Black Supremacist Mob Blocks The Road With “Black Lives Matter,” Fed Up American Keeps On Driving And The Mob Runs Away In Fear

By Theodore Shoebat

Black Life Matters, White Life Matters, I am sick of the whole thing.

A group of 30 “Black Life Matters” protesters having the blues over the death of Michael Brown stretched out across both sides of the interstate about 5:20 p.m. Monday, which prevented any cars from going through Interstate 70, just east of the Blanchette Bridge for about 25 minutes Monday afternoon. They placed yellow boxes with the words “Ferguson is Everywhere” on the ground, as a barrier between the protesters and traffic. Cars were backed up for more than a mile at the height of rush hour traffic.

One American who watched a good dose of the Blues Brothers decided that enough is enough. Watch what he did:

Black Life Matters, I hate these guys. They are as racist as the Nazis. The way I see it there are two types of people, people who bicker and people who don’t. The liberals who bicker all the time will only attract others who also bicker, and sooner or later, they would be bickering with each other. On Saturday, Bernie Sanders came to Seattle for a fundraiser and rally saying that he is thankful that Seattle is the most progressive city in America. Instantly, two Black Lives Matter protesters took the stage, and the microphone, and started bickering demanding to be heard. It was classic. It can’t get any better than this.

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