The Muslims Who Attacked Paris Were Part Of A Very Organized And Calculated Plan, Done By Very Powerful Muslim Leaders, The Terrorists Were Planted And Brought into Syria Through The Islamic Immigration Invasion

By Walid Shoebat


So who was behind the terror attack in France?

First at the smaller level. There were two groups: Muslim immigrants from Syria and local Algerian Muslims from Paris. French investigators were able to match the remains of one of the suicide bombers who attacked France’s main stadium to a Syrian passport that was used to enter Europe’s free-travel area and apply for asylum. Of course, Europe and the United States resist Christian asylum seekers as much as possible. Another was Omar Ismail Mostefai, whom the media says was French. In reality he was a French Algerian Muslim and being Algerian Muslim comes first. At the night of the attack on the Bataclan concert hall and before this revelation, we showed the video and stated “at The Bataclan theatre and a video shows the sounds of mayhem and gun shots with what seems to be screaming in Algerian dialect“. We can sniff much better than you.

Then comes the other level. Not all this disease were from local Muslims, some entered the body from an outside source: Syria into Paris France in a specific spot called “The Jungle”. Some French who know all about the “Jungle” knew this and responded after the terrorist attacks as they set fire at to the ‘jungle’ refugee camp, also known as Calais, in the port of Calais in the hours following the terror attacks in Paris. The anti-migrant group known as ‘The Angry of Calais’ posted videos of the inferno on Facebook.

Syrian refugees end up at the main Calais camp which was most likely where the Syrian terrorist settled.

But who are these Muslims in the “Jungle” (Calais camp)? Our investigation led us to believe that they were ISIS fighters. The angry French citizens knew were to hit. And to show what this camp is made of, here is one Yezidi who escaped the camp interviewed by Russian TV, which did a lousy translation. This Yezidi said that the reason he left that camp was that “everyone in Calais are ISIS fighters” (start at 1:16):

He said: “At Calais you will only find Mafia. I will not go to Calais. I decided to camp here and its good. Everyone in Calais are Da’ish (ISIS), every single one”. In another video by RT they state that the real refugees moved out and ISIS moved in:

Calais was transferred from a refugee camp to a terror camp. Refugee camps are always a source of major breeding ground for terrorism. One video appears to show emergency services vehicles arriving at the camp, which houses around 6,000 migrants – mainly young men from Syria and North Africa. In recent days tensions have been increased in the camp, with migrants frequently clashing with police. Riot police were deployed to the site on Wednesday night, who fired tear gas at protesters and arrested a number of migrants.

Such threats are not new. Now we come to a higher level. One Muslim convert to Christianity being aided by Rescue Christians who is watching the situation in Paris sent us a very revealing video. It was the Grand Mufti of Syria, Ahmad Hassoun who threatened the United States, France and Great Britain prior to the mass migration warning that if the West attacks Syria that he will send “every son and daughter in Syria” to mass exodus to Europe to become “martyrs” and that he will send them to France, Britain and the U.S.. He addressed the entire Syrian population. Here is but a small excerpt from the command to invade Europe:

As the Mufti of Syria reveals, the “martyrs” will consist of two groups: “every son and daughter of Syria” (Muslim immigrants) and also locals. Only Allah knows how many other imams were encouraging the trend and time will find out.

And just to show the western bleeding hearts. A “moderate” like Hassoun can bite. He told the West to keep their hands off Syria but they did not listen. While Hassoun’s video speaks of Jihad, his bio shows he’s “moderate” filled with interfaith activism and is linked to the highest hauls of European government:

On January 15, 2008, Hassoun spoke to the European Parliament on the subject of intercultural dialogue, stressing the value of culture as a unifying rather than a dividing force. Hassoun was addressing a formal sitting of Parliament as the first speaker in a series of visits by eminent religious and cultural leaders in 2008, which had been designated the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue. He made the statement “AbrahamMosesJesus and Mohamed came with one single religion”, therefore “there is no holy war, because a war can never be holy: it is peace that is holy“; later he added that it is wrong to use religion to justify killing


And just incase others who attend churches think they can spiritually yolk, this link will show a video where at Christmas the Grand Mufti spoke in a church in Syria. The Mufti was saying all sorts of unifying statements, that Christians and Muslims honor Mary, while using verses from the Quran and even saying that Jesus revived the dead, and that Jesus came from the Holy Spirit. The remarks gained instant applause from the Syrian Christian crowds.

A Mufti can even sound like your local Christian evangelist. The Mufti of Syria stated that “The Church is not the Temple. Your hearts are the temple of the Lord. Pray day and night. Ask for help from the Holy Spirit …”

Sounds familiar? Such theology despite that Muslims do not believe that the Holy Spirit is God.

The case of Paris is the case of the world gone evil. The westerner might want to instantly blame Syria. Some might even wonder, what are the Christians in Syria doing with a Muslim Mufti who preaches from a pulpit?

