Jonathan Cahn Is A False Prophet

By Walid Shoebat

false-prophetsOne claiming to be prophet, whom I encountered once when I spoke at his Messianic synagogue, is Jonathan Cahn who claims that:

“the Mystery of the Shemitah and it’s so big that it affects everything we as a people are personally doing and will affect the rise and fall of the United States of America …”

From two decades of encountering every claiming “prophet” from the Charismatic and Messianic Movements has been a false prophet. I say this without apology. Not once did I ever encounter one of these, that after a brief review, it always turns out they can easily be proven dead false.

Cahn, like many others who I can write books about, is telling us that because America has not been obedient, that on September 13, 2015 is the 7th and last Shemitah (Sabbath year) in this cycle which will be a year of judgment and reckoning with God Who “might” cause an economic collapse in the U.S.

The premise of this false-prophecy is extracted by twisting biblical text saying that God uses Sabbath years  when He judged the U.S. in the past. All this as it turns out is false as we will explain.

The Shemitah (Hebrew for Sabbath year) was when ancient Israel planted and harvested crops, God would remove them from the land one year for every year they did not obey the Sabbath rest (Lev. 26:35). And He would punish them seven times more than that for the other sins they committed during the Sabbath year (Shemitah) cycle over and above not letting the land rest (Lev. 26:28).



Mind you, the ancient declaration to Israel is regarding crops in ancient Israel prior to the coming of the Messiah. What these false prophets ignore is that when Jesus, the Lord of the Sabbath (Lk. 6:5) made such rules become obsolete (also see Acts 20:7, which Messianic movements seem to ignore) and in one verse debunks the use of these “Sabbaths”:

So don’t let anyone condemn you for what you eat or drink, or for not celebrating certain holy days or new moon ceremonies or Sabbaths. (Colossians 2:16-17)

God did away with “sabbaths” “ceremonies” “new moons” … period. No where does He say that we calculate anything, from Jesus’s second coming to timing when the tribulation comes based on such calculations. You can eat a pepperoni pizza on a Sabbath, even guzzle a beer to wash it down, so long you do not get drunk.

The current seven-year cycle will end on Sept. 13, 2015 the day before Rosh Hashanah. Jonathan Cahn claims to be getting calls from financial analysts that are watching this and says that the state of Israel is funding a study of it. While there is no such evidence that Israel tuned into this loony-bin, the fools and the lazy are getting duped. Cahn-artist, as ‘proof’ of his claims says that in 2001, that date fell just six days after 9/11, on September 17th when the US stock markets had one of its biggest drops in history, falling 7% and in 2008, the final day of Shemitah was September 29, 2008, the infamous third largest stock market collapse in US history, falling 9%, or 777 points, so he claims.

Had Cahn-artist truly been a “prophet” why did he not warn America during those years before I met him at his humble little Messianic synagogue? He only writes this after the fact. Not only the modern Hebrew calendar is way off, according to the Jewish Encyclopedia, the actual Shemitah year is disputed (according to Cahn-artist, it began on September 25, 2014 and ends September 13, 2015 a few days from now) but none of these “seven year” curses came true within each “seven years”.

First of all, and as it turns out, the Hebrew Calendar is off, you can read the whole mess on how the Jewsih rabbis screwed up the Hebrew calendar (which Cahn-artist follows) and how the Christian calendar was right. The book Jewish History in Conflict written by Orthodox Jew named Mitchell First who revealed that the Jewish Sages purposely stated an incorrect chronology of Daniel 9 in order to prevent people from using the passage to accurately predict the time when the Messiah would come. To make a long story short, the Jews had the Messiah “cut off” (die) too early to explain that Jesus cannot be the one since (according to their calculations) He would have died around 63 A.D.

So if the modern Hebrew calendar is way off, (a key component of Cahn’s entire hodgepodge) then the whole Sabbath-year cycle is undermined and had the man been a true prophet, how could the Almighty err?

Now to see how inaccurate this Cahn-artist’s calculations are, remember, he claims that God’s Shemetah curses occurs every seven year intervals. Since World War 2, we’ve already had 11 recessions. If you go back another hundred years, (see link here) you’ll see such a pattern does not match.

