SURPRISE! Man who stabbed four at UC Merced was a devout MUSLIM named Faisal Mohammad

By BI: Merced County Sheriff Vern Warnke has identified the University of California Merced attacker who wounded four in a mass stabbing spree as 18-year-old Faisal Mohammad. They say motive for the attack was “still unclear.” (Riiiiight!)


Breitbart  He was a freshman from Santa Clara. Breitbart News previously reported the stabbings at UC Merced, which occurred around 8 a.m. on Wednesday. Police shot and killed Mohammad after the stabbings. The four included “two students, a female student advisor and a construction worker who was on campus for a remodeling project.”

Faisal Mohammed

Faisal Mohammad

At this point investigators believe “Mohammad entered a second-floor classroom as class was starting and struggled with a male student, who was stabbed. The construction worker–31-year-old Byron Price–“heard the commotion and went to intervene.” Warnke stressed that apart from Price’s intervention, the first stabbing victim might be dead.

Mohammad turned his attention to Price, “[slashing] him around the waist during the confrontation.” Mohammad is believed to have fled the building thereafter, stabbing another male student and a female student advisor outside.


Mohammad was chased onto a bridge by two university police officers, where he was shot and killed. The identity of the officers has not been released, nor have the identities of any of the victims other than Price. (Will the UN be accusing the US of using “excessive force” as they do to Israel all the time?)

UPDATE: A construction worker who stopped the attack said the Muslim slasher had a big smile on his face while he was stabbing people. Read More