So Who Has Hillary’s TOP SECRET Leaks And How Serious Is Hillary Clinton’s Emailgate?

By Walid Shoebat

These weren’t just ordinary secrets found in Clinton’s private server, but some of the most classified material the U.S. government has. The inspector general assessed that Clinton’s emails included information that was highly classified as the highest official classification level in the U.S. government “TOP SECRET/Special Intelligence”, yet mislabeled as “unclassified”. Special Intelligence is NSA’s information derived from intercepted communications. This could include eavesdropping and classified material which was obtained via satellite.
NEW YORK - OCTOBER 25:  (NO U.S. TABLOID SALES)  Former First Lady Hillary Clinton campaigns for Senate at Grand Central Station October 25, 2000 in New York, NY.  (Photo by David Hume Kennerly/Getty Images)

This is not a case where you tell an officer when he stops you for going 55 in a 35 MPH zone claiming that “I didn’t know”. Hillary signed a ton of paperwork and received detailed training about how it is to be handled, no exceptions, and the consequences are severe punishment including suspension of clearances and all computers impounded and searched for any information on your computer which now belongs to the government since the classified material resides in them. Either Hillary or at least someone on her State Department staff will take the fall. While some presume that Hillary will pass the crime to scapegoats, this also opens another can of worms: how did her staff access the information in the first place and why did Hillary create her own system to handle official State Department business? The FBI including NSA knows more and it is obvious that there is a reason for the probe. What we do know is that there is a serious leak of classified information on an unencrypted server, leaving it wide open to exploitation by foreign intelligence services.
24426286While everyone speaks of Russia having such data, one needs to look no further than Huma Abedin, Hillary’s main aid. The possibility of Huma being a spy for the Muslim Brotherhood is not far-fetched. as far back as 2012 have been warning about this possible-mole (see detailed research August 2012). While it is very likely that Moscow and Beijing already know what top-secret information Hillary had, few are considering the Islamists: Huma Abedin is well linked to The Muslim Brotherhood, an agent of Turkey and also the Wahhbists of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, as well as Pakistan (her origin).


The Clinton’s were up to their neck working with Turkey. Huma Abedin’s links to the Muslim Brotherhood are iron-clad. Even Muhammad Mursi’s wife (Mrs. Naglaa Mahmoud) who is an operative in the spy-system of the Brotherhood’s Sisterhood branch (which Huma’s mother is also memberstated:

Mahmoud said, “I have between my fingers, a treasure trove of secrets from the White House and Mrs. Clinton fears my wrath.” She said, “I will not speak about Huma Abedin”. When asked if she had a close relationship with Hillary Clinton, Mahmoud said, “When my husband returns from his kidnapping, the one who led the coup will pay a hefty price.” Of Mrs. Clinton, she said, “We have a long friendship of many years …Naglaa Mahmoud said communications never ceased and that the conversations are all recorded. The wife of Mursi divulged that Mrs. Clinton seeks the assistance – both official and unofficial – of several members of the Muslim Sisterhood organization to help with problems in the Middle East. “We also have routine business dealings with the Clintons.”

Huma’s mom, Saleha Abedin, with the other 62 “Sisters” represents Brotherhood interests with a span of influence over several international organizations from the United Nations to women’s advocacy groups worldwide. The Brotherhood’s official website explains the Sisterhood activities.

Huma’s mom’s affiliations with the Muslim World League was made secret until we obtained a photocopy of her membership (before it was deleted) after Huma’s controversy:

hum1 copy

Top Left: “Membership” Body: “Membership: Abedin/Saleha Country: Egypt” FULL NAME: Her Excellency Dr. Saleha Abedin COUNTRY: Egypt CERTIFICATE: Doctorate POSITION: … WORK: International Islamic Committee For Woman And Child In The Muslim World League

Saleha Abedin, as it turns out, is one of nine elite members of a group IICDR (a branch of MWL) that boasts of its nine “Excellencies” who sit on the “Presidency Staff Council.” Alongside Abedin sits Dr. Abdullah Nasif, who was affiliated with Al-Qaeda. Huma’s brother, Hassan Abedin, sits under the supervision of Muslim Brotherhood spiritual head and its international liaison Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi. Naseef was the founder of “Rabita Trust”, a Specially Designated Global Terrorist Entity by the U.S. (read here for details).

There is much on Hillary’s roll to cause a domestic insurrections in Egypt. Muhammad Mursi’s wife alleges so, and Egyptian court documents link Mursi advisor Essam el-Haddad and his son Gehad el-Haddad (who worked for the Clinton Foundation for five years) were found guilty of conspiracy and spying in Egyptian courts.

Screenshot from Gehad el-Haddad's LinkedIn

Screenshot from Gehad el-Haddad’s LinkedIn

Besides these close ties to the Clintons, Saleha Abedin (the mother of Hillary’s aid Huma Abedin) is a close colleague of Naglaa Mahmoud which is likely the reason why Naglaa threatened to spill the beans.

With someone like Huma Abedin having access to such server (which we know for sure she heavily used) the leaks are limitless. As for us, to have written on a possible Muslim spy in the State Department years ago (which we were ridiculed for) and now with the Hillay Emailgate becoming obvious, should not the American people be amply concerned?