The US Government Has Sold Its Soul To The Devil And To The Antichrist, It Has Betrayed The Christian Nation Of Russia Who Is Killing Muslim Terrorists, And Is Now On The Side Of Islamic Terrorists Who Are Killing Christians

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By Walid Shoebat

“They crossed into Turkish airspace,” says Washington’s senior United States military official who has been briefed on the radar tracking of the Russian warplane. The official stand from the State Department was:

“Turkey and the [Turkmen] rebels it backs northern Syria had the right to defend themselves against Russian,” airstrikes, State Department spokesman told reporters.

And there is little difference between what the State Department says and what the Turkish Prime Minister, Ahmet the Devil-Oglu says: “No-one can legitimize attacks on Turkmen in Syria using the pretext of fighting the Islamic State,” Turkish PM Ahmet Davutoglu says.

But when it comes to Russia defending itself, when the State Department was asked if it condemn the rebels’ use of US-supplied missiles against a Russian rescue helicopter, State Department spokesperson, Mark Toner replied that Syria was a “very complex environment.”

The rhetoric one hears in the U.S. has little difference from the rhetoric coming from Muslim Turkey.

Map of Syria showing approximate location of Russian Su-24 crash site

During the regular press briefing, U.S. spokesperson, Mark Toner said that even the Syrian government did not have such a right to defend its airspace. When asked by RT’s Gayane Chichakyan if the State Department considered the rebels who reportedly killed the Russian pilots “moderates,” Toner replied:

“We’ve seen conflicting reports. One pilot may not have been killed. If these ‘Turkomen’ were actually being attacked by Russian strikes, they have every right to defend themselves.”

This is the same rhetoric coming out of Turkey that the terrorists are now freedom fighters.

Even if it were true that Russia crossed Turkey’s airspace for a few seconds, we ask: why such major concern and since when did Russia ever cross Turkish airspace intending to attack Turkey?

Everyone knows that Russia had zero intention to hit Turkish targets. Insisting on this issue brings yet another challenge: when did any of these slick-willies speak out for the Greeks when Turkish jets breached Greek airspace 2,244 times in 2014 alone?

Yet the U.S. would always defend its Muslim NATO ally Turkey if when Greece had authorized engagement of Turkish aircrafts which breach the country’s borders on a regular basis.

Turkey has always failed to respect the 10-mile airspace surrounding the Aegean Islands, which causes numerous dogfights between Greek and Turkish aircraft invading the area.

Did the U.S. make a peep?

From January to October 2015, the country’s airspace was violated 1,233 times including 31 flights over Greek territory itself, according to the Greek Air Force’s headquarters. Greek media noted the Turks are taking advantage of the country’s economic hardships and its position in NATO.

And what about Turkish naval vessels made 175 incursions into Greek maritime waters repeatedly breaching national maritime borders from January to July 2015?

But Greek lives, like Russian lives, don’t matter. After all, these did not produce Islam, they produced  Orthodox Christianity. What matters more are all the Muslim lives who enter Greece to infiltrate into Europe and the U.S.

Turkmen terrorists, according to U.S. official stance has more rights than Russians while the American people are not told on who these Turkmen are (see here for an eye opening review on the Turkmen).

An American slick-willy (in the British sense of the meaning) is defined as being the most complex who have the best command on sophism and on dodging the issues. I’ve seen it all the time and the sickness goes beyond the story of downed Russian jets, be it civilian or military.

Allow me to explain. In the U.S., we have on the liberal side “black lives matters” and on both liberal and conservative sides “French lives like Charlie Hebdo matters,” while  100,000 Mexicans massacred by drug cartels, or 200 Russian lives, gets much less coverage.

Where are the signs with slogans for the Russian pilot Oleg Peshkov who was killed by Turkmen terrorists? Where are the “Je Suis Oleg Peshkov”?


