Hindus Kidnap Mentally Handicap People, Lock Them Into A Room For Days, Take Them Before A Demonic Idol And Slit Their Throats In Satanic Human Sacrifice

By Theodore Shoebat

In India, the Hindu directors of the largest mining company in the country have been found to be conducting mass human sacrifice in the belief that they would obtain fortune through the blood of human beings.

The directors would snatch mentally handicap people off the streets, feed them very well, lock them up in a room for several days and then slit their throats before a Hindu idol.

The driver for the directors, Mazhuventhi Sevakodiyan, said that he was the one commissioned to pick up the victims. But according to him he did not know that they were going to be ritually sacrificed. He was told that the victims were going to he helped that such charity would bring favor to them.

Sevakodiyan said that he reported to the police what he saw: two corpses of men that he himself picked up being put in the back of a car with their throats slit. He also saw the two corpses being buried next to the bank of a river. He said:

I believed what they were telling me until that night when I saw two people, whom I had brought in, being dragged to the river bank late in the night… Their throats were slit and they were buried. I soon realised that it was a human sacrifice and that they had done it before an idol.

He also said:

Whenever we made an inspection trip, we were asked to pick up mentally ill people on the way. …We didn’t have to force them to get into the vehicle. We simply had to hold their hands, and they would step inside the Jeep or Sumo. … On the way, the first thing we did was to buy them good food, as much as they wanted. By the time we returned to Keelavalavu, it would be early morning. …We would drop them outside a room at the headquarters. They would be locked there for several days. …We had to cross the dry riverbed to reach the quarry site. While returning, a Jeep with a supervisor approached from the opposite direction. … As we crossed, I saw bodies of two men in the rear of the Jeep. Their throats had been slit. They were the two I had picked more than a month ago.

Human sacrifice, called Purushamedha or Naramedha, is innate within the Hindu religion and still occurs in India. A 43 year old woman in the Indian area of Barha consulted a Hindu priest as to what to do about her disturbing nightmares that kept waking her up. At first he told her to kill a chicken on her house’s front door and offer the blood and remains to Kali, the Hindu goddess of the underworld and of evil. But the nightmares continued. The priest told her to sacrifice a young boy. “For the sake of your family,’ he told her, “you must sacrifice another, a boy from your village.” Her two sons, Satbir, 27, and Sanjay, 23, snuck into their neighbor’s home and kidnapped a 3 year old boy named Aakash Singh.

They took the terrified boy to their home and smeared sandalwood paste and globules of ghee over him. The two men then took out a blade and sliced off the boy’s nose, ears and hands and laid his bleeding body before an idol of Kali. When the murder was revealed a mob of locals rushed to the two murderous men and tried to kill him. “I killed the boy so my mother could be safe”. The two brothers and their mother

Last year police in Khurja reported that dozens of sacrifices were made within just six months. Another woman in India, after being told by a priest that she would have unlimited riches through human sacrifice, hacked her neighbour’s three-year-old to death. In another instance, a couple murdered a six-year-old and the woman completed the ritual by washing in the child’s blood. Khurja police officer AK Singh said

It’s because of blind superstitions and rampant illiteracy that this woman sacrificed this boy… It’s happened before and will happen again but there is little we can do to stop it. In most situations it’s an open and shut case. It isn’t difficult to elicit confessions – normally the villagers or the families of the victims do that for us. This has been going on for centuries; these people are living in the dark ages.

This is the result of paganism, and this is why Christianity needs to replace all of the other religions.