GERMANY: “I am Syrian (Muslim), you have to treat me kindly (when I rape your girls and beat up your boys) because Mrs. Merkel has invited me”

By BI: A leaked secret report by a senior Cologne police official has revealed that the Muslim invader violence over New Year’s Eve was far more serious than even initially reported—and that it definitely involved “Muslim refugees” who boasted that they had been “invited by Mrs. Merkel” to come to Germany.


New Observer  The report, published in full in the Bild newspaper after it was leaked by a police insider, paints a dramatic picture of the violence in Cologne over New Year’s Eve.

The report reveals that the police came under massive attack to the point where they were powerless to stop the mob of refugee-criminals from rampaging through the streets. In addition, the report said, the violence was so severe that they were sure that it was going to result in some deaths—and that they suspected the night’s events were planned in advance.


Estimates of more than 1,000 Muslims (including many recently arrived so-called ‘refugees’) sexually assaulted  at least 150 women and girls  in the streets.

Furthermore, the report says, only the presence of passers-by prevented mass rapes from occurring. The secret report was drawn up for internal police use by a senior police officer was apparently leaked in protest at the ongoing suppression of information over the night’s events.

“They called us bitches and whores, says a young German woman who was there. They looked at us as if we were free meat at the supermarket, fair game.” (To Muslims, that’s what you are)

Excerpts from the report:

Even while driving to the [police] office at the main station in Cologne, agitated citizens, accompanied by weeping and shocked children, informed us about the situation in and around the station. When we arrived at the [cathedral] square, our vehicle was bombarded with firecrackers.

Present on the square was a crowd of several thousand, mostly males of a (Muslim) immigrant background who indiscriminately fired fireworks and threw bottles into the crowd.


As soon as we arrived at the parking area, we observed a large number of German people running to the emergency services to report assaults on women, brawls, robberies, sex [attacks] etc.

However, even the appearance of the police officers and their initial measures did not stop the masses from their actions, both in front of and in Cologne train station.

The Muslim migrant crowd on the packed square went to the train station. Women alone or in groups literally had to “run the gauntlet” through the heavily intoxicated masses. It was impossible to describe.


The crowd’s used of pyrotechnics [to shoot at passersby]was so massive that we concluded that it would lead to severe chaos, serious injury, and even death.

After the most serious sexual assaults by male migrants, numerous weeping and shocked women/girls came to the police [to report the crimes], and officers were deployed at the identified [places] where the sex attacker groups were located.


Identification [of the attackers] was no longer possible. The task force was not able to attend to all the events, assaults, crimes, etc., sir, there were just too many happening all at the same time.

There were numerous fights among the invaders – it was like a jungle.

Restraining orders were usually enforced by compulsion. Offenders appeared again and made a joke out of the situation. In view of capacity problems, it was not possible to detain the numbers of people in the office.


The tearing up of Muslim invader residence permits with grins on faces and statements such as “You cannot send me anywhere; I will go to get a new one tomorrow.” “I am Syrian; you have to treat me kindly! Mrs. Merkel has invited me.”

Despite many cries for help from the victims, the officers were in many cases unable to reach them because of the large crowds [where the assaults were taking place].

As the controlled media’s censorship of refugee-crime collapses in the face of Internet and social media, news leaks out that Muslim sex mobs also attacked women in 6 other German towns as well as in towns and cities all across Germany, Austria, and even Switzerland on New Year’s Eve.

New Observer  Earlier, the controlled media was forced to admit that a mass sex attack and violence had taken place in Cologne after the Internet subverted its cover-up efforts. Then it emerged that similar attacks had taken place in Hamburg and Stuttgart—admissions also extracted from the lying press only after the truth became impossible to suppress.

Now it has emerged that attacks took place in a number of towns and cities, and not just the three originally admitted to.

Munich (where groups of refugees harassed women in the city center on New Year’s Eve);

Bielefeld, where 150 “North African” refugee-criminals sexually harassed women on the main street and in a discotheque in the town;

Dusseldorf, where there were eleven reports of sexual harassment by nonwhite invaders in the city center and near the central railway station. Once again the perpetrators were described as “a group of men from North Africa.”

Frankfurt, where police are investigating seven incidents of sexual assault by refugee-criminals. Police have confirmed that the attacks were all similar to the Cologne incident, with victims reporting that their private parts had been groped by “crowds” of nonwhites.

Berlin, where a number of sex attacks were reported in the city center on New Year’s Eve.

In Freiburg there were a number of violent attacks on homosexuals in the city center. According to police reports, a large mob of refugee-criminals attacked, punched, and kicked the homosexuals outside one of their clubs in the town.