Learn The True Story Behind The Downing Of The Russian Jet Fighter Which Was Part Of Erdogan’s Ottoman Dream And Plan To War With Russia By Sending Turkmen Terrorists Into Syria And Downing The Russian Jet

By Walid Shoebat

The true story behind the downing of the Russian jet fighter near the Syrian-Turkish border is rarely told. The fierce fighting continues between the Turkmen and the forces of Assad to control the Mountain region or “Mount Turkmen”. Russia is clearly supporting Assad by air and by sea is also sending rockets from its navy which crossed the Bosphorus the day the Russian jet was downed. Turkey’s official announcement was to defend their “brothers” the Turkmens as stated in the Cumhuriyet national newspaper, which months ago published images of trucks under the supervision of Turkish intelligence transporting arms to the Turkmen who are north of Latakia.

Türk hackerlardan Rusya'ya darbe!

And to add more evidence to the collaboration between Turkey and the Turkmen, 250 terrorists from the Turkish Union Party were sent to aid in the plot against Russia on Saturday November 21, prior to the downed jet. Their decision to go to Syria to supposedly protect the Turkmen in Mount Latakia after the intense attacks from Russia was led by Mohsen Yazigi Ihsanoglu who was sent to train to fight in hot spots in these regions. He called on the Turkish government to provide clear support for the protection of Turkmens in Syria stating:

“we are ‘the Alolppler’ (the brave). We are the descendants of the Ottomans we stand by the AKP Party  and consider the Turkmen our brothers, and tell them we will go with our lives and our money to Syria to protect our brothers the Turkmen.”

250 مقاتلًا تركيًا إلى سوريا لحماية التركمان في اللاذقية

Terrorists from the Turkish Union Party just prior to their departure to plot against Russia on Saturday November 21 led by Mohsen Yazigi Ihsanoglu. The index finger is their allegiance to Islam and Allah whom they consider a unique one and not triune. In the banner behind them it clearly says “Istanbul”

It wasn’t enough that after the Turkish Air Force downed a Russian  jet fighter in the Turkmen mountain. The Turkmen had also shot the pilots who ejected parachuting for their life. And that too wasn’t enough, Turkmen under the name “Skorsky” hacked hundreds of Russian military and government websites to post a photo and an Ottoman war anthem to remind the Russians what the war is all about: an Ottoman Empire, revived with Erdogan as Caliph of the whole Muslim world. The hack initiated the Mehter military anthem march which Ottomans used when they invaded nations. The photo with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Fatih Sultan Mehmet’s image with the Quran between them was on the webpage of all hacked websites.



This says it all. The Turkmen are stationed mainly in Turkmenistan and Central Asia.

Shoebat.com for years warned that Turkmenistan will eventually be part of the revived Ottoman Empire and now we are beginning to see the initial formation.

The presence of Turkmen in northern Iraq and northwestern Syria, and those groups in the Middle East are culturally close to the Turkish and the Turkish-speaking peoples. This move politically is in parallel with Ankara since the end of the Ottoman Empire and the Declaration of the Republic.

But how is the U.S. media coverage on the situation? Trusting the U.S. media is like trusting a pimp to babysit your kids. For example, Bloomberg Business, under an article titled “who are the Turkmen fighters in control of Russia jet crash” explains that Turkmen “were persecuted by Assad, with their villages given Arabic names and their land appropriated … Schools were barred from teaching in Turkish or offering lessons in Turkmen culture or history.”

Cry me a river.

To parallel this in American thinking, persecution is defined that if every ethnicity in the United States demands to teach their own language besides English, to refuse them constitutes “persecution”.

Yet, Bloomberg also stated in their lousy article that: “The Turkmen oppose an autonomous Kurdish area within Syrian territory, a position that has garnered them further support in Turkey, which is concerned such a state-let could embolden its own Kurdish separatists.”

So the “Turkmen,” while they cry ‘persecution’, them infringing on Kurdish rights is not classified as “persecution”.

Then they interview Nicholas Burns who concluded that the U.S. would have to defend Turkey.

Americans are unaware which the Turkmen’s terrorist flags explains it all:

flags used by Syrian Turkmen and Syrian Turkmen Brigades


And one wonders why Americans are so naive. Is this an answer on “who are the Turkmen” by a prominent media outlet?

Shoebat.com interviewed Taleb Ibrahim, someone with real knowledge who works for the Syrian government and is an expert and lecturer at the High Institute of National Security in Syria. The Turkmen had a historic deal: work with Turkey and spark chaos in Syria and share the region with Turkey in the future of the Ottoman revival:

The history behind all this began when the Turkish-Syrian border was drawn by the French mandate’s authority in Syria. The agreement included the occurrence of areas such as Hatay, Bayer and Bujaq inside Syria and not Turkey as agreed by in the Lausanne Conference in 1921.

hatay_slideshowBut Turkey, to heal its wounds from the losses of the First World War restored some territory to its control under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in the Kurdish and Armenian regions during the war of independence that took place after World War I. Yet it did not succeed to control those areas where majority of Turkmen lived due to the weakness of its position in front of France as a colonial power at the time.

These Turkmen in Syria came during the Ottoman period when the Ottoman Empire put them in the region to secure the pilgrim routes where they exist today. This explains the presence of Turkmen relatives in the heart of Anatolia. In Turkey, as is the case with the Turkish Mohammed Chander who belongs politically to the Nationalist Movement party and considers himself from Turkmenistan said days ago that the region was originally part of Iskenderun, obtained by Turkey (state Hatay) before being separated and annexed to Latakia in Syria. It is for this reason he urged the need for this region to be considered Turkish territory worth defending.

This is the real story and not what Americans are being told. It is the story of the Ottomans which their bibles warned them about, yet they rarely read to only end up supporting their future enemy.