François Hollande Declared “We Will Be Merciless” After Suffering 153 Casualties While Turkey’s Erdogan Threatened To Send More Floods Of Muslims To Europe

By Walid Shoebat

Currently at the Bataclan, François Hollande spoke: “We will lead our fight will be merciless when terrorists are capable of such atrocities they must know that they will face them a united France,. determined and collected. ”

According to police the raid at Bataclan was “carnage, a horror scene they attacked with grenades.”  A journalist on Europe 1 said “two or three individuals unmasked returned with automatic weapons type Kalashnikov and fired blindly into the crowd.” Attacks are currently still underway in Paris in Trocadero and Chatelet and the GIGN was in place near Les Halles. Le Bataclan is being evacuated. According to a hostage who managed to leave, the gunmen fired in bursts before a deathly silence. The police have returned and the wounded were evacuated first. In summary, here is the situation in Paris. Several attacks took place Friday night. According to a source close to the investigation, seven different points have been attacked:

► Explosions close to the Stade de France (Saint-Denis)
► Theater Bataclan (eleventh arrondissement)
► Boulevard Voltaire
► At the corner of rue Bichat and rue Alibert
► Avenue of the Republic
► Boulevard Beaumarchais
► Rue Charonne

112 were killed at Bataclan venue; 14 at Petit Cambodge restaurant; 19 outside La Belle Epuipe bar; 4 on Ave de le République 4 outside stadium. Total 153 casualties.

President Francois Hollande declared a state of emergency and the closure of all borders, airports and trains ordering his army to “show cold blood”. Terrorists are still on the loose.

At 1:36 a Council of Ministers met and adopted a decree declaring a state of emergency. “It takes effect immediately throughout the metropolitan territory and in Corsica. It forbids the movement of people and to institute protection and security areas,” said a statement from the presidency of the Republic.

Paris is like the movie the Siege. 1,500 additional soldiers were also mobilized.

At 1:26 metro stations have closed. Eight of the Paris metro stations near the Republic Square were closed Friday night after the attacks in the capital.

The Temple stations, Parmentier, Jacques-Bonsergent Oberkampf, Daughters of Calvary, Strasbourg Saint-Denis, Goncourt and Arts-and-crafts, nearby places of some attacks in the 10th and 11th districts were closed ” at the request of police. ”

According to the police headquarters, bus traffic that pass through these neighborhoods are interrupted.

At 1:15 All school trips canceled this weekend in all of France. All school trips are canceled this weekend “in the country”, announced Saturday the Ministry of Education on his Twitter account.

Cancellations also concern school trips abroad due to the border closure, they said on Twitter the Academy of Paris, who had previously announced the closing of Saturday schools and universities in the Ile-de-France, after Friday night’s wave of attacks in the capital.

At 1:13 A hundred dead was announced at the Bataclan as police sources said.

Three suspected terrorists were killed during the assault led by the police, sources said. A source close to the investigation noted that the assault just ended, it was time for the impossible to establish a clear balance sheet for the dead

Hollande met a Defence Council Saturday morning. The Elysee announced that Francois Hollande meet Saturday morning a Defence Council. The president also canceled his trip to the G20 in Turkey. It will be represented by Fabius and Sapin.

In the meanwhile and despite the situation of Muslim terrorism in Europe, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Turkey still threatened to implicitly increase the migrant flow to the EU while complaining about inadequate cooperation from the bloc as it plans to hold a summit with Turkey to discuss ways to stem the migrant flow.

“What would happen if the 2.2 million Syrian refugees currently in Turkey all march toEurope?” Erdoğan said, criticizing the EU for closing its borders while his country is struggling to cope with the presence of a large number of migrants.

By escalating the conflict in Syria and Iraq and sending floods of Muslim immigrants to Europe, he is certainly fulfilling Revelation 11-12, the “Red Dragon” who spews out his flood and increase dramatically the flight of Muslim refugees to Europe to cause havoc. European Union member states are at loggerheads over the refugees and migrants from other countries. Even the media has recognized that Erdogan is within reach to becoming “sultan-in-chief”. In other words, Erdogan will become the nominee to become the first recognized Caliph after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. All this is the beginning wars between Islamdom and Christendom.