One Of The Most Powerful Drug Cartels In Mexico Is Now Kidnapping Countless Children, Ripping Their Hearts As They Are Still Alive, And Eating Their Hearts Raw. Thousands Of Christians Arise With Heavy Weapons And Are Now Fighting Against The Drug Cartel And Killing The Criminals In Major War

By Theodore Shoebat

The major drug cartel in Mexico, the Templars (Los Templarios), have been kidnapping children, ripping their hearts as they are still alive, and eating them raw. Alfredo Castillo, the federal government’s envoy to Michoacan, told a local radio:

At [an] initiation ceremony they used the organs, in this case the heart, and forced people going through this initiatory process to eat it

This ritual is superintended by Nazario Moreno, the leader of the Templarios, who makes his initiates consume the hearts of kidnapped children. Mr. Castillo continued to say:

There are statements from some people who were present when Nazario Moreno (El Chayo) came and told others, either as initiation or as part of a ritual: ‘Today we are going to eat a person’s heart

Nazario Moreno is a cult leader, and is believed by his followers to have special powers.

According to Mexican authorities the children are then further dissected for their organs which are sold in the underground (and underworld) black market. Several children were captured by the Templar cult gang and locked in a freezer in a van, being prepared to be sacrifices for upcoming rituals for future initiates. A local Christian militia in Mexico, tired of the government not doing anything, took up arms, attacked the devil worshippers, intercepted the van and rescued the children before they could be ritually sacrificed in the satanic ritual. The leader of the Christian militia, José Manuel Mireles, said:

They were inside a refrigerated box, tightly wrapped in blankets… They were all children from the same Mexico City school.

Two major drug cartel agents, Caballo and Chanenque, were ambushing innocent travelers and dismembering them. Jose Manuel Mireles, the leader of the militia, captured both Caballo and Chanenque. His men beat the two murderers on camera, and then ordered for the filming to stop. We don’t know the fate of the two devil worshippers, but one can imagine that the Christians justly dispatched them.

The Christian militia is called Los Autodefensas, and they began as a response to the horrific and satanic murders done by the drug cartel, and as a result of the utter corruption and evil cooperation the government has with the cartels. The drug cartels, like ISIS, taxes all those who live under their control. A local farmer was unable to pay the extortion tax, and so the cartel kidnapped his children, tied them up and smashed their heads upon rocks. It was against this horrific violence that this militia arose and fought.

Autodefenas forces in Michoacan

Autodefenas forces in Michoacan

The valiant and tenacious Jose Manuel Mireles, alongside the valorous Manuel Mora, helped organize this admirable order of warriors, who fight for the cause of humanity and precious human life. To a crowd Mireles declared:

We’ve reached the gates of Hell… Now it’s time to defend ourselves.

Jose Manuel Mireles, warrior who helps lead the militia

Jose Manuel Mireles, warrior who helps lead the militia

God the ever glorious Son became of one flesh with humanity, and proclaimed to the holy Peter, “That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” (Matthew 16:18) The saints march to the gates of the inferno as it approaches the land of heavenly beings, and they, burning with a zeal only quenched by justice, fight with all noble ferociousness, tearing down its sinister walls and breaking the chains of the abysmal demons.

In their ineffable will and exuberance they strike the sinister forces, the corrupters of souls and the shedders of innocent blood, by “faith working through love.” (Galatians 5:6) Is this not a war between those of the flesh and those of the Spirit? The war is not between weapons, but between those led by the Spirit, (Galatians 5:18) and those who advance pharmakeia (Galatians 5:20) to use the word of the Apostle, which is nothing but the occult and the rituals of demons in which narcotics are used.

The Mexican cartels make up to twenty billion dollars a year from selling pharmakeia — in the forms of cocaine and methamphetamine — in the US, and all they are doing is advancing witchcraft. The soulless never end in spewing out their evils, saying that drugs are “harmless,” and that they should be tolerated and legalized, and they do not even realize that they are only being ambassadors for doctrines of demons and their acolytes who only come to steal, and to kill, and to destroy (John 10:10).

