian war.

So how does Turkey, U.S. ally on the war against ISIS respond to all this? The headlines out of the Middle East are clear: ‘Our only concern is Islam’: Erdogan slams claims of Turkey-ISIS link’

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at a joint media briefing with Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo denied common claims that his country was assisting ISIS, claiming that the group was damaging the reputation of Islam.

“We have only one concern. It is Islam, Islam and Islam,” Erdogan told a thinktank at the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, where he is on a three-day state visit.

So an attack at Turkey for accepting ISIS smuggled oil, is an attack on Islam itself.

“It is impossible for us to accept the overshadowing of Islam. Islam is damaged from what is all being done now,” the Istanbul-based Hurriyet newspaper quoted him as saying.

Erdogan said “dark powers” were spreading misinformation about Turkey, dismissing accusations against Turkey as “ungrounded and unjustified.”

So what do we expect from Turkey, a nation that denies the Armenian Genocide will consider it nothing to find itself in bed with the ISIS devils? Or better yet, who are these devils in the White House who feed the American people half-truths, fake stories and utter deception?

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