Did you know that 51,395 Muslim invaders posing as refugees have poured into Germany in just the first two weeks of 2016?

By BI: Exactly 51,395 Muslim illegal aliens – 3,600 per day – from North Africa and the Middle East, most of whom are not even from Syria or war-torn countries, have been swarming into Germany in the first two weeks of 2016 alone —figures so high that large numbers of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s own party have officially called on her to halt the invasion and return to the “rule of law.”


New Observer  According to figures released by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, 51,395 new “registrations” were made by invaders arriving in Germany from January 1 to January 14—a rate of over 3,600 per day.

These are of course only the ones who have bothered to report to any “reception center”—and does not include all those who simply “vanish” before being registered.


Previously, the German police issued public warnings that only a fraction of the invaders were being registered.

The ongoing invasion is bringing massive pressure to bear upon the ruling coalition government headed by Merkel. Opinion polls show that a majority of Germans now no longer support her policy, and for the first time even members of her own Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party have publicly called on her to halt the invasion.

In a petition currently being circulated—and signed—by large numbers of parliamentarians from both the CDU and its Bavarian sister party, the Christian Socialist Union (CSU), Merkel has been called upon to “return to the rule of law.” The petition says that given “the developments of recent months, we can no longer speak of a major challenge.”


“We [Germany] face an overtaxing of our country and therefore demand a review of current immigration practices through a return to the strict application of existing law as matter of urgency.”

The petition points out that section 18 of Germany’s Asylum Procedure Act (AsylVfG) has been unenforced by the government and it should “quickly return to the application of existing legislation. This applies both for the asylum law as well as the Dublin agreements.”


The section 18 to which the parliamentarians refer is very clear on who should be admitted to Germany.

Section 18 (2) says that a foreigner seeking asylum “shall be refused entry if 1. He enters from a safe third country; 2. There are indications that another country is responsible for processing the asylum application based on European Community law or an international treaty and proceedings to admit or re-admit have been initiated.”

Furthermore, section 18 (3) says that the “foreigner shall be removed if the border authority finds him near the border immediately before or after an illegal entry and if the conditions in paragraph 2 apply.”