These militants do not fund their cause with drugs or with the blood of the innocent, but with money gained by the sale of limes and avocados. In one event — worthy of our lamentation — fourteen lime producers expressed their support for the militia and the Templar drug cartel murdered all of them.

Even with all of the evils that these brave militants are fighting and destroying, the government of Mexico is pushing them to get rid of their guns. Mexican Secretary of Interior Miguel Ángel Osorio Cong affirmed that “they have to leave the job up to the authorities.” And also this Judas said:

We have made agreements, and the government needs to continue to preserve the stability and security in Michoacan. [The autodefensas] must disarm and return to their daily activities. Those who are found with illegal weapons will be arrested

The government is suppose to be fighting these cartels and preventing them from killing and massacring people, and these militants are only doing the job that the state is not adequately doing.

Militants, fighting the narcos

Militants, fighting the narcos

The state is doing more against the militia than it is against the cartels and this is only because the government makes a tremendous amount of money from the drugs. Jose Manuel Mireles, the leader of the militia, said:

The government has always asked us to abandon our weapons, and have threatened to disarm us themselves and throw everyone who chooses to stay armed in jail. But let’s see what happens, because there are people who truly will not release their arms

Mireles knows that if the militia gives up their weapons that this will only empower the cartels. In a 2013 interview, Mireles said that under the reign of the narcos, “We used to have seven or eight executions every week,” but that with the militia, “For eight months now, we’ve had no murders, no extortions, no rapes, no turf taxes, nothing”.

This proves that the drug cartel can be easily destroyed; the Mexican government doesn’t want to destroy it. The only reason why the Mexican government wants to get rid of the militias is because they are a hinderance to their pay.

While the former president of Felipe Calderon was trying to fight the drug cartels, he was impeded by his own government, since 50% of his administration was getting pay cuts from the drug dealers. So now the militia has no choice but to tell the government the words of St. Peter, We ought to obey God rather than men. (Acts 5:29) For truly, to fight against the advancers of Satan is a duty for every Christian, and so great is this obligation that any state who tries to impede it must be resisted. When the militias first began they set up sand bags and established check points, and presented banners that read that the cartel would “face the armed wrath of residents if they entered city limits.”

They do not want power or drugs, they want justice. Mireles stated:

It is a legitimate and legal movement… We are not criminals. What we need is justice. We need to restore the rule of law to Michoacan.




Mireles lived for ten years in California and returned to work in the militia. Initially he and the militia held friendly relations with the government as it saw the Autodefensas as an ally against the Templar cartel. Mireles suffered in a plane crash and was rescued by the Federal Police and transported to Mexico City for hospitalization. After he left the city and returned to Michoacan his relation with the state began to weaken because the militia objected to the state’s incompetence in fighting the Templars.

mireles detenido 1

The militia is also led by Hipólito Mora Chávez. Such sacrifice this man has shown, that even after the cartel murdered his son, he still combats the demonic narco terrorists.

Hipólito Mora Chávez

Hipólito Mora Chávez

Here is a picture of Hipolito Mora Chavez, next to a beautiful image of the Cross and an icon of Our Lady of Guadalupe, who appeared in Mexico and converted the whole of the Indians to the Way of Christ:

mora copy

The Templars were slaughtering people as though they were animals; they cut people to pieces and beheaded; they burn people alive and rape women as young as 9, 11 or 12. The militants declared that it was time to take matters into their own hands, to carry up their crosses, and fight the satanist narcos. The entire government in Michoacan is controlled by the cartel, and many politicians who receive money from the selling of drugs wanted to hinder the militia. The militants exclaimed to the government that they are never going to give up their weapons. Here is a great video on the militia with English subtitles explaining their situation:

Mireles remembers the horrors that his town had to experience. More than 250 families from his town were massacred; they were all tied up and they were dismembered. After recounting this story, Mireles nobly said:

If we know we are going to die, we wanted the to choose the way to do it, and it was to fight.

