Many say we are the ones who are “bigoted” “phobic” “hate mongers” … the typical remarks are:

“Support Gay Marriage” doesn’t hurt anyone, it doesn’t shame anyone. However to say “Gay marriage is wrong” or any other homophobic remarks, you’re offending and hurting people.”

One could argue such a statement by applying a different set of moral standard:

“Support Polygamous Marriage” doesn’t hurt anyone, it doesn’t shame anyone. However to say “Polygamous marriage is wrong” or any other Polygomo-phobic remarks, you’re offending and hurting Muslims and Mormons who believe in Polygamy. In fact, the later is not just an issue of sexual preference buy a religious belief.

What should be good for the homosexual should also be good for the polygamist.

So where does it end?


One gay claiming to be a professor at a Catholic university even commented on our blog with the following:

“Are you aware that we gays have larger brains, superior cognitive functions, spatial memory and verbal skills? It’s a biological fact of life.”

But such views are the views of tyrannies. The Nazis and others believe in such nonsense. Tyrannies use false pseudo science and they all have a superiority complex. It is the case with every deviant cult and tyrannical movement. Why target Christian bakeries in the first place? Such a view is no different that what Christoph Meiners promoted:

“the anatomy of the Negro” and “came to the conclusion that the Negro have bigger teeth and jaws than any other race, as Negroes are all carnivores. Meiners claimed the skull of the Negro was larger but the brain of the Negro was smaller than any other race. Meiners claimed the Negro was the most unhealthy race on Earth because of the its poor diet and mode of living and lack of morals.”

The gay agenda argues that straight folks have a smaller brain.

So to all these who call us “bigoted” “homophobic” and such, in reality they are applying what is to be applied to them.

Our answer to all of detractors is this:

men and women bled for your right to be free to call us “bigoted” “phobic” “hate mongers”, but the same men and women who bled and died for your right to call us “bigoted” “phobic” “hate mongers” also died for our right to be free and not to care.