The Mufti was correct in saying that the West should not attack Syria, that the West initiated the aggression on Syria in the first place. But he also said evil: Muslim martyrs are ready to infiltrate Europe and the U.S. and that “every son and daughter of Syria will march on Europe”.

Good intentions and evil is always the perfect concoction of any cult. When it comes to cults, the Middle East is no different from the West who think that Islam is just another foreign religion. Islam is a Christian cult to be compared with all other Christian cults, like the Seventh Day Adventists, Mormons and the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Mormons historically, like Islam were filled with violence and like Islam, they even have a separate holy book. The SDA were in bed with the Nazis and do not believe that Jesus is the mediator and they say that Lucifer takes away the sins of the repentants and only them are saved.

Yet millions of ‘Christians’ have no problem with this? Insane.

One might condemn the Christians of Syria for inviting Muslim clerics into their churches.

But the dumb sheep in America are no different, they, like the Syrian Christians who think of Islam as “peaceful” Americans think that Mitt Romney’s Mormonism and Ben Carson’s Seventh Day Adventism harbors no ill intent either. One might argue that Romney and Carson would never be caught dead with a suicide belt.

Well, neither will the Grand Mufti. All cults start peaceful and only manifest violence when they believe that they are about to establish their utopia.

Jesus taught that self-destruction does not start by bombs but by leaven which is heresy and being unequally yolked. The world of strange bedfellows is the deadly disease that believes we all worship the same God.

In reality, the liberal is not as dumb as the ‘conservatives’, he is only craftier and even more conniving. The Guardian for example had this to say about the Paris terrorists:

But the banlieue question of the French attackers who grew up in the poor, segregated suburbs will now once again be pushed to the fore in the current atmosphere of political debate dominated by the rise of the far right and questions of national identity.

The liberal is smart. He could care less about “right” or “wrong” and uses the excuse of “poor Muslims” as if poverty is the main cause for terrorism.

Many of the dumbest are usually from the right. You always see them post comments that Europe will wake up after the Paris attacks.

Not so.

The situation needs a much higher death toll. Massive death toll (3000 in 9/11 didn’t do it) will be the only way that the West will wake up, repent and turn to God. Even a massive death-toll might not wake them up and folks (like in 9/11) went on a killing spree killing the wrong people. On September 11 2001 I had one angry American come to me saying that he “feels like killing an Arab” (me) and by the time he saw my other side he hit the street running. This is the ‘American’ who I put my life on the line for. Jesus was killed by the very bunch whom He came to save. Only the wise can see and the dumb will even become dumber. I find many of these littering my Facebook. Facebook is what made the world stupid.

In Paris and all the West, you see the bleeding hearts everywhere. These love to carry signs saying Je Suis, instead of Jesus. Charlie was an evil nasty guy who painted Mary giving birth to a baby pig.


It is for this reason that I am less moved over terror attacks and more moved when I see folks convert to Christianity. Terrorism does not move angels in heaven to sing and conversion to Christ does. But the horse is not ready to drink and instead he drinks from the wrong fountains of cults.

When it comes to the devil, no evil is put to waste. Every terrorism expert knows that Muslim refugee camps are a breeding ground for terrorists, yet the devil uses violence and war to create terrorists and use the victims to further advance his cause against humanity. From Palestinian refugee camps (that were the breeding ground for Black September and the 21 Days in Munich which attacked the Olympics in Germany) to Syrian refugee camps, only the dummies think that these breed love. How could Paris not see from so many warnings of aired footage that some of these camps are purely ISIS?

The answer is simple: politics. Israel, Jordan, Syria and Egypt had decades of experience with refugee camps. The Arabs kept them to keep a sight for sore eyes to blame the Jews. The liberal loves them because he can film intifadas and riots galore to make a headline and blame the Jew or the West. For decades Israel had to put up with western criticism over the Palestinian refugee crisis and now Paris had a taste of its own medicine for meddling in Syria and Iraq and pussyfooting with refugees.

When it comes to the devil, everyone looses including the Muslim migrants who now have nothing more but bon fires to warm themselves to. Calais (The Jungle) was finally burned:

And now we come to the highest level. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Turkey still threatened to implicitly increase the migrant flow of these immigrants to the EU just before the terrorism incident in France. Erdogan threatened: “What would happen if the 2.2 million Syrian refugees currently in Turkey all march to Europe?” Erdoğan said, criticizing the EU for closing its borders while his country is struggling to cope with the presence of a large number of migrants.

By the West escalating the conflict in Syria and Iraq, the devil uses this as an excuse where in Revelation 11-12: the “Red Dragon” spews out his flood (of Muslim immigrants) by increasing dramatically the flight of Muslim refugees to Europe to cause havoc against the remnant Christians there.

In the world, there are little devils, grand devils and then you have the arch-devil, Lucifer. In Islam you have the imam, the grand Mufti and the Caliph. Erdogan will become the nominee to become the first recognized Caliph after the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

This is, what this is all about.

In the meanwhile, please consider helping Rescue Christians.