But lets says that the Almighty only cursed us in the last decade or two (as Cahn-artist claims) those dates in red below show the bottom of each recession and see how far they are spaced apart?



Recessions, as it turns out, are indeed a curse, but just like death (which no one can predict) and taxes (which the government tells you the deadline). Recessions, as we can see clearly above have an interval between 7 to 10 years. Now unless the god of Islam, Allah rules, since in Islam, there is what they term as a “Hudna,” peace-treaty, which is the false peace treaty Muslims offer non-Muslims, which can only last up to 10 years, then Allah’s Shemitah must have been on Cahn-artist’s mind since Allah decided to end it after the term (10 years) was up. If anything these indeed follow the devil in disguise. Demons can claim to be Yeshua and can find many followers.

Not once do any of these cycles look the same. All of the sudden the biblical Shemitah that was ordained by God for only ancient Israel as a blessing (which if true in our case in the U.S. should be an indicator for the bull markets) are now a key indicator for bear markets? This fallacy shows that what we are dealing with here is a false prophet and a huckster.

While the Bible in no way says that the Shemitah involves an economic decline, but simply a blessing, one asks: where are the cataclysmic events connected to a particular Shemitah cycle? This would seem that God is pleased with the way things are going, or that He is only stock-market centric.

Now I know I will get some certain nut-cases (who think that they love Christ) get angry at me for supposedly “condemning a brother”. However, this loon said that what he wrote were “revelations” from God:

“This is what came and the Lord did it—and He did it rapidly, as with The Harbinger—the revelations came rapidly and it went forth,” (see mark 13:00 from the video link)

These loons go as far back as a century claiming that:

1901-1902 Shmita Year – 46% U.S. Stock market value wiped out.
1916-1917 Shmita Year – 40% U.S. Stock market value wiped out. German, Austro-Hungarian, Russian and Ottoman Empires collapsed. Britain, the world’s greatest empire was almost bankrupt. The beginning of American to rise to world power. All during this one Shmita year.
1930-1931 Shmita Year – 86% U.S stock market value wiped out in the worst financial crisis in modern history.
1937-1938 Shmita Year – 50% U.S. Stock market value wiped out. Global recession.
1944-1945 Shmita Year – End of German Reich and Britain’s hold on territories. Establishment of America as the world’s super power.
1965-1966 Shmita Year – 23% stock market value wiped out.
1972-1973 Shmita Year – 48% U.S. Stock market value wiped out. Global recession. U.S. Voted to kill its unborn children (Abortion legalized). U.S. lost its first war – Vietnam…
1979-1980 Shmita Year – U.S. and global recession.
1986-1987 Shmita Year – 33% U.S. Stock market value wiped out.
1993-1994 Shmita Year – Bond market crash.
2000-2001 Shmita Year – 37% U.S. stock market value wiped out. 9/11 and Global recession.
2007-2008 Shmita Year – 50% U.S. Stock market value wiped out. Global recession.
2014-2015 Shmita Year – Same pattern but very severe judgment coming (See 7×7 Shmita Harbingers)

Always keep in mind that the Cahn-artist always isolates certain facts to project his desired Cahn-artistic results. Cahn-artist isolated everything, especially Scripture. If one reviews the above dates, one would think that the stock market fluctuations are indeed a seven-year cycle that produced economic cataclysms. Yet when they are viewed in the full proportionate context of the rises and falls, they are  relatively minor.

chart2 copy

We can find falls in 1901, 1904, 1915, 1918, 1920, 1929, 1937, 1941, and then a blessing (we must have been really good) until 1974 and 1977, and then we started to behave bad again in 2001 and 2007, and then the Almighty sent us Cahn-artist to deliver us from our evil ways.

I can make an argument, that why shouldn’t God judge us, especially that we have so many false prophets like Cahn roaming around?

God after all, will not only judge the carnal sins we do, but also the false prophets and all these heretics, whom millions of Americans follow. I do not need to quote Scripture for that. But as far as the “God told me crowd,” I don’t believe anything they say. I have been listening to these “God told me” crowds for two decades, without a single proof to anything they predict, so perhaps they should not blame me since I am better off examining The Apparitions at Fatima.