While Putin Kills Terrorists, Obama Pays Them $500,000,000 Bringing God’s Wrath Closer To A World Which Has Gone Mad

By Walid Shoebat

While Putin was shelling the terrorists on Thanksgiving, president Barack Obama signed the Pentagon funding bill which allows $500 million in aid to the very terrorists in Syria that Putin is frying. Obama couldn’t find a better time to sign the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2015 except on the eve of Thanksgiving.

So while Obama funds terrorists on Thanksgiving to aid his ‘Turkey’ friend, Putin slaughters her little chicklings at Turkmen Mountain in Syria. On the 25th, Russia also destroyed Turkish convoy crossing the borders into Syria at Azaz which is a hub, where Turkish aid (weapons, ammunition, drugs etc) are dumped off. Then with all his “help” they begin to disperse it to other cities under terrorist control.


The U.S. aiding terror while Russia fights it, nothing makes any sense anymore and I am always asked: are we at the end yet? Is it around the corner?

Trying to predict the future by monitoring why the West does what it does is rather very confusing; but predicting the Muslim world for me is as easy as pie.

I knew that sooner or later, like a vengeful Mafia, that Recep Tayyip Erdoğan would spark a war. When he shot down a Russian plane he nudged the Middle East a step closer to an all-out war. Now Russia had spread sophisticated S-400 that would bring down any Turkish jets within 150 mile radius.

As it seems, the destiny of the world is dependent on two world leaders: Erdogan and Putin. Neither is going away any time soon. When Turkey’s AKP Muslim party lost in a first round of elections on June 1 the analysts said that it was all over for Erdogan. We said otherwise. Erdogan turned things around and regained the parliamentary majority it had previously lost. And now Erdogan hopes to secure enough support for his controversial ambitions to expand his role into what they term “a powerful US-style presidency” which in reality is a “powerful Islamic style Caliphate”.

That, we have been monitoring for a while and is going like clock-work.

Now the analysts say that the balance of power in Turkey remains fickle since Erdogan failed to gain the two-thirds majority needed to make any changes to the constitution, such as introducing an executive presidency, without support from other parties or a public referendum. But this is not difficult to do since Erdogan can bribe and buy cabinet members.


Erdogan never ceases to amaze the doubting analysts. Now that his party won, the announcement of the anxiously awaited new Turkish Cabinet revealed the identity of the government that has been much debated. Analysts thought that the government would be a coalition between the president and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu. Yet following the announcement of the new Cabinet, it is clear that the 64th government of the Republic of Turkey is the government of Erdogan and not Davutoglu.

The cabinet presented by Davutoglu includes several people who have always been Erdogan’s loyalists – including his son-in-law, Berat Albayrak, who was appointed energy and natural resources minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, who was reappointed to the post of foreign minister, and newly appointed Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Simsek, who had previously served as finance minister and Binali Yildirim as transport minister.

All these are Erdogan’s sycophants.

When it came to the cabinet for former deputy premier Ali Babacan, who had started an ambitious reform agenda in Turkey there was no post for him. Babacan was replaced by another Erdogan sycophant, Mehemet Simsek.

All this is clear indication that Erdogan retains full influence and full power over Turkey’s government.

The hopefuls were dead wrong.

And when it came to Turkish-Russian relations, analysts for decades were optimistic after the dissolution of the Soviet Union when relations between the two nations dramatically and strongly improved when on May 25, 1992, a visit to Moscow by Turkish Prime Minister Süleyman Demirel saw the signing of a Russian-Turkish treaty on the foundations of their relations.

The media was positive when Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan flew to SochiRussia for a 16 May 2009 working visit with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.


In May 2010, many were hopeful when a high level visit by the Russian President to Turkey saw the signing of numerous deals such as the lifting of visa requirements and increasing trade value from 38 billion to 100 billion dollars within the next five years. That including Turkey and Russia’s first multi-billion dollar foreign nuclear power plant. And while the analysts and media spoke of all the trade boosting and strengthening of ties, we spoke of the coming fall within months before it happened.

