In Paris, nothing says ‘Happy New Year’ like the annual Muslim tradition of torching cars in the streets

By BI: This year car torchings in Paris on New Year’s Eve totaled “only” 804 which is 14.5% percent less than 2015 (940) and more than 20% fewer than in 2014 (1,067) and 2013 (1,193), no doubt, due to the tens of thousands of French security personnel who were in the streets to prevent another Islamic terrorist attack following the November simultaneous attacks by Muslims that killed more than 130 and injured hundreds.


All the videos and stories about the car torchings from this year and years past have been virtually scrubbed from the internet as ordered by the French government. But as always,  cars were set alight in the Muslim-dominant immigrant suburbs of Paris..

These are are the New Year’s Eve photos of the Paris car torchings that were published in past years.








The video below is from 2013, when 1,193 cars were torched on New Years Eve, just a fraction of the number of cars (40,000) in Paris that are torched annually, mainly by Muslim youth. The Muslim man speaking blames. Produced by Iranian media arm, Press TV, it blames the car burnings on “deprived Muslim youth who feel oppressed by police.”

In Brussels, Muslim teenagers celebrated New Year’s Eve by throwing a car down a flight of stairs onto the underground station platform. Fortunately, no one was killed or injured.