Ben Carson Is Part Of An Evil Nazi Cult, Donald Trump Is Right, Carson Is A Pathological Liar, Trump Will Crush Carson

By Walid Shoebat

The more terrorism takes hold in the West as we see in Paris, the more Trump angers folks for his comments over Carson and his Seventh Day Adventist cult and the more the media pounces at him for it, the more Trump SURGES.

According to the five-day rolling Reuters/Ipsos presidential poll, Trump has leapt some 17 percentage points among likely Republican voters since Nov. 6, when he was essentially tied with Ben Carson at about 25 percent. Trump now captures 42 percent of those voters while Carson has fallen off slightly.

Among all Republicans – not simply likely primary voters -Trump holds a substantial edge over Carson, at 34 percent to about 20 percent, according to the Reuters/Ipsos poll.

Trump knows the business. Trump attacking Carson had talk radio host Mark Levin attacking Trump threatening not to support him… attack attack attack … its all free media. We do this all the time when we attack the LGBT or when CAIR hounds us for training Police on terrorism. It all helps. Evil people like CAIR only advanced because everyone talks about them. Here is Talk radio host Mark Levin lambasting Trump:

This will only hurt Levin, not Trump. Americans from a Palestinian background (like myself) understands how the media ticks in the U.S. and we know how to use it for our advantage. I simply switched and instead of attacking Jews prior to my conversion I now attack Muslims and the LGBT saying that God says “they are worthy of death”. All this gets them squirming, they go bananas trying to ‘expose us’ and we enjoy watching them accuse us of all sorts of things like “death-wish” “vigilantism” and even being like “Nazis”. The more the name-calling the better.

All these false-accusations regardless that we never once called on anyone to be “vigilantly” and we hate Nazism with a passion as much as we hate homosexuality. God simply said that they “are worthy of death” be it through AIDS, curse, suicide, state law, Putin’s Russia, Africans who hate the trend … homosexuality is a disease in itself since no one can make any sense for a man taking it from behind. Yet we sit here daily watching all sorts of crazy ideas on TV created under the banner of “freedom” that tell us daily to use anuses for a political war which always leads to tyranny.

What can I say, suit yourselves and commit suicide like lemmings while asking yourselves: was Paris better off being Islamophobes or Muslim-friendly? As far as the LGBT the argument is even simpler: first they came for the bakers, and I did not speak out because I was not a baker. Then they came for the marriage-clerk, and I did not speak out because I was not a marriage-clerk. Then they came for the boy-scouts and I did not speak out because I was not a boy-scout. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me. Trump is right when he says that Americans are crazy. For decades Americans trumpeted the first amendment and “freedom of speech” and yet when we believed you and fully exercised such freedoms you cried out that our defense to save your life was “a phobia”!

What utter hypocrisy.

Yet we say what we say because you taught us “freedom of speech” and we could care less if we are re-invited for anything, be it media or churches, and we love it when we get a ton of threats and condemnations on our comment section cursing us for what we say.

I am free at last while most of you are slaves living in total bondage fearing something so stupid as peer pressure. The hell with all these ‘peers’, I’d rather live without them. People even accuse us of still being Muslim. More advertisement for us. The key to winning is simple: to be fearless, bold, blunt, honest and have no fear of death which only helps our cause for a better afterlife. This is part and parcel of what true Christianity is which Islam stole many of the key ingredients. While there are many differences between Islam and Christianity like the Trinity, the Crucifixion and being none-initiators of violence, blind Americans forget historic Christianity is far from what they have. So when Americans see us exercise Christianity in its historic form they simply slander and say that we “espouse Christian Jihad”. When someone is uncomfortable with the truth that self-defense is a God given right, they always create oxy-morons and even subconsciously denounce the very second-ammendment they claim they espouse. The worst enemy in the fight for Christianity is the coward whom God condemns and promised that these “will never inherit the Kingdom” (Revelation 21:8). The coward, while he eats his/her heart out of what we say, we laugh at them, they end up in hell and we end up in the Kingdom while God Himself says that He too laughs at the wicked (Psalm 37:13). What a great deal. It was God who was the first to established the Art of the Deal, not Trump!

Thats it. How difficult is such a strategy? Have a little faith and you can move mountains.

Levin, being a coward while criticizing Donald Trump needs to start looking up and exposing Carson’s Seventh Day Adventism (which he would not dare do because of you know it: peer pressure). Trump at least, in a subtle way,  contrasted it with his Presbyterian faith, saying:

I’m Presbyterian. I’m Presbyterian. Boy, that’s down the middle of the road folks, in all fairness. I mean, Seventh-day Adventist, I don’t know about. I just don’t know about

Trump says that Carson could be a ‘pathological liar’ and compared the pathological liar to a ‘child molester’.