The dead pilot was named by Russia as Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Peshkov

He gets a miserable 200 some hits on Google news, while Hebdo, who mocked Mother Mary gets 2.6 million hits of nothing but praises. The one who mocks Mother Mary gets the “Je Suis Charlie Hebdo” (we are all Charlie Hebdo) while the one who honors her gets nothing.

Is this a ‘Christian nation’?

Anyone who watches the media can see how much coverage these stories get. When terrorists killed over a hundred in Paris, the story took center stage while when over 200 Russians in the downed civilian jet got much less coverage.

It is as if there is an exchange rate: one French liberal equals 1000 Mexican Catholics, and one black bum wielding a knife equals 224 Russians crashing in a civilian airliner in the Sinai. His exchange rate is worth even more than 100,000 Mexican Catholics massacred by cultists next door (learn more about this here). These cultist drug cartels work to produce a huge yearly craving of $18-$39 billion worth of drugs to the United States so it can get consumed by these bums whom the cops have to continually fight and die in the process.

God forbid we ask about the the exchange rate for Armenian Christians vs. German or Polish Jews, especially that the U.S. doesn’t even recognize that Turkey’s massacres of the Armenians was even a “genocide”.

Even the so-called ‘conservative’, these never cease to amaze me. They talk with all the huff-and-puff, hip-hip-hurray patriotic rhetoric. These master the use of biblical gymnastics when their hearts is as cold as ice:

Who could argue that the coverage on Laquan McDonald wielding a knife and shot by an officer did not get equal or more than the coverage on the downed Russian airliner who were not wielding any knives or made threatening postures. In America a bum like McDonald and a wicked man like Hebdo are instantly sainted.

Konstantin Murakhtin, the pilot who survived the crash of the downed Russian jet by Turkey, his life too did not matter (he’s Russian) and after all the very name “Konstantine” provokes comments on my blog ladened with all sorts of conspiracy theories of when such a man supposedly sold out on Christianity and supposedly mixed it with paganism at Rome. And when you show them essays on refuting such nonsense, they refuse to read it lest they get tainted with the truth.

This is a sick society on all levels of the spectrum where few find the narrow gate.

The rhetoric from the U.S. is little different from Edogan’s rhetoric: “We should be honest here. Supporting someone who is practicing state terror… if you confirm, if you approve violence or oppression you are [an] oppressor,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in an apparent reference to Russia’s support for Syria’s President Assad.

Many insist that the nation of Turkey cannot be the nation of Antichrist since the Antichrist ‘must rule the globe’. So they say. And we ask: isn’t Turkey dictating to the most powerful nation on earth, the U.S. on what to say and what not to say? Where is the U.S. on the Armenian Genocide?

Why aren’t these same people amazed? The rhetoric coming from the U.S. sounds similar to that of the Muslim Ottoman Turks. And why aren’t they amazed that the rhetoric of the Russians sounds more like the crusaders? Here is what Putin says:

“The problem is not the tragedy we witnessed yesterday. The problem is much deeper. We observe… that the current Turkish leadership over a significant number of years has been pursuing a deliberate policy of supporting the Islamicisation of their country,” (Russian President Vladimir Putin on Turkey)

WOW. Even Putin recognizes this beast. Has anyone heard any U.S. politician, be it Republican or Democrat speak like this? All the slick-willy Republican candidates (besides Donald Trump) cyber-rattle against Russia when the question of Russia comes up in the debates.

But of course, the Crusaders are hated in the U.S. as much as they hated Constantine. And this hatred stems from both, the right and the left. And if we add all the “Russia is Gog” crowd, we’ll never end debating the biblical gymnasts who will instantly accuse us of heresy to even believe in burning us at the stake.

Is there any difference between the two (U.S., Turkey) spirits of Antichrist? How can a nation be Christian when it sold its soul to the Muslim Turk?

Indeed. This nation sold its soul to Satan. I pray that Trump wins and become king and unties with Tzar Putin so that we can finally cut off all slick-willies and hang portraits on my office wall that will look like this: