The Largest Muslim Nation On Earth Is Struck With Immense Fire Causing The Sun To Turn Blood Red

By Walid Shoebat


The photo above is the most Muslim populated nation on earth, Indonesia, which is on fire and the smoke is pitch dark and the levels of haze obscured the skies where one sees the sun as red as blood. You may have heard of the news in passing, but it should be on the front page of every newspaper, yet there is limited coverage. For months now, large parts of the whole of Southeast Asia have been dealing with the hazardous haze coming from Muslim Indonesia which is starting these massive forrest fires. How big are these fires? They are so many and so huge that there have been almost 100,000 active fire detections in Indonesia so far in 2015 which since September alone have generated emissions each day exceeding the average daily emissions from all USA economic activity. (1)

To show the extent of the damage of this self-induced curse, a satellite image released last september by NASA shows the extent of haze currently blanketing much of Southeast Asia. The photo captures plumes of smoke emerging from fires burning in the peatlands of Sumatra and Indonesian Borneo. The smoke blows west into what looks like thick clouds over both islands as well as neighboring Singapore and Malaysia.


Other reports state that the fires emitted about 1.6 billion tons of carbon dioxide so far this year, which is greater than either Germany or Japan emitted for the entire year of 2013 releasing 600 million tons of carbon according to the Global Fire Emissions Database. Nine out of some 50 measuring stations recorded air pollutant index readings above 100, which signify “unhealthy” air quality and even climbed over 400 in parts of Singapore which is very hazardous, but where the fires have been burning in Muslim Indonesia, in Kalimantan and Sumatra, PSI has been over 2,000, according to reports.


Residents cycle through the haze-blanketed town of Sampit, in Indonesia's Central Kalimantan province September 28, 2012. The haze that blanketed Sampit is believed to have originated from forest fires and land clearing for plantation use by residents, local media reported. REUTERS/Sigit Pamungkas (INDONESIA - Tags: ENVIRONMENT SOCIETY) - RTR38J1I

The situation becomes worse since God’s nature is aiding the self-destruct. Experts had warned that this year’s outbreak was on track to become the worst yet due to bone-dry conditions caused by the El Niño phenomenon, which alters weather patterns across the Pacific basin.

But such catastrophe is not aided by nature alone, the haze is not caused by accidents, they are all man-made forest fires, mostly on the Muslim Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Kalimantan. The fires are often started to clear land for palm oil plantations. It’s an annual event, though this year El Niño has meant drier conditions and thus particularly bad haze – the worst since 1997.

The problem of Indonesia is corruption. Indonesia’s central government has a decentralized set-up and opposition from local governmental elites and “regents”, known as “bupatis”, which are interested in preventing enforcement of anti-haze laws. Often they have lucrative relationships with the large palm oil companies that are responsible for the fires – which has led to corruption, collusion and networks of patronage in these provinces. So from corruption, Muslim Indonesia lives as you see in the photo below:

Indonesia Haze-2

There have been only limited prosecutions of the firms responsible for the haze, and local individuals often become scapegoats for large companies.

Muslim Indonesia is so corrupt that the U.N. International Labor Organization estimates 40,000 to 70,000 children become victims of sexual exploitation in Indonesia annually. Following the spread of Islam in Indonesia, prostitution is thought to have increased due to Islam’s disapproval of contractual weddings. Javanese kings kept large stables of concubines, while Balinese widows without familial support could be prostituted by their king. More than two-thirds of the provinces in Indonesia are destinations for internal trafficking. According to UNISEF, West Java and West Kalimantan are the two key provinces of origin for trafficking in Indonesia while Riau Islands and Jakarta are main destinations and transit zones. Children are trafficked for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation, child brides and babies are trafficked for illegal adoption and selling their organs.

The choking haze is causing widespread hospitalizations, interfering with transportation, and inflaming political tensions between Indonesia and Singapore. Countries have gone to war for less. Air pollution from forest fires in Indonesia has choked its neighbors for months. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) does not want to ‘offend’ Muslim Indonesia.

The fires have already incinerated an area the size of New Jersey. They have affected, according to some estimates, up to 500,000 people with respiratory disease. Indonesia is a Muslim-majority country, the largest Muslim-majority country in the world. In the next years, nobody can rule out instability, tension or even war in Asia. Muslim Indonesians holds the view that Singapore (majority Buddhist with 20% Christian) is a small neighbour that is enjoying undeserved success at their expense. The Prime Minister raised the example of a senior Indonesian politician quoted by a newspaper as saying regarding the transboundary haze. He said “I would only consider apologising if Singapore and Malaysia are thankful for the oxygen from Indonesian forests for 11 months each year.'”

Explaining how Singapore has been able to maintain its security and standing in the world, Mr Lee said: “Because we have a strong SAF (Singapore Armed Forces), so others don’t fool around with us …”


Whether manmade or from God’s nature the world is gradually entering strange phenomenons. Last year Iran experienced extreme heat (a suffocating 164 degrees) a day after Iran sent one of her usual threats to annihilate Israel following the nuclear deal it struck with global powers.  While many will cry “global warming”, it is actually the sun heating up by command from the Almighty.

The devil knows prophecy and he knows that the earth will heat up so he invents the concept global-warming and has his sycophants like the Muslims of Indonesia spread fires to make all the excuses for his other sycophants, prophets like Al Gore, to push the agenda. But “global warming” is predicted in the Bible, and now a team of scientists predicts that while the whole earth will heat up, the epicenter of such highest temperature will be focused on Jeddah and Mecca in Saudi Arabia, which would reach 131 degrees Fahrenheit during summer months which will make Mecca uninhabitable:

Scientists believe that rising temperatures from what they term climate change within this century are likely to make the Persian Gulf region – including Islam’s holy city of Mecca – uninhabitable by humans.

The devil knows that God will punish Mecca, the source of all these troubles and attempts to trip God’s plans and message.


All this could be of concern for the Muslim world, but the likelihood of them repenting is unlikely as the Bible clearly predicts:

“They were seared by the intense heat and they cursed the name of God, who had control over these plagues, but they refused to repent and glorify him.. (Revelation 16:9)

Why they do not repent is simple; the Muslims will ask Allah for help, the wrong God, while they still blaspheme the true God by their denial of Christ’s deity, Crucifixion, Trinity and their blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

Besides the heat waves, there is a coming famine that is hitting primarily the Muslim world (see The Nile And The Euphrates Are Drying Up: Both Rivers Are In The News And Both Rivers Are In The Bible (An Inevitable Famine Is Plaguing The Muslim World) In the Bible God proclaimed drought as one of the consequences of disobedience (Deut 28.23,24)(Zech 14.17).

In the meanwhile, we have been expanding our efforts to aid suffering Christians into the Middle East, Mexico and continue with freeing Christian slaves from Pakistan. We urge you to please consider your donations to Rescue Christians and be part of the effort to do what needs to be done while the Lord tarries.


(1) This is according to data updated on Monday by Guido Van der Werf of Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. The World Resources Institute reports that according to estimates released last week by Guido van der Werf on the Global Fire Emissions Database.