Fox News Parent Co. Caught In Bed Bribing The Clintons: “Give A Big Donation To The Clinton Foundation” Is Fox’s Motto

News Corp, the parent company of your conservative favorite “Fox News”, is surprisingly one of Clintons’ 10 biggest donors since 1992, donating over three million dollars to Hillary and her various foundations. According to newly-released donor data from the Federal Election Commission and the Center for Responsive Politics, that’s the ninth largest donor to Clinton during that time period.

Here are the top donors:

Newsweb has donated over $25 million

SlimFast, $6 million

The union American Federation of Federal, State and Municipal Employees $6 million

The Service Employees International Union $4 million

The Communications Workers of America $3.6 million

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers  over $2.6 million (wonder what the Muslim Brotherhood donated).

Goldman Sachs, 5 million.

If anything, the Clintons took the Middle Eastern system of Bakhsheeh (little grease money) and developed the idea to create The American Bakhsheesh (which pays better). Donald Trump confessed of doing this practice donating to the Clintons saying “its a shame” but that was the only way to do business in New York.  Ankara, Jedda, Cairo, N.Y … what difference does it make, right? Its a small world after all. As so many Middle Eastern satrapies with questionable human rights records will tell you, the easiest way to get things done with a Clinton is to recite this little poem in your head:

A Big Donation

To the Clinton Foundation

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