Trump by questioning Carson’s faith and life was (as usual) sparking a discussion that needs to take place. And we ask: what right wing conservative media is doing that? They all operate by sheer fear. We watched Mitt Romney before him duck and dodge questions about his membership in the Mormon Church – and it’s dark clammy ties to polygamy while the ‘conservative Christian’ condemned us for questioning Mormonism while pastors told Glenn Beck that Romney’s cult affiliation is “okay” and were coming by the droves like prostitutes in a pagan temple. We cared less what people felt and Glenn Beck, the Mormon cultist had to eventually address us. More media coverage.

As an American who was raised ‘Palestinian’, we knew one thing: Americans are molded by peer pressure. I can’t tell you the times I witnessed Americans who invited us tuck-tail to deny us later, abandon us and back-stabb us because someone applied peer pressure accusing us of being homophobes, Islamophobes, racists … I have a million or so stories to tell my grand kids.

Americans are now molded to fear even making racial jokes. Pretty soon we can’t ask how many Polls does it take to screw a light bulb, we can’t pick on the evil gays who insist to use their anuses as a lethal weapon or call Muslims ‘ass-lifters’; everyone is a walking preaching barrel of sensitivity. When I first moved to the States they called us ‘camel-jockies’ and we laughed asking: how many stupid red-necks know that in Jerusalem we have but one camel that is used strictly for red-necks?


But these were the good old days stolen from you because you act by fear. To the dangers and bizarre nature of Carson’s Adventism is that the cult is all based on pathological lying and conspiracy theories. Levin as a Jew should know that conspiracy theories are the foundation of the anti-Israel crowd. Conspiracy theories is collectively accepted by the (besides being pathological liars) paranoid 7th Day Adventists: that the US government will enforce the Sunday Sabbath which is an attack on all Christians who believe in Sunday worship. So where are all the ‘conservatives’ who love ‘Christmas’ and ‘Church services’  crying out after watching Carson say this:

Sunday is the day in which the Lord arose from the dead, and defeated death. What then would be so evil about this? Is this whom Christians want for President? The hell with “being a nice guy”.

And it’s not that we did not complement Carson when he was right, but Carson completely blasphemes Christian theology. The SDA sect denies hell, the Holy Trinity and teach that Jesus Christ is really the angel Michael which agrees with with the Jehovah’s Witnesses and follows a prophetess named Ellen G. White who proclaimed that Christ would return in 1843, and then when all failed that He would come back a second time in 1844 White, the prosperity pimp cum-prophetess said it was because Adventist did not give away enough of their money to her ministry. Did Levin or Carson expose the abuses by the SDA? 30% of SDA members were physically abused at home before age 18. 43% were verbally or emotionally abused at home before age 18. 16% experienced incest at home before age 18. 37% have lived with a drug or alcohol abuser. 7% have attempted suicide and 27% have had suicidal inclinations. (See survey taken by the Oregon Conference of SDA Family Life Department)

It is rather ironic. I am known as ‘Palestinian’ and Levin, the talk-show host is known as ‘Jew’. How dare Levin be silent about Carson’s cult and its alliances with the Nazi history favoring Hitler?

Well they finally apologized you know, in 2005. But did they? How so especially when Robert Mugabe, an admirer of Hitler, gets Adventist endorsement 7 years after the church apologized to Holocaust victims for its support to the Nazi Regime.


Robert Mugabe, an admirer of Hitler, gets Adventist endorsement 7 years after the church apologized to Holocaust victims for its support to the Nazi Regime. Publications of the German church had written articles glorifying Hitler. “In our day, however, we want to take a decided stand for right and justice-towards all people,” the 2005 apology by the Church said. But the church’s top leader seems to have forgotten this as he went on record supporting Mugabe last week

And just to examine a little history, in the Adventist town of Friedensau, 99.9% of the population voted in favor of the Nazis. The departmental secretary of the Adventist South German Union Conference, M. Busch, was in support of Hitler and “approvingly quoted Hitler’s statement in Mein Kampf  that ‘for the political Fuhrer all religious teachings and arrangements are untouchable.’”

It is also true that the Adventists were banned by the Nazis, but this ban was lifted once the cult declared their allegiance to Hitler. While there were Adventists who righteously risked their lives to defend Jews, the official Adventist movement got rid of any of its members who had Jewish backgrounds. The Adventists were also in favor for the Nazi eugenics policy, and supported the sterilization of those considered “unfit” for German society.


Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson revealed that if given the chance, he would allow Adolf Hitler, one of history’s monsters, to live.

Carson’s revelation that he would elect not to kill the Führer if he had the chance called into question his actual feelings about religious and ethnic persecution and systematic genocide executed by a state power.

In Christianity abortion should be prohibited at any circumstance. Carson and all this hoopla of passing certain anti-Abortion measures that makes exceptions on abortion makes us become more like Muslims. On his website, Carson supports the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act which would make it illegal to have an abortion more than 20 weeks after fertilization. Hip-hip-hurray. What difference is this from Islam’s anti-abortion measures which is 16 weeks? He even defended the use of fetal tissue for medical research arguing that we should not let these babies go to waste:

“To not use the tissue that is in a tissue bank, regardless of where it comes from, would be foolish. Why would anybody not do that?”

Keep in mind that it was perfectly legal under German law to kill Jews no thanks to the Nazi regime. Given it was legal to kill Jews, it would also seem silly to Carson to let their corpses go to waste so long we use Carson’s medical tweezers and scalpels. Private business firms bought and used the hair of Jews after processing them to make many products, including ship rope and mattresses and even used their gold teeth. Nothing was sent to waste.

When it comes to the SDA cult, people need to read between the lines for there are no cults that are void of tyranny, none, not one. “Health” for Adventists is believed to bring a new world order. Their medical leaders worked heavily with the Nazis and became a propagandist for the Nazis, even in the United States. Even during the Nazi wars Adventists expressed nothing but support for Germany’s aggressions, saying “in total war there can only be total commitment and sacrifice.” The Adventist church in Germany issued an instructional circular stating that “God had commanded: ‘Submit yourselves, for the Lord’s sake, to every authority,” thus using Scripture to justify obedience to Hitler’s regime.

Even after the war the Adventist church believed that it was justified in its support for the Third Reich. It was not until 1948 that they began to investigate Adventist support for the Nazis. But this was not because of some sense of guilt, rather it was because an American military official, Major J.C. Thompson, chief of  the Religious Affairs Section of the American Military Government in Berlin,  sent a letter to the Adventists asking them why they had not removed all of the Nazis who had positions within the SDA sect. Thompson also added that while the Catholics put up immense opposition against the Nazis, the Adventists did not. The General Conference then began to ask Nazi Adventists to step down, and this greatly upset the German Adventists, especially because it was the General Conference that helped them appease the Nazis in the first place.

This is the fruit of the SDA: cult abuse, heresy, murder and the support for Nazism. Long live Trump!


As Reuters stated: “The Republican establishment has long expected the outspoken billionaire to fade, and he has yet to give it the satisfaction. Trump has consistently held more than 25 percent of the support among all Republicans in the Reuters/Ipsos rolling poll for more than two months.”

The Reuters/Ipsos poll is also bad news for slick-willy salesman talker Marco Rubio, who is widely considered to be emerging as the establishment-backed alternative to Trump. Despite receiving rave notices for his past two debate performance, Rubio’s support has remained flat, with about 10 percent of likely Republican primary voters preferring him.

Those primary voters remain very down on former Florida cry-baby Gov. Jeb Bush. Just four percent say they would support Bush in the latest poll.

The American people are getting fed up. They are keen to the establishment and their tricks. They could care less about Trump’s ‘bashings’ and care more for bashing police. They are tired of agendas, homosexual agendas, feminists, liberals, environmentalists, peer pressure … and while they are afraid to express themselves due to peer pressure, there views will be expressed at the polls and voting booths.

People like Levin is glad to invite me to interview about the atrocities caused by Muslims, yet he jitters to speak about the atrocities caused by the SDA against his own people, the Jews, and Carson would never dare address his Nazi linked, conspiracy theories filled evil cult either. Talk radio host Mark Levin criticized the media for its coverage of GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson’s comments about a Muslim being president. Levin has spoken countless times on Islam’s recent connections to the Nazis. Yet when it comes to the SDA, God forbid he says anything lest he (like the typical Jews of the U.S.) offend supposedly “conservative Adventists”. To say that our purpose is to only promote conservatism is a mental disorder too, worse than pathological lying since the Pharisees were “conservative too”. Trump calling such folks “pathological liars” which cannot be healed like “child molesters” is in fact an understatement for we need to add “hypocrisy” “cowardice” “lying” and “plain dishonesty” to the list. All diseases that can only be healed by confession and the Cross.

We have many victims in various countries who we are helping and rescuing, from Pakistan to Egypt, to Mexico, and these are all persecuted Christians that we are helping. We have helped thousands of Christians. Please, make a donation that will save Christian lives.