Christians in the areas of Tepalcatepec, la Ruana, Buenavista, Aquilialla, Coalcoman, Aquila, Chinicuila, Los Reyes, and Apatzingan, declared:

If they are going to kill us tied, they better kill us fighting back


But, the war for righteousness is never without opposition done by Satan and his slaves. Last year the militia’s founder, Mireles, was arrested and put into prison for owning “unauthorized” weapons. He was suppose to be released this year, but the enemies of God preclude him from his release.

Now with Mireles in prison, and numerous militia leaders in hiding, the strength of the Autodefensas seems to be weakening, as the Templar drug cartel is reinvigorating itself against these modern day Cristero warriors. In a recent video that Mireles did from prison, he said:

I am watching with great sadness that in every town where we got up in arms, citizens are once again riddled with organized crime, all of the general coordinators of the autodefensas are being killed

They say that the Autodefensas are weakening, or that they are crumbling — ah but such is the life of the saints. We must have hope, for the resistance of the Church Militant will never die! The life of the saint is never the soft path of convenience, but the rugged trail of trials and tests, walking through the tough terrain of holy battle, with shield in hand to fend off the arrows of the devil, with sword in hand to strike off the approaching enemy.


Above the head of the saint is the Sword of Truth, to his left and his right are the enemies of Heaven, and behind him are his sins from which he strives to do away with. Rise above the capricious waters of the masses, and ascend Mount Golgotha, and see the world through the Cross, and all that shall be seen will be victory.

Read the most beautiful and sublime words of the holy Apostle, when he wrote, “I long after you all in the bowels of Jesus Christ.” (Philippians 1:8) What inspiration! What beauty! That this monastic longed after his brethren while he was in union with Christ, going so far in the eternal eye of the mind as to say that he was in the very bowels of Christ. Truly these are awe inspiring words! Truly are these the verses of the Church Militant, who in battle longs for her Christian brethren, with faith working through love (Galatians 5:6); with zeal working through the inspiration of the spirit that is sparked from the flames of ever flowing compassion for humanity.

Autodefensas in Michoacan

Autodefensas in Michoacan

Ah! How can one not see that the Church Militant is still in Mexico — from the time when the Conquistadors crushed the infernal religion of the Aztecs, to the Cristeros who battled against the antichrist communists, to the Autodefensas who are warring against the pagan cult of the drug cartel, with their hatred for God and thirst for human blood — the Church Militant assails the bastions of the abysmal spirits, and will always be here.

In the Battle of Gibeah, when the Israelites fought the sons of Belial — the Benjaminites —, the enemy slaughtered twenty two thousand Israelites on the first day of the fight. In the second day the enemy slaughtered eighteen thousand of the Israelites. One could have thought, ‘The forces of Israel are crumbling, they are losing, they have reached their conclusion!’ But no; for the soldiers of God’s army persevered, and “the Lord smote Benjamin before Israel: and the children of Israel destroyed of the Benjamites that day twenty and five thousand and an hundred men” (Judges 20:35)

The Lord allows defeats to happen in the beginning, just as He allowed Job to suffer before his victory over Satan. There is a bittersweet beauty to this. As the seed dies before the plant sprouts; as the bulb must form before it blooms; as winter must come before spring; pain before birth; so the saint must suffer before resurrection. Christ suffered on the Cross and showed us the conquest of death. And so in showing us the most blissful victory, the strength of Christ enters the hearts of the warrior saints as they look before death and laugh, and drink death’s anguish as though it were water, before peace is made through the defeat of the wicked.



St. Paul said, “Christ shall be magnified in my body, whether it be by life, or by death.” (Philippians 1:20) In the striving, the passion, and the battles of the saints, we see Christ. In the warrior we see Christ; in the martyr we see Christ; in the battlefield we see Christ; in all things where the Cross is lifted, where holy blood is shed for the holy cause of humanity, where saintly death is endured, there is Christ, showing Himself in these warring temples of the mortal race; there are the saints of Heaven, looking down upon their brethren, there is the heavenly Mount Zion, where Justice and Peace are seen Incarnate, in the Crucified King Who rules the cosmos.



