GERMANY: SHOCKING EYEWITNESS REPORTS about media cover-up of Muslim attacks on police, women, and revelers in Cologne on New Year’s Eve

By BI: “These Muslim migrants that we welcomed just 3 months ago with teddy bears and water bottles at the Munich Station, started shooting at the Cologne Cathedral and at police,” according to an eyewitness, who said women were coming into the hotel there to escape being attacked by these Muslims.

Some of the female victims of the Muslim migrant attacks speak out:

Even worse, the female mayor of Cologne blamed the female victims of the Muslim sexual attacks and proposed new ‘rules of conduct’ for women during public celebrations.

Independent The Mayor of Cologne said today that women should adopt a “code of conduct” to prevent future assault at a crisis meeting following the sexual attack of women by 1000 men on New Year’s eve.


Mayor Henriette Reker attended an emergency meeting with Chief of Police Wolfgang Albers and Wolfgang Wurm to discuss how to deal with the attack, where dozens of women were repeatedly touched and groped, with one case of alleged rape in the center of town.

“It is important to prevent such incidents from ever happening again,” said Mayor Reker, as reported in German by RP Online. “We have heard by now that they [the attacks] have occurred in other cities. This of course is not comforting to us.”

Germany forced to admit that Cologne has now become a NO-GO ZONE for non-Muslims.

According to Bild, a student named Evelyn, 24, from Rheinland-Pfalz, who was at the train station in Cologne, said: ‘I had a knee-length skirt on, and suddenly I felt a hand on my backside under my dress. I turned round immediately and saw a grinning face.’ She said that she managed to get to the cathedral and sat on a bench and suddenly she was surrounded by men once again, speaking Arabic.