Then on 24 November 2015, all the false prophets of peace, were shattered when religion ruled over all these false-hopes. Turkish F-16 combat aircraft shot down a Russian Su-24 to ease the pressure on the Muslim Turkmen in Syria who were bombarded by Russian jets. Erdogan could not keep his deception going on when he needed the Islamists in Syria to remove Assad which was necessary to establish Erdogan’s Ottoman dreams.

But such dreams were not without cost. All hopes between Russia and Turkey were shattered with Putin saying that Erdogan delivered a “stab in the back by [Turkey] the accomplices of terrorists” and he further stated that “today’s tragic events will have significant consequences including for relations between Russia and Turkey”.

Whats on the horizon is the deteriorating relations between Turkey and Russia which may have a significant negative impact on the optimism generated during the Vienna talks. Russia will now support the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) fighters against ISIS putting the U.S. in check and forcing cooperation from the U.S against ISIS in Syria furthering a rift between Turkey and the United States to evict ISIS from the 98-kilometer (61-mile) border that is still under the control of ISIS in northern Syria.

The U.S. cannot morally withstand the support for Islamists as Obama did on Thanksgiving. Currently, the deal between the U.S. and Turkey is to allow Americans use of its Incirlik Air Base, in exchange for a tacit pledge to prevent YPG forces from moving to “west of the Euphrates.” The more it becomes obvious that Turkey is on the side of Jihadists, the U.S. will lose the moral ground.

With Donald Trump becoming President, things will shift drastically. Turkey is a member of NATO, currently under the Obama administration that is serving his last year in office and even that administration is increasingly reluctant to engage in any sort of direct military involvement in Syria.

But with Trump, it might be difficult to invoke Article 5. Article 5, which describes the principle of collective defense and states that “an attack on one Ally shall be considered an attack on all Allies,” has been invoked only once in NATO’s history — after the 9/11 attacks, when the United States was targeted by a relatively obscure nonstate actor, al-Qaeda.

The moral question then becomes: how could NATO justify invoking Article 5 for Turkey when Russia is fighting against ISIS, especially after the Paris attacks including future attacks that are inevitable?

If Obama was a Muslim infiltrator, Putin is a brilliant tactician, and it is crucial to always keep in mind; God who is in control of man’s destiny, and not man, or even the political analyst for that matter.

One pilot’s life did it all. Russia is now preparing sanctions on Turkey of more than $30 billion in trade ties and police in Russia began seizing Turkish products and deporting Turkish businessmen while deploying  state-of-the-art S-400 missile systems to the Russian Hemeimeem air base near Latakia, Syria. There will be travel warning advising Russian citizens against visiting Turkey and all Russian travel agencies announced they withdraw their business in Turkey. This is a huge economy. There are 3.3 million Russian tourists visit Turkey yearly.

And to add to the moral argument, Russian parliament proposed a five-year jail term for anyone who denies the Armenian genocide while exposing the cause: the Turkish Ottoman rule in 1915.

We have two men, Putin on the one hand is recognizing Erdogan’s plan for reviving the Ottoman Empire. Whether he reads it in the Bible, or if he is advised by someone, the man is definitely on the right track. Then we have Erdogan, an evil man and the Bible says that a showdown between these two spheres is imminent.


The threat to Antichrist (Turkey) from the north (Russia) is an important sign. Today the political shifts happen in lightening speed as fast as the weather is changing.

And speaking of the weather. In August, Ahmed Rizq in Egypt watched the mercury in his thermometer rise: 118, 127 … 131 degrees Fahrenheit. It rose higher than he had ever seen it go before. And then it stayed there — for more than three weeks.

What’s going on, in a nutshell, is that Egypt is seemingly getting hotter with every passing year. As of 2010, data from the Egyptian Meteorological Authority showed that Egypt’s five hottest years in recorded history have occurred from 2002 onward. The data also showed that heat waves are becoming more common and prolonged. The study showed that from 2001 to 2010, Aswan recorded more than 100 summer heat wave days, whereas in the 1970s, that number was closer to 40.