In the warrior one’s eyes gaze upon Christ, for where there is sacrifice, there is the Cross, wherever the Cross is, there too is Christ; and wherever the Cross is seen, there is seen the Church. Where the martyr’s blood is spilt, there is the Church, where the battle is being done, there is the Church; wherever there is righteous war, there is the Church; in the battlefield there is the Church.

Do not think for a second that these warehouses that we call churches, where ears are tickled and a fat, gluttonous, sugar-coated teaching saturates the soul, are actually churches. The Church can only be where sacrifice is; for the Church was founded upon the greatest Sacrifice, and in emulation do the saints follow through, glowing in the luster of the holy death of Christ, and illuminating to the whole world the fiery flame of selfless love.

On His wounds are seen victory; on the scars upon His divine head is seen the crown of His cosmic reign over all the world; in the wound on His side, pierced by the arrow of a sheep that was brought back to his shepherd, one sees the ineffable love that is so transcendent and so powerful, in the One Who is Love. One sees the Body of Love, through Whom and for Whom we are all created; through Whom and for Whom the saints die so that the King of Love can be seen in their love for humanity, the same humanity that was united with Love on the Cross.

There is a priest who is supporting the cause against the drug cartels, named Fr. Gregorio Lopez Geronimo. He exhorts his flock to “leave off fear for the devil” and fight the cartels. Lopez condemned the Merida Initiative, which was a program through which the US began funneling weapons into Mexico to supposedly supply the Mexican military to fight the cartels. Expectedly, the weapons fell into the hands of the cartels. Fr. Gregorio said:

We’re being governed by organized crime… We’re demanding a halt to the flow of firearms that arrive in Mexico as part of the Merida plan… These weapons made in the U.S. are falling into the hands of not only the army but also the criminal groups

Fr. Gregorio Lopez

Fr. Gregorio Lopez

Fr. Gregorio walks with a bullet proof vest, knowing that the successors of Cain — who shed human blood to corrupt the sacrifice — are all about, waiting for the right moment to kill this successor Abel, who abides by the correct sacrifice. As Christ took up a whip to compel the corrupt to leave the Temple, so Fr. Gregorio gave cudgels to 1000 Christians, and declared that if the Federal Police does not arrest the gangsters that he would rouse up these men to strike the corrupt officers and bind them with rope.

The cause of the militants is not to war against flesh and blood, but to fight for the establishment of justice.

The Christian warrior does not fight for the cause of weapons, or for bloodshed, but simply put, his hands and his weapons are a means to an end, and that end is justice. The Christian knight is guided not by his own volition, but by God, Who uses Him for the advancement of His justice. The Christian warrior fights for the Church, for in the Church there is civilization and justice, and all those who go against her, are for chaos and tyranny. The Spanish knight, Ramon Lull, wrote:

It is the office of the knight to uphold and defend the Holy Catholic Faith, for which God the Father sent his Son to become flesh in the glorious Virgin, our Lady Saint Mary, and for honouring and preaching the faith he suffered many travails and many wrongs in this world and a cruel death. (1)

Lull also wrote that “knights exist in order to persecute and destroy evil,” (2) not for the love of tyranny or the lust for human blood. This is the way of the saintly warrior, this is the way of Christ.

