IS RUSSIA NEXT? ISIS releases chilling video threatening Russia, saying the “Kremlin will be ours”

By BI: The Islamic State (ISIS) has released a video warning of attacks in Russia ‘very soon’ and threatening to ‘make their wives concubines and their children slaves.’


Mashable  A new video released by the Islamic State is a gruesome, montage “music video” with a warning for Russians that an attack will take place there soon. It is believed to be directed at Russians because ISIS propaganda for the video was mostly in Russia, however the actual video contains English subtitles.

The video was released on November 12, 2015 and is titled “Soon, Very Soon the Blood Will Spill Like an Ocean.” It includes video clips from various, violent ISIS videos, including beheadings and executions, previously released overlaid with a song evoking jihadism.


The lyrics include:

“We will bring back [the Caucasus]
And will not permit the rule
Of the dark forces another time.
The Kremlin will be ours.
The Ural will return.
Kafir will shake.
We want the sharia in [Tatarstan]”

The footage, posted by the group’s notorious propaganda wing, also included chants of ‘the blood will spill like an ocean’ while showing horrific images of beheadings and scenes of Russian troops. ISIS has previously called for attacks on Russia and the United States in revenge for air strikes on its fighters in Syria.

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Russia’s Chechen Muslims play an important role in ISIS, Jabhat Al-Nusra, as well as other militant groups that fight against Russia in the Caucasus region, according to a report by the Soufan Group, an international security firm that has for years tracked foreign fighters in the Middle East.

Among the tens of thousands of foreign fighters in the the ranks of ISIS are some 4,000 to 7,000 people from former Soviet countries, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said. Russians in particular account for the second largest group of foreign fighters in ISIS’ ranks, behind Tunisians, said the Soufan Group.



ISIS previously has called for attacks on Russia in response to the country’s airstrikes in Syria, with one fighter warning the Kremlin that it will suffer a brutal and humiliating defeat.

“Your sons will return dead,” Abu Ubaid al-Madani, a member of Jabhat Al-Nusra, Syria’s al-Qaeda affiliate, is heard saying in a video published to YouTube last month and first reported by Vocativ. “Are those Russian soldiers willing to die for the caprices and egoism of Putin?”


The video comes almost two weeks after ISIS released a message to Russia claiming responsibility for bringing down Russian Metrojet flight 9268, which crashed a little more than 20 minutes after taking off from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, and threatening more attacks.

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