Additionally, rising temperatures can lead to an increase in parasitic diseases and in the coming years, malaria could be reintroduced to Egypt migrating from north in Sudan. The mosquito species has already been reported in Aswan and Toshka.  Similar heat was witnessed in Saudi Arabia and in Iran during August and in Tehran the weather went up to 164 degrees.

heat-wave copy

As Egypt weakens, the Bible also predicted that a war will erupt between Turkey and Egypt and will culminate when Muslim nations will invade Israel, not just over the issue of Jerusalem but over the issue of food (Ezekiel 38:13) and that the price of wheat will skyrocket “A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius …” (Revelation 6:6)

Scorching heat and water levels depleting in much of the Muslim world are signs to monitor. And then you have the Ethiopian dam will be completed. This is next year in 2017 and will likely jeopardize Egypt’s access to the Nile — access that is critical to sustaining Egypt’s population and economy — because it would give Addis Ababa the power to curb Nile water flows.

Nile drying in Egypt and the Euphrates drying up in Iraq? It becomes clear then that a major drought while it effects the world, it concentrates primarily in the Muslim world. Experts tell us that  the Tigris-Euphrates basin comprising Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and western Iran is in great threat.

And to upset the Muslim world even further, even the idea of rebuilding the Third-Temple is growing by the day. In the Peace Index survey conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute on Oct. 28-29, 38% of Jewish people surveyed expressed support for allowing Jews to pray on the Temple Mount, which is currently forbidden. Another survey, conducted in 2013 by the Etgar Mochot Institute for the Joint Committee of Temple Mount Organizations, found that one-third of the Jewish public — of whom 31% were secular — supported the creation of a Third Temple on the Temple Mount.

All this shows that religion and not politics that carve out man’s destiny. In Israel, the Labor Party’s historic secular role has ended, and the element that has assumed the mantle is religious Zionism and Gush Emunim (settlement movement), which has a religious messianic agenda. That is, it’s not enough for them to create a national home, they also seek to re-establish the Kingdom of David. The minister of education (Naftali Bennett) has inserted content on the temple into the curriculum — what is that but laying the groundwork? So it won’t happen now, but in 20 years. We see the processes happening. It’s the ideological fuel that drives the state today.

A model depicting the first Jewish temple, which once stood underneath the compound housing the Dome of the Rock (seen center, in background) and Al-Aqsa Mosque, is seen in Jerusalem’s Old City, June 2, 2015.  (photo by REUTERS/Ammar Awad)

And then you have religion growing leaps and bounds in Turkey and the Muslim world. For the first time in 85 years, since Kamal Ataturk supposedly secularized Turkey, recitations of the Koran are being declared from the Hagia Sophia, the holy church of Christendom that was forced to be a mosque in 1453 by Mehmet II, one of the precursors of the Antichrist and today such an aspiration to use Hagia Sophia as a Muslim temple is inevitable under Erdogan.

In Christian history Hagia Sophia has been the temple dedicated to the Son of God.

Erdogan is not reviving secularism. He is speedily reviving Islam in the regions of the north, the Turkic republics in the Balkans, Central Asia and African nations. The Turkish religious authority under Mufti Gormez, had had 200,267 meetings, conferences, panels and symposiums, all organized solely in the northern parts of the globe as an objective to influence non-Arab Muslim countries, especially in the Balkans. To Turkey Central Asia’s C.I.S nations (Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan)  is the goal of this anti-Christ agenda and Turkey today takes the lead in what the Bible predicts regarding Antichrist’s region of “MeshechTubalGomer and Beth Togarmah” as mentioned in Ezekiel 38, and in Isaiah 14, Antichrist takes prides to have accomplished this very issue:

You said in your heart, ‘I will ascend to heaven; above the stars of God I will set my throne on high; I will sit on the mount of assembly in the far reaches of the north (Isaiah 14:13)

In all this we see an Antichrist state (Turkey) forming and allying with Iran and seeking to expand to the North Quarters of Beth Togarmah “far reaches of the north”.

What we see today is that Erdogan believes he is “ascending”. Iran is speedily working on its nuclear program while it arms itself with Russian S-300 as it sees Saudi Arabia arming itself with abilities to bring down Iran’s nuclear program. 2017 will be a key year where the issues become even clearer with more showdowns between the man of sin, Erdogan, and the man of God, Putin. That in addition of a separation between Iran and Russia; the U.S. and Turkey. The next decade will definitely shock the world, while Christ suffers even more.