American Government Forces Christian Man To Submit To The Homosexual Agenda

By Theodore Shoebat

The American government as forced a Christian man named Jack Philips, by compelling him to make a cake for a sodomite wedding. Philip’s lead attorney, Nicolle Martin, said:

I think the ruling means that some Colorado citizens have a First Amendment right to believe what they want and to act on those beliefs — such as Lé Bakery Sensual of Denver or Azucar Bakery. As long as you hold the right view on same-sex marriage, you can act on your conscience … But for people like Jack Phillips, you are not entitled to those beliefs.

What happened was this: two sodomites named Charlie Craig and David Mullins requested from Philips a cake for their satanic festival (they call it a “wedding” when its just a mock fest). Philips said that he would make other things, but not a wedding cake. The sodomites, like the citizens of Sodom pushing on the door to rape Lot, began to press Philips and push him to submit to their terroristic demands. The ACLU got involved and determined that two men who get screwed in the anus are equal to a flowering husband and wife who propagate.

The fags’ attorney Jeremy Tedesco said:

Government has a duty to protect people’s freedom to follow their beliefs personally and professionally rather than force them to adopt the government’s views

Yes, because a man shoving his phallus into another man equals to a man and a woman unifying and having children and bringing forth new life to earth. Dumping your seed into feces is now the same as the beautiful order of propagation. Mr. Philips himself said:

It shows that some people have more equal rights than others. When you’re not in line with the same-sex agenda, you don’t have as much equal rights

This world is filled with evil, and this is worthy of our concern. But at the same time, we must realize why we have evil. Evil motivates the righteous, just as the counter point stirs us to desire the consonance. Such is life, with low and high sounds, harmony and chaos. Life is a symphony, with counter point and harmony, and we are all notes. Counter point overrides harmony, and harmony counterpoint, and all this is done as God wills it, for He composer of our existence. In the end, harmony will conquer chaos, and the symphony of bliss will be played forevermore, a new song before the throne (Revelation 14:4).

In Christendom, harmony destroys chaos. The homosexuals love chaos, and they too shall be destroyed.