One can never fully understand the violence of the drug cartel, nor the fight between the Christians and the cartel, until one understands the war between Spanish Catholics and the pagan Indians. The violence and massacres of the drug cartel is not some sudden occurrence, but a continuation of the war that has been going since the feet of armored and resilient Spanish men stepped upon the coast of Veracruz. The name, Veracruz, means True Cross, and surely it is of the highest truth that the Cross conquered Mexico by destroying its paganism and advancing the light of the Gospel to the nation. When Cortez and the Conquistadors met with Montezuma, the emperor of the Aztecs, they preached to him the Gospel, as we read from Bernal Diaz (a Conquistador who fought under Cortez):

We had then told him that we were Christians and worshipped one God alone, named Jesus Christ, who had suffered His passion and death to save us; and that what they worshipped as gods were not gods but devils, which were evil things, and if they were ugly to look at, their deeds were uglier. (3)

The meeting between Cortez and Montezuma

The meeting between Cortez and Montezuma

When the Conquistadors approached the Indians of Potonchan, Cortez, in the words of his secretary, Francisco Lopez de Gomara, “told them of a single God, Creator of Heaven and earth and all men, whom the Christians worshipped and served, and whom all men should worship and serve. In short, after he had explained the Mysteries to them, and how the Son of God had suffered on the Cross, they accepted it and broke up their idols.” (4)

Cortez told the Cholulan Indians to destroy their idols, and affirmed to them that if they refused to do so, “we would do it for them.” (5)

What beauty, what glory, what triumph, did the Cross illuminate through the warriors of Spain, where the blood of martyrs lie and where their strength is shown in the heroes of its history! How they exemplified the might of God by destroying the idols of pagans and the temples of demons, and illustrated the triumph of orthodoxy. For the religion of the heathens was just as demonic as that of the Canaanites, and like Joshua, the Conquistadors obliterated their satanic idolatry.

Bernal Diaz, in his own words, saw a “small tower which was also an idol-house or true hell, for one of its doors was in the shape of a terrible mouth, such as they paint to depict the jaws of hell. This mouth was open and contained great fangs to devour souls. Besides this door were groups of devils and the shapes of serpents, and a little way off was a place of sacrifice, all blood-stained and black with smoke. There were many great pots and jars and pitchers in this house, full of water. For it was here that they cooked the flesh of the wretched indians who were sacrificed and eaten by the papas [priests]. Near this place of sacrifice there were many large knives and chopping-blocks like those on which men cut up meat in slaughterhouses”. (6)

In one pagan conflict in Mexico, the Indians took a man named Chihuaquequenotzin, murdered him with stones, consumed his flesh, and made a neckless out of his fingernails. (7)


It was this wickedness and deranged cruelty that the Spaniards fought against. One of the most beautiful stories that I have heard, and the most valorous story in Christian history, was when the Conquistadors fought the pagans on the steps of the great temple-tower in the city of Mexico. Thousands upon thousands attacked the small group of Spanish warriors. The Christians ran up the steps of the temple, and upon this tower of Babel, they fought with the most graphic of intensity; everywhere one looked, his fellow man was covered in blood, their hearts were beating as fast as the drums the Indians beat upon.

Every strike was explosive, every movement was done upon the thin string above life or death; every thought was heatedly focused on either life or death, every soul contemplated the giving of self, every fighter for God offered himself as a sacrifice for the destruction of evil, emulating the Crucified King when He came to destroy the works of the devil.

There an Indian struck a Christian to his death; there another saint dies like his Lord; and one could turn to only witness another martyr, killed under the hands of the heathen, and liberated through the Cross of Love. They continued to ascend the steps, with sharp blades cutting flesh asunder; with the voices of holy combatants being heard as high as Heaven; with spirit being split from soul; with timeless courage piercing through temporal existence, and transcending finite life through love that has neither beginning nor end, manifesting itself through zeal and sacrificial battle in the cosmic fray for humanity’s redemption.

Time transpired, and yet eternity was present, being seen in the everlasting love of striving soldiers, who fought on, regardless of travails, regardless of pains. Let your eyes gaze upon the soldier who fights for God, and in his actions will you see eternity. Look upon the crusader, and in Him will you see Christ. Eternity can only be seen in sacrifice; selfishness is ego, finite and transient, but sacrifice is love, and love knows nothing of earthly bounds.

St. John said, “For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.” (1 John 3:8) Christ died for us, so that we — through His death — may have enlightenment on life; that true life is to be aware of holiness and evil, to embrace the former and fight the latter. Christ allowed Himself to be be killed by evil, so that we could fight evil. One must understand the theology of Theosis, or the union between God and man, to understand this. St. Paul said, “I long after you all in the bowels of Jesus Christ.” (Philippians 1:8)

Paul was one with Christ, and being in Him, he participated in the work of Christ through His Church. St. Paul also said, “there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus” (1 Timothy 2:5). Notice that he refers to Christ as the man, while being the mediator between God and men. God became Man, and thus the God-Man mediates between mankind and Divinity through the bridge of His Humanity.

As Christ is the mediator, He is still Man, and thus mortals can participate in the mediation of Christ, and therefore partake in His works in humanity. Christ destroys the works of the devil, through His human Church. And so, when the Indians murdered each other and ate human flesh, they participated in the works of the devil.

The Conquistadors, on the other hand, participated in the mediation of Christ by destroying the works of the devil and obliterating the heathen religion. When the Spaniards were fighting the Indians on the steps of the pyramid, they sprinted all the way to the top, where they entered the temple. Cortez, seeing the satanic idols in the dark interior, had all of them burned and destroyed, (8) in holy and fiery anger, working through love; in noble and virtuous fortitude, working through compassion; in pious and selfless care, working through passion; in fearless courage, working through the Cross.

When Cortez led his army of righteous conquistadors, he hoisted a flag on which were embroidered the words: “Friends, let us follow the Cross, and with faith in this symbol we shall conquer.” (9)

Ah, in the Cross do we not see Love; in the Cross do we not see Justice; in the Cross do we not see the spark of the divine, in the teardrops that flow from the eyes of God! In the Cross do we not see that love that flows from the rivers of the soul, and enters time and lets us see timeless faith, in all its glory, in all its rustic beauty, in all its force that breaks the haughtiest of spirits! Ah, if only we could live in the Cross, and allow for it to melt our hearts! Only then would all of our interests dissipate, only then would our egos crumble, and our very beings would be brought into the glowing flames of dauntless Love, Who knows no fear, but only the triumph of compassion and the obliteration of evil.

Love conquered paganism in Mexico, but the serpent has reared its ugly head once again, and is murdering the saints and trying to reconquer Mexico. The Virgin Mary appeared to the Indians of Mexico, and she, participating in the mediation of Christ, destroyed the works of the devil, and crushed the head of the old serpent. Ah, but the devil never rests and “prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” (1 Peter 5:8)

He strives to reconquer the land with witchcraft and pharmakeia, and brings back the satanic rituals of human sacrifice and cannibalism, through these cults and cartels. Look how many thousands of the saints have been killed in Mexico because of this evil. This is why I say that Mexico is a land of celestial beings, for in it there have been made many martyrs, and even when it was sunk into the deepest idolatries, there Saint Mary appeared. The serpent “persecuted the woman, who brought forth the man child” (Revelation 12:13). Is this woman not Mary? She is attacked by the serpent, for they are in war, and we can see this war in Mexico, for the worshippers of the serpent are trying to destroy what the Virgin Guadalupe brought.

These present day saints are modern day Conquistadors, and like their predecessors, they fight the establishments of paganism and killing and defeating these acolytes of pharmakeia and occultism. What you are seeing in the works and striving of these militants, is not just self-defense, but the continuation of the war commenced by the Conquistadors; it is a war against paganism, it is the reconquest of Mexico. The Cross conquers!

For too long Christianity has been watered down in our modern day as a pacifist faith with no inclination of fighting evil. But is the Church here to be weak and useless? This shocking and riveting two disk DVD set lecture series, passionately shows how Christianity is not here to be feeble, but for warfare, to be militant against tyranny and the forces of darkness.

You will not be dissatisfied after watching this lecture, and Bible studies will forevermore never be the same again.


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